Install Android O Developer Preview 2 – Everything you need to know

Today we will guide on How to Download and install Android O Developer Preview 2 on your Pixel and Nexus device lineup. You can manually do install the Android O Developer Preview 2 straight into your phone if you have not signed up for Android O Developer Beta Programme. The guide is simple and easy. Before stepping into installation process of Android O Developer Preview 2. Let us first know What has changed in the latest Android O Developer Preview 2.

Install Android O Developer Preview 2 – Everything you need to know

Install Android O Developer Preview 2 - Everything you need to know

Preview 2: Everything you need to know

While the Android users eagerly awaited the Nougat update for their Google Android devices, the visionaries behind Android finally launched the first version of Android O developer preview, earlier this year. This version of Android O developer preview was released with some attractive features. However, the process of downloading and installing had become an issue for the users. Considering the situation,they decided on making a second launch of Android O that being Preview 2 (a beta release) which brings along the keynote speech at Google I/O. the good side of beta release is that a user will no longer face the hassle of using fastboot commands.

Disappointed with the visuals of the first version of Android O? No worries, the new Android Develop Preview 2 is already here improved functioning and latest and better visuals.  This second version of Google Android O Developer is currently only available and compatible with latest Pixel and Nexus handsets exclusively in Nexus 6P, Nexus 5x, Pixel C, the Google Pixel and Pixel Xl. Instead of one compulsory mode there are actually varied ways to get it on your devices. You can either get your handset registered with the Android O Beta programme and wait for a cloud update or download the factory image or OTA update for the handset. By the time you complete the installation process; you can go ahead and scrutinize the upcoming version of Android O Developer prior to its wide availability to the mass. Rooting options are also available in case you are one of the exploring kinds.

Moving on to the guidelines of Downloading and installing the Android O Developer Preview 2 without which the interested users will not be able to enjoy its advance features. There are different Android O downloading links available over internet that the users can avail to the downloading file options for their devices and flash them with Android Debug Bridge commands. Save the downloaded file for your handset on your desktop.Owing to its beta release this version of the developer can now be easily installed simply by an Android beta programme sign-up. Post signing up you are sure to receive a One-Time Password.


Simple steps for a hassel free installation experience of Android O Developer Preview 2 on Nexus and Pixel Phones are given below:

  • You are required to unlock the bootloader of your handset that remains on an activated mode before you can flash the system image of Android O Developer Preview 2 on your phone. Having done that you can move ahead to the second step.
  • To run Android Debug Bridge commands on your Android device you first have to install the ABD and Fastboot drivers on your windows/MAC. After that the ADB folder icon will be instantly visible on either your desktop or C:/ADB i.e. Windows C drive.
  • Next step is to extract the files of Android O Developer by opening the ADB folder. It is the file that you downloaded as Step 2 which has been saved in your C drive.
  • As the next step long press and hold the ‘Shift” key and right click on Android Debug Bridge folder to select ‘Open command window here.’ fastboot
  • In the command prompt windows need to enter a command for which tour phone has to be connected to your computer system. The command is as follow:

    adb devices      

  • Using the following command boot your handset into bootloader mode.

    adb reboot bootloader

  • Your phone will now automatically reboot itself into the bootloader mode
  • Finally you can now begin the installation of Android O on your phone device. Firstly, open the Android O files that are present inside the folder of ADB and simultaneously locate the flash-all script. To run the files double click on it to begin the installing process on your phone.
  • You will be asked to press any key to exit as soon as you are through with flashing the Android O preview. Please do not exit from the terminal unless you are asked to do so.
  • Lastly, all you need to do is reboot your Android device and begin your experience of Android O Developer Preview 2.

Statutory Warning

Please make sure that you keep a complete backup of the data that is already present on your device because as soon as the installation process of Android O Developer Preview 2 is complete it will result in the deletion of your current data. This generally happens when you have certain files on your phone that will not be compatible to Android Nougat which is responsible for the deletion.


  • Quick Settings-Android O Developer comes with new attractive and distinguishing feature. The second version of the Android O Developer has introduced a quick settings toggle feature. The setting panel which you will notice in this version is of the developer is of light grey shade. Consequently, the icons are black.
  • Notification- Now each application icon flashes a dot denoting that it is an unread notification. Each dot looks different as each notification dot derives its colour from its designated App. Along with this new notification dot feature the long press shade has also been restyled. Currently, it appears like iOS-ques displaying the unified panel inclusive of App shortcuts and App info page as well as widget panel shortcuts.
  • Altering App Icon shape- The newest Pixel Launcher has the facility whereby the users can easily change the icons to cylindrical, round corner rectangular, square and circular shapes. As of now only some app icons can be changed.

The Android creators have already recently made an announcement about the final-build release of the Android O Developer Preview 2. The information concerning the new release has been posted by Google on their developer site where it is mentioned that it will be finally released by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2017.

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