How to Get Bone Splinter Resource On Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a post-apocalyptic setup where the primary goal is to travel from one oasis to another while collecting the craft and resources necessary for survival. It takes many kilometers to travel from one oasis to another and along the way you encounter certain threats too. So you need the necessary resources for an attack as well as defense. Gathering and harvesting different resources also increase your experience.

Bone splinter is one of the resources you need to craft items for defense as well as attack. Just like medieval times, stone and wood are a necessity, but bone splinter is also an inclusion to this list. The amount of bone splinter required is also high for certain materials, so you need to know where to find them. This guide will help through all of it.

How to Get Bone Splinter Resource On Last Oasis

How to Get Bone Splinter Resource On Last Oasis?

Bone splinter can be easily found near the entrances of canyons and valleys. They usually appear as bones or mammoth tusks on the ground; sometimes, they are large enough to be spotted from a distance, sometimes not. Depending upon the size, the number of splinter resources will be harvested. Now to harvest them, all you need to do is use a pickaxe. The better the equipment you use for harvesting, the faster will be the yield.

Another source of the bone splinter is Rupu. Rupu is a monkey-like creature who is the sole survivor besides you on the planet. They are always a threat to you, irrespective of the kind you come across. They can be just a little inconvenient sometimes, or they can be extremely dangerous. The scavenger kind comes with a stick, and they can be easily taken care of. But the White Death is extremely fast, vicious, and deadly and can cause extreme damage to the character. So beware when you are facing against them and just stay alert.

The normal Rupu kinds carry some resources, and sometimes the vicious White death kind comes equipped with Bone Splinter resource. So looting them can also fetch you some bone splinter resource. So when you visit a Rupu colony, be sure to check every chest and loot every dead Rupu for resources. You could potentially find some bone splinter there.


The Bone splinters can be used for crafting high-level armor and weapons, depending upon your requirements. The number of bone splinters required will obviously be high and different for all the items. They are mostly used for crafting Baskwood’s armor, Bonespike’s sword, or the Spikebone Club.

So there you have it, a guide on how to get bone splinter resources and how they are useful. If you want any other information on the Last Oasis, feel free to comment down below. And for more useful information like this, do check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. Thank You.

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