Download Install B355 Nougat Firmware On Huawei GT3 NMO-L22 (New Zealand, NZ)

Today Huawei has started rolling the latest build update B355 Nougat Firmware on Huawei GT3 which is based on the Latest Android 7.0 Nougat wrapped with EMUI 5.0 Skin. Huawei GT3 is also known as Honor 7 Lite and Honor 5C.  This is the stable  build of Android 7.0 Nougat firmware from Huawei. This new OTA update of Android Nougat for NMO-L22 Huawei GT3 New Zealand Variant. So if you have Huawei Huawei GT3 with NMO-L22 model, then you can follow this guide to update Android Nougat on NMO-L22 Huawei Huawei GT3. The update comes with optimization of system performance and stability, Optimizes power consumption for longer usage, Optimizes the wallpaper display for a better experience and fixed the bug which occasionally delayed when answering calls while using OK Google.

In this article, we will guide you how to download and install Android Nougat on Huawei Huawei GT3. This update is packed with all new exciting features and bug fixes, it is based on EMUI 5.0 OS. If you want early access to Official Stock ROM Android Nougat then from below you can download ROM Zip file to flash Android Nougat. You can even wait for the official OTA if you don’t want to update it manually using the guide.

Install B355 Nougat Firmware On Huawei GT3 NMO-L22 (New Zealand, NZ)

Install B355 Nougat Firmware On Huawei GT3 NMO-L22 (New Zealand, NZ)

To Check if you received the official B355 Android Nougat on Huawei GT3 (New Zealand), Go to Settings —> About Phone —> System Updates and see if you have official Nougat firmware on Huawei GT3. To update, tap install and update your Huawei GT3 Nougat Firmware.

Now Download Huawei GT3 Stock Firmware which is available for Download here. The latest Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware for Huawei GT3 is based on the latest EMUI 5.0 OS. The latest update of Android Nougat for Huawei GT3 is one of the sweetest update from Google up till now with it’s latest features like Multi tasking, Split screen, Vulcan API, Notification redesign, Quick Reply etc.  You can flash stock ROM on Huawei GT3 with the latest B355 Nougat firmware. You can update the NMO-L22 to B355 Nougat Firmware. Follow the below step by step guide on How to Download and Install B355 Nougat Firmware on Huawei GT3 (NMO-L22 EMUI 5.0)

Huawei GT3 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. Now you can download the latest upgrade of Stock Firmware on Huawei GT3 Android Nougat. Here we provide download links and installation guide for Android Nougat on Huawei GT3. The Build number of this Stock Firmware is NMO-L22C706B355 which comes for New Zealand Region with B355 OTA firmware image. Flash it on your phone to enjoy the latest taste of Android 7.0 Nougat. Follow the step properly to install B355 Nougat Firmware On Huawei GT3.



Official Firmware Details :

  • Device : Huawei Huawei GT3
  • Model No : NMO-L22
  • Android OS : 7.0
  • EMUI Version : 5.0
  • Firmware : B355
  • Build Number : NMO-L22C706B355
  • Region : New Zealand
  • Status : Official
  • Type : Full firmware image
  • Size : 1.3 GB


  1. This Update is only for Huawei GT3 with NMO-L22 users.
  2. is not responsible for any damage to your phone while installing this Update.
  3. Make sure that you have latest USB drivers installed
  4. Take the complete backup of your phone and then proceed.


Here Is The Full Guide To Install Stock Firmware On Huawei GT3

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