All Hidden iOS 12 Features for iPhone and iPad

While most of the iOS users are expecting for the next Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 13, there are many hidden iOS 12 features that the majority of iPhone and iPad users do not know about, so, here’s a short list of all those functions that would change your experience with the Apple’s current operating system for mobile devices. Accordingly, in this article, we’ll debate all hidden iOS features for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 12 launched in 2018, but Apple has regularly released new updates for its latest operating system for mobiles, patches that included security updates, new features, and several improvements and stability improvements. However, iOS 12 is much more than what you see, as it possesses some hidden features that not many iOS 12 users know about. Accordingly, you might enjoy this article since it’s going to unveil to you some of the most significant, hidden iOS 12 features for iPhone and iPad.

From Siri, Group FaceTime functions, DND features, notifications, custom Apple Podcasts options, to 3D shortcuts, widgets, and updates, there all types of hidden iOS 12 features that you have to know about before the launch of iOS 13.

All Hidden iOS 12 Features for iPhone and iPad

Do-Not-Disturb (DND) with location awareness

With the release of iOS 12, Apple introduced the Do Not Disturb feature which shuts down notifications. However, when you press on the option for a longer time than usual, a new function would be available. Namely, you can now select not to receive notifications while you’re at a preset location.

More specifically, the DND with location awareness would not allow notifications to disturb you while you’re at a specific location.

FaceTime Group Chats without notifications

FaceTime Group Chats is not at all one of the hidden iOS 12 features for iPhone and iPad. However, since the iOS 12.1 launched, there has been the ringless FaceTime Group Chat notifications. That means that, whenever you decide, your FaceTime notifications go silent.


On the other hand, whenever you want to join FaceTime Group Chats, that feature allows you to connect without many struggles, namely that you can join conversations with minimal disruptions. The same applies to the opposite situation when others enter your FaceTime Group Chats.

Customizable Apple Podcasts – Allow skipping durations

There are many iPhone and iPad users that move away from Apple Podcasts because the system is not much customizable. However, since iOS 12 launched, Apple Podcasts has turned into something that the users appreciate.

More specifically, iOS 12 permits users to skip durations, a feature that seems borrowed from the competition, namely, Google’s Android OS.

3D Touch Shortcuts

Well, 3D touch has been a trendy function on older iPhone and iPad devices. However, previous iOS versions lacked this feature, but iOS 12 has it, and you can enable it effortlessly. iOS 12 manages some 3D touch shortcuts, but only for some apps and if you only tap on those icons, firmly.

Even more, the 3D touch function in iOS 12 is now able to scan docs and search for QR codes immediately, via the specific Camera app’s shortcut.

Screen Time widget

Screen Time Widget is the latest feature that Apple implemented in iOS 12. The function lacked from iOS 11 and the subsequent versions, so it made a full appearance in iOS 12.

Screen Time widget shows you how much time you have spent on your iPhone or iPad so that you know whenever you exceeded the recommended time for yourself. This feature is primarily useful for parents who want to diminish their kids’ screen time.

New Siri Accents


Before the launch of the iOS 12, the iOS 11 users had to deal with Siri with only three accents – American, Australian, and British. Since the iOS 12 launched for iPhone and iPad, Siri’s accents have diversified, now mimicking Irish and South African voices, besides the before-mentioned ones.


In short, all the before-mentioned hidden iOS 12 features for iPhone and iPad are the most significant ones that Apple introduced with the launch of their last iOS 12 mobile OS. Until the rollout of the iOS 13, we’ll stick to the iOS 12 and its subsequent releases, as well as to its hidden features.

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