Download and Install CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (Android 11 R)

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (codename: jason) launched in the year September 2017. The phone came out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat. In this guide, we will help you to install the latest CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (jason) based on Android 11 R. Thanks to the developer enweazudaniel and CarbonROM developers for doing such wonders on bringing a stable custom ROM.

We have already shared the method to unlock its bootloader, root, and install TWRP Recovery, as well as carry out many other tweaks on the smartphone, the number of custom ROMs compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is still small compared to many other Android smartphones. In this article, I’ll show you how you can install CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3 based on Android 11.

Download and Install CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3

What is CarbonROM

Among the most popular players in the custom ROM domain, CarbonROM has a lot to offer tech enthusiasts.  Based on the Android Open Source Project, it has a dedicated Carbon Fibre section that boasts of some pretty nifty features exclusive to this ROM. These include customizations to the System, Status bar, Lock Screen, Buttons, gestures, and Privacy. All these features do add up versatility and customization to the overall OS.


carbonROM fibres android 11

But with so many features incorporated into a ROM, there is always a risk of ROM being on the unstable front. However, that isn’t the case here. The developers have made sure that the stability of the ROM remains among its top-priority. And it seems to have delivered on its promise. With that said, if you are interested in trying out the CarbonROM based on Android 11, then here is the required information.

Download ROM package here

How to Install CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3:

To flash CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3, you need to have TWRP Recovery installed on the smartphone. I’m going to show you how to do that, but first, you need to unlock your bootloader.

Before moving on to the steps to install Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Carbon ROM, you have to follow few


That’s all the prerequisites. You may now begin with the steps to install the CarbonROM based on Android 11 onto your device.


Installation Steps

  1. Transfer the downloaded TWRP Recovery and GApps package (if downloaded) to your device.
  2. Enter TWRP Recovery mode by combination key or reboot using ADB.
  3. To reboot to recovery via ADB, make sure to enable USB debugging and connect your device to the PC.
  4. Next, head over to the adb fastboot folder, type in CMD in the address and hit Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
    cmd platform-tools
  5. Execute the below command to boot your device to the TWRP Recovery
    adb reboot recovery
  6. Now from the TWRP home screen, head over to Wipe and select Advanced Wipe.
  7. Then select the Dalvik Cache, System, Vendor, and Data. Perform a right swipe to wipe the selected partitions.
    install carbonrom twrp
  8. When that is done, head back to the TWRP main screen and tap on Install. Navigate to the CarbonROM, select it, and perform a right swipe to flash it onto your device.
  9. The process may take some time, when that is done, you may then flash the GApps package as well (optional). For that, head over to Install, select the GApps file and perform a right-swipe to flash it.
  10. You may now reboot your device to the newly installed OS. For that, go to TWRP main menu > Reboot >System. That’s it.
    reboot system twrp

I hope this guide was helpful to install CarbonROM on Xiaomi Mi Note 3.


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