Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide: Gibraltar Abilities, Perks and Tips

Apex Legends characters have their own sets of abilities and features and Gibraltar is one of them. The character can be unlocked after you reach level 5. Gibraltar is a defensive player and can easily tackle defensive and offensive stages. Today we will share the Apex Legends mobile Gibraltar guide in full detail with Gibraltar abilities, perks and tips.

Gibraltar is one of the characters in-game with the highest win rates, making him a very powerful character. If you want to take full advantage of its skills and abilities, you have to make sure you understand this character well.

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide Gibraltar Abilities, Perks and Tips

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide: Gibraltar Abilities, Perks and Tips

Gibraltar’s full name is Makoa Gibraltar and was born in Solace in the year 2703. He was always very good at rescuing whenever others are in difficult situations. Gibraltar got this gift of rescuing people from his father as he was of very helping nature and dedicated his life to assisting others in need.

Over the years, Gibraltar has completed the game for materialistic things such as money, glory and fame but never returned home. With his game expertise, the character has now become an iconic game symbol and does everything to protect his squad.

Gibraltar Abilities


The character comes with three primary skill sets which you can master in no time.

Gun Shield: This is a passive ability for the character where Gibraltar possesses a 50-health energy barrier in front of him while aiming his guns. He has a 9 second cooldown period as well.

Dome of Protection: This skill comes under tactical ability and is primarily used for protection. this dome has a 6-metre radius and can last for 12 seconds. The dome will protect the character from incoming shots and attacks. And in this dome, you can revive your teammate 33% faster rate.

Defensive Bombardment: This is Gibraltar’s ultimate defensive technique. In this skill, Gibraltar will initiate a smoke bomb with a 24-metre radius. Withing this radium, it will rain explosives for 6 seconds straight and will cause 40 damage to your enemies on every hit.

Gibraltar Character Perks

Each character in the game comes with its own set of perks which makes it unique. Gibraltar is also a very strong character, but with its combined perks, he comes an intimate beast.

Emergency Battery: This comes in handy when your shield strength is 0, this will give you additional 25 shield points.

Enmity: This will revive 25 health in your teammates.

Dying Dose: When your health bar falls below 50, you can use this team to get an additional 25 HP.

MED Soldier: Each slot of the backpack can store +1 health or shield items per stack.

Return Pack: After respawning in the game field, players can get a body shield and weapon based on the game ring’s progress.

Gibraltar Gameplay Tips

We already have covered the character details and skillsets, now it’s time to see what is the optimum playstyle to win the game.

First, you must throw the dome down as it will deflect all their gunfire and attacks. Use this tactic to flee or heal whenever required. Then you can combine dome with defensive bombardment to get maximum damage benefit.

Dome will protect you from all enemy gunfires, and when they reload you can come out of your dome and fire at them. The gunshield will also help you with this process.

Also, refrain from using defensive bombardment too much as the missiles can also damage your team players as well. Make sure your teammates are in a proper hiding spot or in the dome before you launch this attack. Once the dome attack is finished, you can finish the enemies easily as they will be having a very low amount of health and HP.


Gibraltar is a unique character with both defensive and initiator skills.  I have tried covering all the important details regarding Gibraltar’s character in detail. It will help you to understand her powers better and will help you create the best build and playstyle.

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