Latest Chrome OS 70 is Now Rolling With App Shortcuts and Floating Keyboard Mode

Stable iteration of Chrome OS 70 is now rolling out to a number of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebit. It brings the new Chrome OS version number 70.0.3538.76. The latest software update brings a number of bug fixes and security updates. All the systems will be receiving the Chrome OS 70 update over the next several days.

Chrome OS 70 brings the classic App shortcut feature. Keeping in sync with Android’s Gboard, the latest software also enables floating keyboard mode. Below you can see some screenshots of both the floating keyboard and App shortcuts.

Chrome OS 70

Latest Chrome OS update also allows the users to enable Autofill separately for payment methods and addresses. It also enables the user controls for extension site access. This means users will have the choice to restrict extension host access to a custom list of websites. Also, they can configure extensions to require a click to gain access to the current page. The current software upgrade for Chromebooks also add a search field to the text-to-speech settings page in accessibility settings

Chrome OS 70

Speaking of the floating mode keyboard, you can enable it by clicking into a text field in any app and floating keyboard will show up. You will also see the text suggestions and autofill mechanism.


Most importantly, Chrome OS 70 adds the new AV1 decoder to Chrome Desktop (x86-64) based on the official bitstream specification. The AV1 improves compression efficiency by greater than 30% over the current state-of-the-art video codec, VP9. However, as of now, AV1 can only decode and it has no encoding feature. So, if you own a Chromebook and similar devices, the gear up for the Chrome OS 70. The update is rolling for almost every eligible device out there. Install the software update and enjoy the new features it brings.

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