All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

Competition in the video game industry has grown significantly high in these past few months, with developers struggling to provide the best entertainment to their fans during the pandemic. And now the first large-scale game for Microsoft Windows by Amazon Game Studio, Crucible, is all set to join the fray. This game is a free-to-play third-person team shooter that takes place in a futuristic, hostile planet covered in thick jungles.

Not only must you constantly gain the upper hand over your cunning enemies, but survive against the extreme environmental conditions as well. This is a world full of thrill, danger, and the challenge to get through alive. The game will be officially released for download on the 20th of May and can be played on Microsoft Windows. Of course, in order to outwit your enemies and prove your mettle in the battle, you should be well familiarized with the characters and their abilities you get to play as in the game. The purpose of this guide is to the same. So let’s get started.

Detailed List of All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

Given below is an extensive list of all the new characters and their unique abilities in Crucible.


All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Orisi
  • Homeworld: Orison

Meet Ajonah, a deft fighter belonging to a mysterious race of amphibious raiders known as the Orisi people. She’s a deadly guerrilla warrior and never fails to take proper advantage of any loopholes her enemies are careless enough to leave exposed. She is skilled at building traps around the battlefield to take down unsuspecting foes.


  • Hip Fire (LMB): This will fire a harpoon straight into your target’s head, causing critical damage.
  • Aimed Fire (Use RMB to aim, and LMB to fire): Hold this down to enhance the harpoon’s accuracy. It slows down the movement and boosts the damage caused.
  • Grappling Hook (Shift): This launches a retractable grappling hook. Hold it to swing up.
  • Jamming Shroud (Q): This produces a device that jams up detection in that area. You can tap it again to detonate it.
  • Detonate Jamming Shroud (Press Q when the jammer has been deployed): If you activate the jamming shroud while the jamming device has been deployed, it will self-destruct.
  • Squid Mine (E): This puts forth a mine that will follow a chosen target and then explode. Enemies in the vicinity will be forced to slow down.


All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Leng-Garr
  • Homeworld: Fresh Air Freehaven, Brinn’s Star

Earl is one of the most powerful characters you will meet. With a hulking frame and a rapidly-firing heavy weapon, he possesses a large amount of health and the strength to carry a jet engine that propels him forward across the area.


  • Fire (LMB): This fires Misty and boosts Turbofire. The latter, in turn, improves the rate of fire over time.
  • Upshift (RMB): This fires a burst of four deadly explosive shots and enhances Turbofire.
  • Afterburner (Shift): Use this to rocket Earl forward with a powerful burst of speed.
  • Tanking Up (Q): This lets you refresh yourself with a nutritious drink in order to restore your health.
  • Blowback Vents (E): Use this to send your foes whirling backwards and shield yourself from any incoming projectiles in the vicinity.

Captain Mendoza

All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Larco Vales, Epsilon Canis Majoris

Salute Captain Mendoza, a respected Unity veteran who has enough experience to prefer practical warfare over impulsive foolhardiness. His tactic of choice is to blitz enemies on the move while taking cover to heal himself during drawn-out battles.


  • Fire (LMB): Use this to fire the Captain’s pulse rifle rapidly. You can cause critical damage with headshots to the enemy.
  • Aimed Fire (RMB, LMB to fire): Hold this down to enhance the accuracy of the rifle. It will slow down your movement as well, and headshots will cause critical damage.
  • Spring (Shift): This enables you to move swiftly through the area. You can tap or hold down for it to take effect.
  • Supply Drop (Q): This will summon a medical kit and bunker. Upon landing, the bunker will send your opponents reeling backwards.
  • Flash Grenade (E): The Captain will throw forth a flash grenade that explodes in a bright flash of light, momentarily blinding your opponents.


  • Species: Robot
  • Homeworld: Scalzi-DokaniMo Lagrange Factory, Mars Orbital District

Every experienced veteran in life and on the battlefield knows that appearances can be deceiving. Well, Bugg here is a classic example to prove just that. This cute-looking robot can protect your team from devastating attacks, impede your opponents and unleash plant turrets upon them. This can seriously turn the tide of battle in your favour.


  • Sprayer (LMB): This injures your enemies and activates nearby seed pods as well.
  • Seed Pod (RMB): This unleashes a seed pod that you can spray and activate.
  • Thrusters (Shift): You can use these devices to propel you forward and vertical to your position.
  • Shield Burst (Q): By using this, you can produce a temporary but effective Overshield around yourself, your plants, seed pods and any friendlies in the vicinity.
  • Crop Dust (E): This creates an area with impeding and damaging effects right underneath you.


  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Tau Ceti Shipy and Belts

Summer is yet another fiery (pardon the pun) and formidable addition to your team. She can use her flaming abilities to devastating effect, right until she is forced to cool down her overheated self-customized twin flamethrowers. Not that it can keep her off the heat of battle for long, though.


  • Flamethrowers (LMB): These twin weapons unleash a relentless cone of flames that engulfs opponents in the vicinity. The hapless victims will be unable to block the line of fire. The flamethrowers will automatically shut down on getting overheated.
  • Fireball (RMB): This fires a powerful fireball that explodes on hitting, generating heat. The weapon has a respectable range as well.
  • Fire Pulse Thrusters (Shift): You can use these to jump up and forward. They produce heat.
  • Magma Spiral (Q): On using this, Summer will produce flaming magma in the pattern of a circle. Heat is produced around it.
  • Ignition Spark (E): This causes a huge blast that will cause both you and your enemies to be thrown backwards. This produces heat as well.


  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Na Dakkaru

An intrepid hunter who takes pride in looking her foes right in their eyes as she slays them, Shakirri is highly agile and deadly in her aim. She is known for her charming style, perseverance and complete confidence in herself. This makes her one of the most dynamic characters in Crucible.


