Best Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima To Beat Enemies


When you go up against an enemy in Ghost of Tsushima, having specific techniques up your sleeve helps. Without the techniques, all you can do is dodge and attack. This makes fighting in the game plain and dull. You need to learn some special moves, counter attacks and whatever else that the game has on disposal. And you need to acquire these skills quickly if you want to defeat all the enemies that you face in this game.

As you progress along with the game, you will face different challenges, and to pass each of these challenges, you will need the techniques. There are a wide number of techniques to learn and acquire in Ghost of Tsushima, and down below, we listed the best ones that you try to gain as soon as possible. In this guide, we will talk all about the best techniques that you can use to defeat your enemies in Ghost of Tsushima.

The best techniques to defeat enemies in Ghost of Tsushima:

Now there are several techniques in each of the techniques trees, and we will only point out the best ones that will prove useful to you in every part of the game.


The best deflection techniques:

As the name suggests, these techniques are all about deflecting attacks from enemies. It is not possible to dodge every attack, so learning a few deflecting techniques help.

Deflect Arrows:

The first technique under the Deflection Technique tree that you must have is Deflect arrows. If there are several archers all around you, then no matter what you do, if you don’t have this skill, you will end up dead. Yes, the arrows don’t take up much of the health, but if there are enough archers, then it won’t be long before you hit the ground. So having the Deflect arrows technique helps as it immediately renders all the archer’s arrows obsolete. No matter where the arrows come from or how many archers are shooting at you, it won’t matter to you at all. Just hold the L1 button, and your skill will take care of every arrow shot at you.

Resolved Parry:

The next technique under the Deflection Technique tree that you must have is Resolved Parry. It gets you the extra bit of resolve that you need to take down your enemies head-on. You get an extra bit of health due to the increase in resolve, and it helps when you are fighting with someone one on one.

The best evasion techniques:

The next technique tree will be the evasive technique tree.


Dodging Slash:

With Dodging Slash, you learn to use an evasive strike when you are attacked head-on by the enemy. It can prove to be extremely useful if you are aware of the attacks that the enemy possesses. As you can then time your evasive strike and fend off attacks even from the boss enemies.

Perfect Dodge:




Perfect dodge is a counter-attack technique. It will let you evade the attack from an enemy at the very last moment to get an opening to land a final killing blow to the enemy. But you do need to match the timing correctly even to use this attack to take down your enemy.

The best stance techniques:

For the best stances techniques, we have selected two techniques, namely Water: Surging Strikes and Wind: Spear Defense.

Water: Surging Strikes:

This particular stance is just devastating for shield guards as it launches five quick strikes that will break down almost any kind of shield. After the shield is broken, your enemy will be open for a quick kill.

Wind: Spear Defense:

Just as the name suggests, this is a powerful stance that you can use against enemies that use a spear for attacks. This stance nullifies every form of spear attack that a spear holder may come at you with.

The best ghost techniques:

The best ghost weapons:

When it comes to weapons, there are quite a few, but you don’t need to carry them all. You need a couple that you will do almost everything that you expect out of the weapon.


Kunais are quite common and are an easy refill throughout the game, and you will often find enemies drop them after you take care care of them. Use serrated blades as using three serrated kunais will be enough to take care of anyone that comes in your way. If it does not kill them, it will, at the very least, break the guards, making them vulnerable to death by an easy kill move.

Explosive powder:

Under explosive powder, we get sticky bombs that are incredibly deadly for anything that they are directly attached to. They have a big blast radius, and any enemy that is in close range will either be killed by it or blinded by it, making it easier to kill the enemy after that quickly.

The best evolving tactics:

Chain Assassination Master:

Learn the Chain Assassination Master evolving technique, and you will get three instant kills in a row without any risks after that. This can prove to be potent while fighting several enemies as you can use a smoke bomb and take care of all the enemies in quick succession, without any worries about the risk involved in it.

So these are all the best techniques that you need to learn as soon as possible to progress through the game faster and make it more engaging. If you have any questions or queries about this guide on Ghost of Tsushima, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. You can find other similar guides on Ghost of Tsushima on our website in the games section. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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