How to Check your Location History in Google Maps

Android smartphones are one of the finest inventions of this millennium. A smartphone makes a call, replace the camera, provide banking facilities, internet browsing, and whatnot. Also, we have the system of traversing a location with a live map. If you happen to re-visit a place or simply you are visiting your workplace, having a location history will be very helpful in the navigation.

In today’s guide, we will tell you how to check your location history on the Google Maps app. We will also discuss some other ways by which we can check out the history of our current and past locations.

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How to Check your location history in Google Maps

So, let’s begin with the steps.

  • Open Google Maps
  • tap on the 3-horizontal menu button 
  • Select Your timeline
    Google map location record
  • Tap on the calendar icon to select/view your movements on a particular day.

Now, let’s check out some other ways by which we can access our location history from our Android smartphone.

Alternative ways to Check Location History on an Android device

You can also use the Google App to check your location history. This is how you can do it.


Using Google App

  • Open the Google App > tap on the 3 vertical dotted buttons written as More.
  • hit on the downward arrow as you see in the screenshot
  • tap on Manage your Google Account
  • You will be redirected to your personal Google Accounts page
    Google map location history
  • Tap on the tab Data and Personalization
  • Now you will see Activity Controls > tap on  Location History under it.
  • Under it select Manage Activity

  • Now you will be redirected to the Google Maps app.

You will see the various places you visited on the specific dates of a month are all available on the map.  There will also be an option for the World. Selecting it will show which all countries you have visited in the selected timeframe.

Location History Access using Google Chrome Browser

  • Open your Chrome Browser (in fact you can use any browser )
  • Visit this link 
  • Under My Activity > tap on Activity Control > tap on Manage Activity
    location history using Google app

This will again redirect you to the Google Maps as it happened in the second case and you can access all the current and past details of various locations you were present at.

What if you Don’t want your location to be tracked?

In case you are a very privacy concerned user, then you may not like the fact that Google is tracking your location each and every moment you are setting foot in any place. So, the best thing you can do is to turn your location information off. It’s very simple. We will show you how to do it.

  • Open the Google Maps > go to Settings
  • tap on Personal Content > under it access Location Settings
  • You will see the Location History (location tracking) is set as On for all devices your account is actively logged in from.

  • Simply tap on the toggle beside each device to turn the Location History Off.
  • To collectively pause Location Tracking for your account you can tap on the toggle beneath the Location History at the top of the screen to set it to Off.
    location history turn off

Simply follow the screenshots. You will get a fair idea to handle the location details on your Android smartphone. So, we hope that this guide was useful to you.


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