Android Messages Gets Rebranded: Fires up The On going Rumor About Google

There is a word on the street that Google will soon drop the Android tag from its business. It is starting out by scrapping the term from its products. Speaking of which, Android messages gets rebranded into Messages. There is, however, no change in the App name as we see in the menu. Not long ago Messages received a noticeable revamp in the design. It is interesting to note that Google in its latest “Made by Google” event never mentioned the term Android. According to certain rumors, the brand name Android brand has become ineffective over the years. Its efficiency is diminishing in promoting hardware and other support in recent times.

This may be a coincidence that the Android Messages gets rebranded while we discuss this matter. However, if we look back in the recent past, Android Pay and Android Wear got their branding changed to Google Pay and WearOS. Also, the recent products from the Mountain View-based company have the prefix Google. Its example can be Google Duo, Google Keep, Google Task etc. However, Android is still a major part of the company.

We think in the future Google will come up with its Fuchsia OS on which it has been working for some time. Google never claimed as such to replace the Android OS with Fuchsia OS, but you can never tell.  Also in the recent event, Google was focussing more on the ChromeOS. Its upcoming product Pixel slate makes uses of the ChromeOS and also supports the Google Apps. Maybe its all these years Google used the term Android and now it’s getting a bit stale. So, the company is looking for some mega revamp.

This is just a speculation and guesswork. But if it happens then it will be interesting to see how the loyal users of Android will accept the new replacement. Also, will it be as much efficient as Android is..?


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