Amazing Tricks That Help You Win in Apex Legend Season 10

60 players drop down onto the same battlefield, loot, and fight until one squad is left standing in Apex Legends. Season 10 of Apex Legends introduces Seer, a new Recon Legend with a variety of unique powers. Players who wish to win battles and matches more regularly may look into the following Apex Legends hack.

We want to get off to a solid start.

In Apex Legends, it’s crucial to learn how to drop effectively. If you’re landing in a hot zone, you’ll need to beat your opponents to get the prize you want. Check out our comprehensive landing guide for the best landing strategy.

Assert yourself

Apex rewards players that are aggressive. If you want to avoid becoming trapped in a loop of bursting out of cover, spraying, and hiding to reload and heal, practice narrowing the space between you and the adversary. You can find out which weapons are the most effective with our guide to the greatest firearms and weapon stats.

Waiting Alone Is Harmful

The dropship in Apex Legends lacks swords, but you may invite a buddy! You and your teammates will be on the same page if you follow this fundamental but apparent advice. There should be no background noise or chit-chat in the room.

While injured, maintain a sense of presence

After a good hit on an opponent, most players will press harder. In the event of a heavy attack, do all you can to preserve your presence and prevent the adversary from pushing you. It may be necessary to continue battling and risk getting knocked down to shatter a foe’s shields, thus protecting your squad. Health and healing items can help you decide which ones to utilize in specific scenarios.


Your teammates’ Legends and skins will come in handy.

To make it more difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies, the name tag of an ally vanishes when you point down sights at them. Remember not only your teammates’ Legends but also the skins they wear so that you can distinguish them from adversaries in tight quarters.

A quick loot

While looting, move as rapidly as possible and don’t stand stationary. A quick examination of a death box is more reliable than spending hours poring over every item. Make sure you don’t go back for a second look at your prize and don’t waste your time. You can learn more about finding the finest treasure in our tutorial on how to find it.

Flank with care

This strategy is dangerous yet effective if you have enough space and cover to prevent the opponent from attacking one of your sides. If you decide to flank, be careful to keep your friends inside your line of sight.

Shields are replenished when opponents are killed.

Finishing off or executing a knocked adversary has several advantages: it restores all of your Shields without the need for a consumable. Nevertheless, it’s a hazardous operation since the knocked adversary will make sure to tell their comrades what you’re doing.


When there are just three teams left, be cautious.

With just three teams left, you should proceed with caution while determining whether or not to engage. In three-way combat, the last team to join will always have the edge. If you’re not the last of the three teams to fire, try to flee rather than fight.

Keep an eye on the Ring.

The Ring will gradually contract throughout an Apex Legends battle, forcing players together. The Ring becomes considerably more destructive with time, so pay attention to whether you need to go to the next circle, especially later on. 

Make excellent use of the Ping mechanism to communicate.


Apex Legends allows you to Ping a wide variety of items. Pinging is possible for all sorts of things, including treasure and opponents. To request ammo, ammunition, or an attachment, you can utilize pings in your inventory.

Thanks to its unique features and gameplay, Apex Legends is one of the most popular games today. It takes a lot of talent to get noticed by a pro team in Apex Legends. Be sure to check out the above-listed practical advice before you get started to ensure your survival and success!

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