Best Trading Apps for Android

Online trading is becoming extremely popular at the present time. There are many people all over the world who are going for it. The fact is it is becoming a fashion more than just a habit. Many people trade online and love doing that. The good thing is, Android-based smartphones are becoming very handy and helpful for them. The fact is there are some amazing apps available in the present time that are good enough to be trusted. Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry as you can easily keep the pace up. In this post, I will introduce you to some best trading apps for Android that simply add more to your experience.

When it comes to online trading, the world is experiencing the trade of more than $5 Trillion of currency exchange each day. Of course, this is a huge sum of money. The good thing is gone are those days when you need to buy special software for trading. In the world we are living, this task can simply be handled by Android smartphones. These are apps actually that you can proceed with without worrying about anything.

They are very reliable to use and comes with a full operating guide for those who are first time traders. Many highly experienced traders across the globe are also using them. All that you need is a Forex trading account and a compatible device. You can also monitor online trading platforms with these apps simply. Also, a lot of useful information about trading markets can easily be grabbed. So here is the information you are looking for.

Best Trading Apps for Android

All these apps are best in every aspect and it’s safe to trade through them. Check them out along with some useful information on them.

IG Academy

IG Academy is a popular trading app which has attained a lot of popularity as one of the finest apps available for trades. It is actually known to introduce users to the true art of trading and that too through a smartphone. There is actually a lot to learn about best available options, trading risk-free, testing your knowledge, understanding market conditions and lots more. All those who want to test their knowledge before entering the trading market actually can proceed with this app.



Another name that has grabbed a ton of attention is eToro. It is actually one of the largest social trading networks with a very large number of active users all the time. It let you know the ethics of experienced traders. It is available simply on the Play Store. This app is actually for experienced traders who are actually key players in the trading market. There are around 5 million users of this app across the globe in the present time. This is one of the best trading apps for Android devices.


It is regarded as one of the best apps for trading for those who are freshers. Those with zero experience in trading can consider this app as their best friend. In the initial stage, the money can be invested totally risk-free. While trading, there are several prizes that you can win and can share the experience with the closed ones. The trading environment is totally trustable and you can simply trade in commodities, Bitcoin, as well as on forex.


For those who want to enjoy every aspect of online trading can simply proceed with this option. A lot of users have recognized it as one of the best trading apps for Android devices. One of the top features of this app is you need not to worry in case there is no minimum balance in your account. You can have a personal notification for anything that is important and there are some amazing features to let you keep up the pace in every aspect.

So these are some of the best trading apps for Android devices available for both fresher and experienced traders. You can simply download them from the Play Store and can start trading anytime you want. They simply boost your experience up to a great extent and can let you trade in a never-before manner for sure.

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