  • Fire Pistol (LMBm Pistol Stance): Use this to shoot with your Starlock pistol.
  • Aim Pistol (RMB, Pistol Stance): You can hold this down to enhance your gun’s accuracy.
  • Swing (LMB, Sword Stance): Use this to strike your foes with your sword.
  • Disrupting Strike (RMB, Sword Stance): This produces a powerful wave of energy that disorients your enemies.
  • Weapon Swap (Shift): This enables to switch from your sword to pistol, back and forth. The sword stance has speedier movement.
  • Force Dome (Q): You can use this to produce a protective dome that will shield you from hostile attacks and prevent your foes from coming closer to you.
  • Holo-Shield (E): This will produce a force shield that can block projectiles hurled at you, and save you from melee attacks as well.


  • Species: Chirt
  • Homeworld: Chirta

Let’s just put it this way; no matter how skilled you are, you would not like to be on the receiving end of Tosca’s combat skills. She is literally like a phantom of utter havoc, wielding her fearsome souped-up shotgun and a short-range teleport that enables her to ambush her enemies like fish in a barrel, and get away unscathed.


  • Acid Shot (LMB): This fires a scattershot of acidic bullets.
  • Adhesive Alpha (RMB): You can use this to attack your enemies with an explosive substance, causing damage and hindering their motion.
  • Blink (Shift): This enable to teleport over a short-range in your direction of movement. Use this to pass swiftly through close calls.
  • Electro-Cloud (Q): This creates a thick smokescreen that will shield you from the prying eyes of your enemies. Use this for tactical advantage and take them down.
  • X-Ray Goggles (E): This handy tool makes all foes present fifty metres in front of you immediately visible. Sitting ducks, anyone?


All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Krake
  • Homeworld: The Heox Org


Its time to get introduced to one of the most feared and deadly warriors in the entire galaxy. Possessing ample amounts of both uncontrollable aggression and sheer brute strength, Drakahl stays true to his roots of a barbaric race he comes from.


  • Enraged Claw (LMB, when enraged): When Drakahl is in a towering rage, Chop turns into Enraged Claw, a clawing attack that can also produce healing action after a while.
  • Resonating Spin (LMB, when resonating): While resonating, Chop turns into Resonating Spin. This is a spinning attack that will draw blood from your foes.
  • Sonic Pulse (RMB): You can use this to fire a Sonic Pulse attack from the vibron axe.
  • Enraged Grab (RMB, when enraged) When Drakahl is in a rage, Sonic Pulse turns into Enraged Grab. This attack pulls an enemy right towards you, as long as they are within a limited range.
  • Resonating Quake (RMB, when resonating): When resonating, Sonic Pulse turns into Resonating Quake. This produces a powerful shockwave that paralyzes and injures any enemies in the vicinity.
  • Junk (Space): This propels Drakahl forward in his current direction of movement.
  • Rush (Swift): Using this, you can rush forward in the direction your camera faces at that moment.
  • Enraged Roar (Q): This will work you up into a fearsome rage. Now you can proceed to choose between a devastating claw attack and a grab attack of limited range.
  • Resonating Axe (E): This will make your axe vibrate with incredible power. You can choose between a paralyzing area attack and spinning damage with a time area attack.

Rahi and Brother

All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Human and Robot
  • Homeworld: None

This charming duo represents one of the most admirable bonds in Crucible. Rahi possesses the beauty of a human heart, while Brother makes apt use of his high-tech supercomputer of a brain. Experienced in daring grappling combat, shield manipulating and reconnaissance utility, this duo operates with a single noble motto in mind: to make the galaxy a better place for everybody to live in.


  • Shoot Laser Beam (LMB): This pierces its target with a high-intensity laser beam. The attack also produces a tiny amount of shields.
  • Force Punch (RMB): This is a powerful melee attack that brings down enemies’ protective shields and inflicts extra damage.
  • Scouting Ahead (Shift): When you use this, Rahi will send Brother to a specific target location and obtain details about the area around him.
  • To The Rescue (Shift, when Scouting Ahead has been activated): When Scouting Ahead is already in operation, reactivate it again to instantly teleport Rahi to Brother’s immediate location.
  • Laugh it Off (Q): This will bestow upon you a protective shield that will grow stronger with time.
  • Shield of Justice (E): Use this to hurl a powerful projectile to protect your allies, blinding all foes in its wake.
  • Heroic Bound (Jump): Rahi will use a powerful jumping motion. It can be charged by pressing down the button.


All Characters And Their Abilities in Crucible

  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Efran’s Canton, Diaspora System

Sazan is a former Utility soldier who has liberal hands-on experience with weapons and tools. Generally seen using an electro-knife, an inertia gun and a shotgun, she is a deadly force to be reckoned with.


  • Attack (LMB, Inertia Gun): Use this to attack with your Inertia Gun. It will produce a stacking slow effect on its target.
  • Attack (LMB, Shotgun): Use this to produce a powerful but limited range burst with your shotgun.
  • Throw Knife (LMB, Electro-knife): Use this to strike your enemies with Sazan’s electro-knife. This will produce a lasting DoT on your targets as well.
  • Equip Electro-knife (RMB): When you use this, Sazan will switch to her electro-knife and replenish her weapon energy.
  • Jet-Dash (Shift): Use this to make a powerful dash in your current direction of movement.
  • Equip Inertia Gun (Q): When you use this, Sazan will switch to her Inertia gun and replenish her weapon energy.
  • Equip Shotgun (E): When you use this, Sazan will switch to her shotgun and replenish her weapon energy.

We hope our list helps you get acquainted well with the incredible new characters you are going to meet in Crucible. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, Games and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in our third week $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Thank You and have a wonderful experience playing through this all-new exciting game.

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