Find All 8 Nipulon’s Office Luglox Locations in High on Life

Players are excited to move ahead in the game and explore new things. There are a lot of things that are available on the map of the High On Life. You can explore many things and upgrade your weapons, do some other things, and so on. But for all this, you will need to have Pesos.

The Pesos are none other than the currency which you will use as the medium to buy things in the game. There are a lot of players who are thinking of upgrading and buying different things, but they are short on money. Thus we are here to solve this problem for you.

Luglox is the thing that will help you in getting money. You might be thinking that what is Luglox and how it can help you in getting money. Keep on reading this guide till the end to know about Luglox and its location in High On Life.

High on Life

What is Luglox in High On Life?

The Luglox is the chest that can help you in giving money. From Luglox, you can easily get Pesos which you can collect and use them for other purposes. It is one of the easy ways to collect money. However, finding its location is very difficult. But we will help you in finding it. There are many Luglox chests available in the Nipulon’s office from where you can collect the money. We are here with those locations. Keep on reading to know about them.

Luglox Locations in Nipulon Office in High on Life

Here are the eight locations of Luglox which is available in the game. We have listed all of them below, so make sure to read them properly.


#1 Luglox Location

The first Luglox Location is in the Lounge Lobby from where you can collect 200 pesos.

#2 Luglox Location

The second location of the Luglox is in the room which is on the left of the lobby. From there you can collect 300 Pesos.

#3 Luglox Location

The other one is on the right of the second location. Once you reach there, then on the left of the other rooms, there will be a room which is on the left where the next Luglox is. You can collect 300 Pesos from there.

#4 Luglox Location


The fourth Luglox will be present after passing the Lounge Tower. There will be a room on the right, enter it. Collect Galaxy Goofiest Gifts from there.

#5 Luglox Location

For this one, you will need to have a Jetpack. It is because you will have to fly to reach this Luglox Location. The Luglox will be visible through the walls, so when you find it, then fly towards it and collect the reward.

#6 Luglox Location

Another Luglox is also on a ledge. You will have to grab it by using the Jetpack from the other side.

#7 Luglox Location

This Luglox will be available on the same floor which is at the end of the corridor. You can easily get 100 Pesos from there, however, you will need to use Jetpack again to reach the location.

#8 Luglox Location

Once you have killed Nipulon, then you will be able to find the next Luglox there. Collect rewards from there.

Final Thoughts

Pesos are necessary if you want to upgrade or buy something while exploring the map in the game. For getting pesos, we have listed the location of the Luglox from where you can collect pesos as well as exciting rewards. We hope that you were able to reach the location by following the steps. That’s it for today. See you in the next one.

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