Apple Is Currently Rolling Out The iOS 12 Beta 3 For Supporting Devices

Apple is definitely cooking up a big surprise for September this year. Though everything looks calm, Apple is swiftly working and developing the iOS 12. Speaking of which, the latest iOS 12 beta 3 is now rolling out to various Apple devices. The current iteration of upcoming iOS 12 concentrates on tweaks and fix-ups. Existing features are getting an overhaul and optimization. Nothing really big, however, this itself is a big update that iOS 12 is steadily getting into stable form. We expect the swiftness of the Apple indicates new iPhones of 2018 are going to ship with iOS 12 out-of-the-box.

iOS 12 Beta 3

Latest iOS 12 beta 3 brings the following features.

  • Clear All Notifications gets a new animation.
  • Users can clear alerts in one swipe.
  • Tweaks for the FaceTime effect picker.
  • Voice Memos for iPad gets a revamp.
  • Apple Watch Face Gallery now only highlights new Siri watch face updates instead of watchOS 4 faces.
  • Fix for CarPlay when using side and backup cameras
  • Watch app gets support for third-party apps that are compatible with Siri watch face
  • 11 Animated Activity app stickers [No requirement of a special challenge to unlock]

If you need to try out the preview iOS beta 3, then you need to have a developer account. Otherwise, you can always wait for the iOS 12 public beta that shortly follows up the developer version. Once you get the public beta download for iOS 12, you can follow our tutorial on how to install iOS 12 public beta.

So, if you are already on the iOS 12 beta 3 then enjoy the features and improvements. Keep an eye out for the iOS 12 public beta. Also, September is not far away. 2018 Apple iPhones that are currently the hype-makers in the smartphone world are just 1 month away.



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