How to Check for Software Update on Galaxy A8 Plus and Galaxy A8

Recent reports have brought to light the fact that most smartphone users want nothing but the best ever experience when they use a smartphone device. They tend to always want the trending features being talked about by everyone, with performance and security-related improvements included. This can be made possible by updating the device software to the latest av and Available Android version suitable for your device. By following this guide, you can check new software update on Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus.

Installing latest system updates helps make your phone less prone to the vulnerability of being corrupted. It also helps improve performance, as well as adding new features to your device. Android system update helps you get rid of issues you may be experiencing because a new software version fixes the bug from the previous version.

This has made Samsung start rolling out various new updates to their Galaxy A8 and A8 plus (2018) flagship device. Last week Samsung released the January edition of the security update for Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 plus device, and reports have it in India that the Galaxy A8 plus is receiving another new update. Although it’s not certain what the update is exactly about, it is certainly not the February edition of the security update.

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Samsung reportedly said their smartphone brand users should always check for new software updates as well as keep your smartphone device updated regularly in order to get the best experience in the course of using the device. However minor the new features or changes the update bring, it is always important to install the update as it helps keep your smartphone device secure and optimized as well for a better performance.

Before the Software Update on Galaxy A8 Plus

There are some things you should consider before updating your Android software, which are:

1. Charge your smartphone device. Your device battery capacity should be above 80% before attempting software update. Stay connected while downloading if possible.
2. Don’t forget to back up your data. System update won’t wipe out your files, but for the sake of precautions, you should back up your files.
3. Be connected to a Wi-Fi network when downloading system update. Avoid downloading it when using your mobile data because it drains data due to its large size.


How to Check for Software Update on Galaxy A8 Plus and Galaxy A8

These are the steps taken in checking for the latest Software update on Galaxy A8 Plus or Galaxy A8. These include:

1. Go to the Settings menu for your device. This can be done by tapping the Settings app in your Apps list. Typically the Settings icon should look like a spanner logo or have a cog.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu and tap on “About Device”. You will see the various information, concerning your device, including the current Android version.
3. Scroll and tap on “Software Update” on the screen.
4. Tap on “Check for update”. Then tap OK if asked to confirm. This will commence the search for the latest update available. It takes a few minute to complete the search.
5. Tap on “Download” or “Install” if an update is available, and it will start downloading to your device. It is advisable that you download updates when you are connected to a wireless network because the update can be really large.

If the update is yet to be available, then try again much later.

After checking for Android update and it is available, download the update in your device and then install the software update. After installing, your phone will reboot instantly and you’ll have a new software update in your Samsung Galaxy A8 or A8 plus device.


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