Add Your Favorite Songs to Your Instagram Stories

Add songs to Instagram stories: You might have seen many people posting music and songs over their Instagram. but have you ever wondered how do they do it? Well to answer this query we are here to guide you on how to add your favorite songs to your Instagram stories.

Adding music to your Instagram stories is a bit tricky, but it is not impossible. Previously people used to record videos while listening to music. However, this does not work with their photos. So they need to remain silent. But thanks to the new feature by Instagram, now users can add music to their Instagram stories easily. With this new feature, users can access thousands of songs to add to their stories.

Adding Music Before Making a Story (iOS Only)

You can add music to your Instagram stories using the built in music feature. You can choose it from the carousel at the bottom of the menu. However this feature is only available to iOS users, Android users have to wait a little longer to pull this trick up.

Simply open the stories camera and then select music from the carousel menu down below. Now you can browse among different songs here under various popular or mood genre. You can also search for a particular one if you want.



When you finally find the song you like, simply tap on it. It will load up in the centre of your Instagram story. You can also change the location of the song by moving the slider button up or down. Furthermore, you can preview the song by tapping on it. If you don’t like the song you can change it by tapping on the album cover on the left. It will bring you back to the music selection browser where you can search for another song.

Now if you have selected your song then you’re ready to make a great story. Use the record button which you will see at the bottom of the display. Now from here, you can film 15 seconds or you can also take a photo which will play the song for 15 seconds.

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Now after that you will see a music sticker on your story. It’s same as other Instagram stickers, you can move it and resize it all you want. If you tap on it, it will change styles between white, translucent and simple album cover.

Well if you are wondering if you can delete the stickers then I’m sorry to say that you cannot. If you don’t want the sticker you need to record the music along with your story video. There’s no way to record clean music without any background noise.

Adding Music After Making a Story

Hey if you already have snapped the best possible moment in you galley then Instagram got your back. You can still add music to your story and it will act just like any other Instagram sticker. just tap on the sticker button at the top of the display, then you can select the music sticker up from there.

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Just like the method 1, you can search up or select a song from the Instagram library. You can listen to it or preview it by tapping on the play button. Once you select your song you can trim it like you want. After that choose the time span for which you want the song to play in your story.

However a little warning here. You cannot delete the sticker in this scenario. If you want to do that, you have to delete the story itself and stat gain from scratch.

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