How to Update AT&T LG G6 to H87110p – 10p [LG-H871]

If you have the OTA update on your phone, then we do recommend you to install the January 2018 security patch update to keep your phone safe from vulnerabilities. Well if you have no update, then please check the OTA update manually by following the guide.

How to check OTA update on AT&T LG G6:

Go to settings—> about phone —> system update

If you have the update notification on your AT&T LG G6 phone, then hit the DOWNLOAD button to start upgrading your phone to latest software version H87110p.


Before proceeding, please make sure your phone has enough charge of at least 50%, take a full backup before upgrading or downgrading your phone. To download the OTA file, you should be on a stable WiFi connection to enjoy uninterrupted software download.

Once if you have all this, you can proceed with upgrading AT&T LG G6 to H87110p.

In case if you have received the download link to the firmware H87110p, then you can simply follow our guide to installing the software KDZ file manually.

Please note, before following manual setup, you should read the pre-requisites carefully.

Source: AT&T