Check out the latest lineageOS Update With Jelly Browser and Other Improvements

As a part of the biweekly review, lineage os has now announced a lot of new features mainly enclosing the new Jelly browser and various other improvements.  

Let Us Start with the Jelly browser That Has been vastly improved with the newest upgrade.  Each time a user arranges content or files from the browser, a notification will automatically pop up and scan for new files to be run onto the handset.  

You can now create a shortcut to Right open an incognito tab.  And, links opened in Incognito mode will open only incognito tabs moving forward Dedicated external programs.  Let’s say you have clicked on a youtube link, it will now directly open in the youtube app now.  

Users can also Empower do-not-track mode manually.  Form data, for instance, your usernames and passwords for different websites will be stored by default.  The Jelly browser also supports Secure Browsing mode now.  The Folks at lineage os have also added search tips support to the browser.  Duckduckgo is selected by default, but you can always change it into Baidu, Bing, Google, Yahoo, or even none.  

Besides the said changes to the Jelly Browser, the lineage os has also obtained a lot of other developments that are as follows:

  • The sensitive Amounts list has been expanded:
  • Brazil, France, Portugal, and the UK have Fresh Amounts Contained
  • Sensitive Quantities for Greece, Taiwan, and Ukraine have been Inserted
  • Country detection for the Czech Republic has been fixed
  • A longstanding issue affecting tap-to-pay on several devices has now been fixed
  • Media codecs have been Upgraded
  • A timeout for the ‘long haul power button for touch’ option can now be set.  You can find this option from Preferences > Buttons > Then Switch torch off
  • The Battery Saver QS tile has been removed, as this Operation is Currently available in the Primary Battery QS tile
  • Custom tiles have been integrated into the Frame to allow for deeper integration with the Machine, and mimic behavior from older versions. In the next few weeks, keep an eye out for new titles being Ahead Flashed
  • Updater app Today prevents major version upgrades (e.g. 13.0 into 14.1) from being automatically Set up, in order to prevent the situation where the Consumer doesn’t notice the Shift and ends up with incompatible add-ons

In addition to the above changes, a bunch Of new devices (that can be seen below) have been added into the lineageos 14.1 assemble support list:

  • Nvidia Shield Tablet – shieldtablet

                     Promoted from 13.0

  • Nvidia Shield Android TV – foster

Readded 14.1 devices are LG G5 (T-Mobile – h830 and International – h850), LG G Pad X (T-Mobile) – v521, ZUK Z1 – ham and LG V20 (T-Mobile – h918 and GSM Unlocked – us996).

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