8 New Meizu Phones Passed EEC Certification!

Until now, it was expected that Meizu will launch 3 new phones soon, the Meizu 16, Meizu 16 Plus, and the Meizu X8. But for a surprise, a total of 8 new Meizu phones have passed the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) certification in Russia. These include:

  • Meizu 16 (M1882)
  • Meizu M16/ Meizu 16 Lite (M1872)
  • Meizu C9 Pro (M1819)
  • Meizu C9 (M1818)
  • Meizu M8 Lite (M1816)
  • Meizu M8 (M1813)
  • Meizu M8 Note (M1822)
  • Meizu Note X. (M1852)

It is also worth noting that the Meizu 16 Plus and Meizu X8 haven’t passed the certification yet. This shows how serious is Meizu with the Russian market, as it is launching almost all of its phones there. Meizu has already lost its share in some countries, including the second biggest smartphone market, India.

While the Meizu 16, Meizu M16 (Lite variant of Meizu 16 with Snapdragon 710), and Meizu M8 series were expected, the C9, C9 Pro and Note X came unexpected. Also, it is a little strange if a brand launches 8 new phones so quick one after another. Or it may be that they all will not be launching quickly one after another, as the Q3 and Q4 of the year are still remaining. The Meizu 16 Plus and Meizu X8 were not in the list of the certified phones. A wild guess, the Note X could also be the X8, but the chances are rare.

Talking about the 16 series, they are officially going to launch on August 8, which might be followed by the launch of Meizu X8 anytime after that. Almost all the specifications and the official renders of the phones were revealed by Jack Wong (CEO and founder) and Li Nan (Senior Vice President) themselves. We’ll have to wait what Meizu brings for us this year, as it looks a good year for Meizu because of the launch of some good phones in the recent times.



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