Download Android P inspired Wallpaper in 16K resolution

New versions of Android is always loved by those who love Android smartphones. Being one of the most used mobile operating systems globally, new Android versions always make big news. It is nothing but the high expectations from users what makes Android news very viral. Google has now unveiled the latest Android p officially. As usual, Google has importance to their Pixel device and provided these devices with an official developer preview. While users of other Android devices still have to wait a long to get an experience with the Android P. Now what we have here for you are Android P inspired Wallpaper in 16K resolution available.

Based on the developer preview in Pixel devices, Android P comes with some cool features. This includes a multi-camera API, better messaging abilities, better security and a lot more. But it is evident that users have to wait for a long to get the real Android P experience on their devices. The Pixel devices might get it soon, but other device users will still have to wait. Som Xposed modules have been introduced with Android P like features. But for an average user getting the Xposed module and risking the device by flashing the developer preview might look scary. The new inspired wallpapers available might at least help them give an Android P look to their devices.

The collection of wallpapers provided here are not the original ones from Android P. But these are inspired wallpapers designed by BirchTree. They have used the new Easter egg logo to design these new wallpapers. The inspired wallpaper collection included 11 wallpapers, all colorful. All the wallpapers in the collection come with a 16K resolution. All the wallpapers included in the collection can be used with any devices with different screen size. The link to download the complete collection of 11 wallpapers is provided below.

I hope this wallpaper was helpful. Download the Android P inspired Wallpaper in 16K resolution.

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