Best Offer for OnePlus 5 - 6GB RAM 64 GB ROM on Gearbest

Well, one of the finest smartphones that attracted the attention of a lot of people was finally launched by OnePlus 5 recently. The phone is equipped with some of the features you couldn’t even imagine. In the present scenario, a lot of people are using and posting highly satisfied reviews of this device. The smartphone is actually amazing in every aspect and you might have no idea but it is capable to handle any task that a PC can.  This is one of the leading reasons why it is suitable for one and all. The phone was launched in June 2017 and the manufacturer already sold millions of unit. Get this Best Offer for OnePlus 5 now only from

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Even today, it is widely demanded. If you are one among them who are planning to buy it, Gearbest has come again with an amazing offer to enable you to save your money. Presently, OnePlus 5 is available on their website with a very low price and i.e. $448.99. Obviously, this is the lowest price at which you can own this amazing device. You need to apply the Coupon code “OP54GGB” to get the phone from Gearbest at the above-mentioned price. The offer is valid for a very limited period and i.e. between 10 to 17 August only. However, it all depends on stock.

Best Offer for OnePlus 5

Best Offer for OnePlus 5 - 6GB RAM 64 GB ROM on Gearbest

Something that makes this phone simply the best is its 1.9 GHz Octa-core processor. Its combination with 6GB RAM always makes sure of performance irrespective of the task you perform it. Whether you are a gamer, businessmen, a professional or a general user, OnePlus 5 is an ideal option for you to consider.

The upper limit to store your data is very high as 64 GB ROM is enough to cater all such needs. When it comes to performance, it has no comparison with any other device in its class. You can find out a number of other devices with a similar price range, but the fact is no other manufacturer offers you what exactly OnePlus 5 offer. It is a powerful smartphone that is best in every aspect.

If you love capturing photos, the massive 20 Megapixel camera would let your still images degrade their quality. Also, the 16 Megapixel secondary camera adds a lot to your experience. In a nutshell, it is one of the best options available when it comes to buying a 21st-century smartphone.

Best Offer for OnePlus 5 - 6GB RAM 64 GB ROM on Gearbest
Best Offer for OnePlus 5 - 6GB RAM 64 GB ROM on Gearbest

Another leading feature is it is equipped with Android 7.1.1 which obviously gives you an opportunity to enjoy the latest version of Android. As far as the matter of power backup is concerned, the 3300mah battery is enough to bear the load of full day activities you perform on this device.

This gives you enough reasons to buy this device. Visit the Gearbest website before the deal is gone. Good luck and happy shopping.

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