Best Loadout for AK-47 in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has taken over the world of battle royale games. It is a great multi-player game and has plenty of weapons to choose from. The game also lets you modify your weapon of choice, making it even better and powerful. If you’ve taken a liking to the popular AK-47 rifle, and are looking for a perfect loadout strategy, then you’ve come to the right place. The AK-47 is an AR rifle with decent damage and range, which is why a lot of players like to use it. Below, you’ll find the two best loadouts for AK-47 in Call of Duty Warzone.

Best Loadout for AK-47 – Option 1

Best Loadout for AK-47 in Call of Duty Warzone

The first loadout for AK-47 can help improve the range by a total of 42.5 percent with faster bullet velocity, sound suppression, enhanced recoil control, and a 20 percent increase in Sprint out. However, all the attachments do add 1.5 frames to the Aim Down Sight, and the laser could be visible to enemies at times. The overall build is also pretty ugly to look, and the recoil isn’t easy to control.

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

The Monolithic suppressor is a great muzzle for the AK-47, and it helps in suppressing a lot of the sound. It also improves the range by up to 7.5 percent and the Aim Down Sight by +1 frame. If you’re someone who prefers stealth and want better range from the AK-47, then you should try out this muzzle.

Barrel – 23.0″ Romanian

This is a good barrel for the AR rifle and can add several improvements to it. It offers enhanced recoil control, improves the range by 35 percent with faster bullet velocity, and also adds +4 frames to the Aim Down Sight. The faster ADS should allow for easier movement of rifles. However, the 23.0″ Romanian does decrease the movement speed by 3 percent.

Tac Laser

This attachment will help compensate for the lower ADS and removes -2 frames. This results in better aim stabilization and can help you take down more enemies. However, the laser can be visible to enemies even with Aim down. Luckily, the map on Call of Duty Warzone is big and features strong lighting, which helps hide the laser.

Stock – No Stock

If you choose No Stock for the Stock, then this will improve the sprint out speed by 20 percent, movement speed by 4 percent, and Aim Down Sight of -2.5 frames. However, it does affect the recoil control and the aim stabilization.

Magazine – 40 Round Mags

Although some might prefer a larger magazine, the 40 Round Mag is probably the best choice for the AK-47. It improves the Aim Down Sight by +1 frame but does affect the movement speed by -1 percent.

Best Loadout for AK-47 – Option 2


The second loadout for AK-47 improves the range by 20 percent and also adds enhanced recoil control. However, it does add two frames for Aim Down Sight depending on the optic and reduces the movement speed by 1 percent. This build is much better looking than the first option and is better balance. It does have less recoil control, which could take some getting used to.

Muzzle – Compensator

The Compensator helps in enhance the recoil control, but not by a lot, which means that you would require some practice with it. Unlike a suppressor, the compensator doesn’t suppress as much noise and also adds a +1 frame of Aim Down Sight. If you don’t care about stealth, then this is a great addition to the AK-47.

Barrel – Spetsnaz Elite

The Spetsnaz Elite barrel also adds +1 frame to Aim Down Sight, which improves the gun movement and helps shoot down enemies faster. This barrel also improves the range by 20 percent.

Stock – FSS CQC Stock

If you don’t prefer to use No Stock for Stock, then the FSS CQC Stock is a good attachment for the AK-47. However, it does decrease the Aim Down Sight by -1 frame.

Magazine – 40 Round Mags

The 40 Round Mag is the best option in this loadout for AK-47 as well. It doesn’t affect too much of gun movement but improves the Aim Down Sight by 1 Frame. Movement speed is reduced by 1 percent.


There you go. These two are the best loadout for AK-47 in Call of Duty Warzone. Both have their pros and cons, so choose accordingly. If you’ve got other loadouts for AK-47, then you can use the comments section to let us know.

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