How To Build, Place, And Use The Portable Miner – Satisfactory

Resources are one of the most important factors in Satisfactory. Building new things are a vital part of this game, which is essential for surviving in the game’s world. Building these essential things uses up resources. You need these resources to build anything in this game. In contrast, we can say that these resources are the spine of Satisfactory, something that makes the game moving.

Gathering up the resources you need for building something can be hard and time-consuming. You have to explore, search, and keep pressing the keyboard until you get enough of what you need. This is where a Portable Miner comes in, something that will mine and store the resources for you. So in this guide today, we’ll see how to build, place, and use the Portable Miner in Satisfactory.

How To Build, Place, And Use The Portable Miner – Satisfactory

The first thing you need to do to build a Portable Miner is to upgrade your HUB for the first time and build the Equipment Workshop. Once these two things are done, gather up 3 Iron Sheets and 3 Iron Rods, which are required for building the portable miner. The portable miners are made from the Equipment Workshop so walk into it after you get the miner requirements.

Walk into the equipment workshop and you’ll see the list of things you can build here. The portable miner is one of the many upgrades that you’ll get in the initial stages of the game. So choose this, click and hold the crafting button in the center until it is done. The built Miner goes straight to your inventory. The next step is to find a resource node. Decide what you want to mine and then find its nearest resource node. A resource node is an area where you can obtain resources(you’ll get a prompt to hold down the button to get the resource when in this area).

After you get to such an area where resources are available for obtaining, open up your inventory and drag the Portable Miner that we built earlier into your hands. Close the inventory after doing so. Then, confirm that the Portable Miner is in your hands, aim where you want it to be placed, and then left-click to place the Miner. Once that’s done, the Miner will start functioning and will mine the particular resource for you. The Portable Miner has a storage space of 100 units so make sure to collect often what it has mined.


Summing up our guide, you need to upgrade your HUB for the first time and build the Equipment Workshop to be able to build the Portable Miner. Once that’s done, get 3 Iron Sheets and 3 Iron Rods, go into the equipment workshop, and build the Portable Miner from there. Go to the resource node of the resource you’re looking to mine, open your inventory, drag the Miner into your hands, close the inventory, and left-click to place the miner. You need to collect what the miner has mined every so often as it only has a storage space of 100 units. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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