Black Soil in Last Oasis: Where Can I Find?

Under creation by the Donkey Crew, Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival video game. The game portraits the story as the Earth has stopped rotating and the last human survivors are left to strive. You must outrun the scorching sun in this massive open-world game, and ultimately, survive till the last days! Your transportation in this open-world will be your walker: a wooden, wind-powered machine capable of going through almost anything. Digging further into the game, the walker plays an important role in your gameplay and you are able to personalize your walker to fit your needs with a multitude of structures, attachments, and upgrades!

In this open-world game, players hunt for Black Soil as a potential source of Earth Wax, which is a vital resource for building Walkers and other types of equipment. Before we talk about anything else, you should know that you can only find Black Soil in the hard maps. However, that being the case, there is something that you will have to acknowledge before going out for the hunt.

Black Soil in Last Oasis: Where Can I Find?

Black Soil in Last Oasis

We assume that you’ve put in the last bit of your energy into finding black soil in the Last Oasis. Well, if you have been struggling to find Black Soil, you should now acknowledge the fact that it is only available in Hard areas, which are not yet implemented in the game yet. As up till this date, you have no chance to find the black soil. However, you are likely hunting Black Soil as a source of Earth Wax. So there is, in fact, a way to get this important Earth Wax in the game.

You can get Earth Wax by using a Stomping Station. It will cost 25 Fragments to get a Stomping Station recipe from the tech tree. The following are the resources to build the Stomping Station:

  • 45 Wood
  • 10 Rupu Vine
  • 20 Stone
  • 4 Wood Shaft

You can easily harvest wood and stone from stones and trees. You can also harvest Rupu Vine with a Simple Sickle or a Scythe, as more vines will drop this way. Harvesting by hand gets you four, the Simple Sickle will get you up to ten, while the Scythe will get you up to 27. And finally, the Wood shafts are to be made at a woodworking station and will require five wood and 2 fiber to build.


Summing up our guide, black soil can be found only in the hard areas of the game. The hard maps, unfortunately, aren’t yet implemented in the game so our chance of finding black soil ceases here. However, as you’re likely hunting Black Soil as a source of Earth Wax, we can use a little alternative and use the Stomping Station, which ultimately gets you the Earth Wax.

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