AI Color Portrait Rugged Phone – Blackview BV6300 Coming Soon, Join Year-End Feast Part 1 Giveaway (15 Units)

Do you remember Blackview BV6300 Pro? This rugged outdoor phone that quickly gained popularity due to its high level of IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G protection, excellent camera experience, slim body, and low price. Today on Blackview official website, they introduced the lightweight version of the BV6300, which gets an even lower price, at the expense of some of the parameters of the Pro, but added the function of color retention for a portrait – the same as OPPO Reno4 SE and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. This will be very worth looking forward to!

Blackview BV6300

Blackview posted one teaser video for the upcoming BV6300. This rugged phone is “Coming Soon, Oct 2020” according to the videos, but their poster gives a more precise date – Oct 12.

Blackview BV6300 first video: 

In this video, we find the phone is equipped with a quad camera and the HDR & AI color portrait mode. The video also reveals that the Blackview BV6300 has a body thickness of 11.6mm and a weight of about 230g, making it the thinnest in the industry. It will be available in Black, Green, Orange, and Yellow colorways with a four-tone finish. You can find them on the Blackview YouTube channel (which will likely keep uploading more videos).

Overall, Blackview BV6300 has a premium look and feel that exudes class, just like its predecessor. It starts at an aggressive price of $129.59 and will go on sale from October 12 PDT.

Year-End Feast Part 1 Giveaway details

Blackview is also running a global giveaway of 15 units rugged outdoor smartphones. It will run for the next 24 days and there are 15 different ways to enter the giveaway. A few of the rules where users need to:

  • Add BV6300 to Cart
  • Join World’s First 5G Group
  • Follow Blackview on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and share post
  • Subscribe Blackview on YouTube
  • You can click here to check and enroll for the giveaway.

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