Android 10 beta rolled out for Lenovo Z6 Series and Z5 Pro GT

Lenovo is pushing Android 10 beta for the Lenovo Z6 Series (Z6 Pro, Z6 Lite), and Z5 Pro GT. It is not the first time though. Back in November 2019, Z6 Pro was the first device to receive the first beta of Android 10. Though it’s nearly three months, Z6 Pro is yet to receive a stable version of Android 10. We believe it is better to get a late update but a bug-free system update. Sometimes due to hasty rollout, the stable software would come with a lot of bugs.

The latest Android 10 beta update for the Lenovo Z6 Pro comes with a few optimizations. However, the changelog for the Z6 Lite and Z5 Pro GT comes with a lot of bug fixes.

Android 10 beta for Z6 Pro is available with version number ZUI_11.5.229. It weighs close to 180 MB. Those users who have signed up for the beta program should get this update on their devices. The latest beta for Z6 Pro fixes up the positioning of the Control Panel. It also optimizes the sonic experience in the use of Type-C headset, Bluetooth headset, and 3.5mm headphones.

Z6 Lite users are also receiving the Android 10 update with build ZUI_11.5.033. All it brings is bug fixes. Here is a sneak peek into the changelog. The changelog is a direct translation from the original Chinese.

  • Fix the problem that the communication record does not display the name
  • fix the problem that the three phones cannot be used on one machine
  • fix the problem that the screen is dark after occasionally receiving banner notifications
  • fix the SD card and click the interface to return to the flashback to the desktop
  • repair sporadic micro-channel in the background, return to open the game, the phone automatically restart problem
  • fix now set even after beauty camera click on the home button again to enter the error issues
  • restoration speech in musicĀ Page screen has remained the steady-state, the problem endless screen
  • repair Car Bluetooth phone connectivity problems when playing a song will automatically turn on the lock screen
  • repair open application avatar, avatar news notification bar, and the body, but no spare icon The problem

Now, moving on to the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, the Android 10 beta upgrade is rolling out with build ZUI_11.5.134. Let’s check out the official changelog.

  • fix the log does not display the name issue
  • repair the NFC reading bus card recharge, suggesting that the wrong question
  • fix the problem even now put out screen splash screen when the screen then lit screen fingerprint to unlock
  • repair sporadic post-beauty click the home button again to use the camera app
  • fix it sweep the hungry, framing the issue as a two-dimensional code scan code when the screen is stuck
  • the repair has remained a steady-state voice in the music home screen, Issue interest-screen
  • Repair developer options Bluetooth audio encoder is not a problem TWS + display options
  • Fix the problem can not be transferred from the avatar application log on and open selection box can not log on QQ avatar king of glory

So, if you own the Lenovo Z6 Pro series or the Z5 Pro GT, then make sure not to miss out on the Android 10 beta update.


  1. Does this also apply to the pure Lenovo Z6 (not pro or lite)? Do you know if it will be available for phones bought on Aliexpress with global rom? I’ve read they don’t really receive updates.

    Finally, do you know if any work has been done towards lineage os 17 or 16 for Lenovo z6 or z6 lite (not pro)?

    Grateful for any insights on any of these questions!

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