Bloom Legendary Pistol: Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood

There is a lot of adrenaline-fueled action to be experienced and valuable treasure to be won in the new Bounty of Blood DLC in 2K Games’ epic roleplaying game, Borderlands 3. Even amid that, the final bosses in the DLC appear to drop, as they should, the best quality loot in the game. This usually holds true even if the loot drops throughout the bulk of the missions are rather abysmal.

One of the many powerful new weapons introduced in the Bounty of Blood DLC is the Legendary Bloom pistol. You will be able to obtain this one from the final boss. In this all-new guide, we will give you interesting details about the Legendary Jakobs Bloom pistol, and show you how to obtain the same in Borderlands 3.

Bloom Legendary Pistol: Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood


Since the storyline of the game intricately involves the boss in question, and there are some inevitable spoilers up ahead. So, you must read at your own risk.

Obtaining the Legendary Bloom pistol in Borderlands 3

First of all, we recommend turning on the Mayhem Mode in the game, even if you do not advance beyond Mayhem 3. This will enhance the drop rate and heighten your chances of obtaining the Legendary Bloom pistol. If you are not experienced enough yet, you can try beating the boss on the regular difficulty setting first, before you proceed to the higher difficulty levels.

Your best bet to obtain the Legendary Bloom is from The Ruiner, the final boss of the “Riding to Ruin” main mission in the DLC. When you are ready to confront him, make your way towards the Crater’s Edge on Gehenna. You will be able to save your game just before entering the arena. Thus, you will have to keep defeating The Ruiner and farming until you finally obtain the Legendary Bloom pistol as a drop from him.

More about the Legendary Bloom pistol in Borderlands 3

The Legendary Bloom pistol has undoubtedly powerful damage and the rate of firing. Although it resembles a regular Jakobs pistol in appearance, it shares one characteristic with lethal weapons like Lucky 7 – it fires in bursts when you hold down the trigger to charge it. You can fire it in semi-automatic mode, but the aforementioned burst provides a better chance of scoring critical hits. The heavy damage inflicted by this burst also makes up for the considerable recoil in the last few shots of the same.


Like a lot of other Jakobs weapons, the Legendary Bloom pistol only drops in the non-elemental form. The bullets you fire will rebound from solid objects and walls, making it an ideal weapon for handling large groups of enemies. It will also inflict severe damage on boss battles. And as a nice bonus, it comes with a blade that can help you mete out some deadly melee attacks as well.

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