Android-based eelo OS without using Google services apps

The smartphone market is very large today with a lot of manufacturers providing a lot of devices. But when it comes to the operating system there are only two main words, Android, and iOS. With the 99 percent of smartphones available today running on either Android or iOS many things, there is a high privacy threat. At the same time, Companies like Blackberry who created an operating system by giving more importance to privacy failed miserably. But still, Gael Duval, the developer of the well know Mandrake Linux is trying to reconquer his privacy and helping others to do the same. He is doing it by developing a new Android-based eelo OS without using Google services.

Android-based eelo OS without using Google services apps
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Deal Duvan confirmed that he won’t be building the new operating system on the Linux platform as it is a pain in the ass. Instead, he has teamed up with some full stack and Android developers to get the work done. He confirms that the operating system will be an open-source OS giving more importance to privacy. He will be using the inspiration of the LineageOS which is an Android-based open-source operating system available.

The new operating system eelo will have newly redesigned icons, launcher, control center, and also a notification system. Duval is also said to be working to get rid of the Google play store and Google play services. Instead of these free apps like APK pure will be used on eelo. For better privacy, eelo will be using the secure Quad 9 DNS which will restrict the user from malicious sites.

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