Attention BlackBerry Users, Priv Will Not be Updated to Android Nougat

Once a superb smartphone manufacturer and a top competitor to almost every smartphone, BlackBerry is struggling very hard these days to keep up the pace in the smartphone market. You might have no idea about this, but it’s true. Although they have a few smartphones currently available in the market for sale, not many people have shown interest in their devices since the last couple of years. One of the devices we are going to talk about is Priv.

Just after its release in the year 2015, Priv got a mixed response. A lot of people said that this will definitely put the BlackBerry away from the competition with Apple. Another community of users was sure that this will end the special tag BlackBerry has as a premium smartphone provider.

Attention BlackBerry Users, Priv Will Not be Updated to Android Nougat

Well, if you are a user of this device, probably it’s not good news for you. When the Priv was first announced, it gained the attention of people as the first smartphone from BlackBerry that is based on Android. It was provided with Android Lollipop and later users were given the opportunity to update their devices to Marshmallow.

It is a well-known fact about BlackBerry that they have stopped manufacturing their smartphones and have started licensing their brand to other manufacturers. We know it’s not something that sounds pretty to those who are BlackBerry users. However, there is another bad news that is coming and i.e. Priv users wouldn’t get android Nougat update.  The General Manager of BlackBerry has recently announced that they really don’t have any plans to update Priv to Android Nougat.

Of course, it’s disappointing when a company that has always paid extreme attention to the security updates of their devices has suddenly pulled their hands away from same.  It is still not clear why they are not going to work on Nougat for Priv. If some rumors are to be believed, BlackBerry has plans to come with a powerful smartphone and they are paying attention to same.


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