Command and Conquer: Rivals iOS and Android launch on December 4

Finally, EA has released the date for the launch of Command and Conquer: Rivals. Well, maybe this is not good news for all. Yes, there were many who wanted to see the franchise back in action, but this was not expected. Still, those who don’t mind playing on mobile versions are in for good news as EA has given a statement clarifying the worldwide launch of the Android and iOS versions to be out by December 4th.

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EA reports claim you will not get the “drop and watch” mechanics instead you will get 100% control of all the units throughout the game. Yes, maintaining the PC game roots, the planning and preparation stages will be the critical parts of the game.

You also will get to participate in a weekly e-sport centric competitive mode known as the Rivals Champions, which is based on the FIFA¬† Ultimate Team Champions. As a Rival Champion, you will get to see players in a series of matches via matchmaking pools. These pools are decided by the player’s ranks so all skill levels can battle it out to win.

Though there is still time for the official launch, you can still pre-register and get the limited edition bundle in advance during the launch. If you’re not the mobile player type, worry not, as the traditional mode I’d still alive as EA has remastered the Command and Conquer title’s as well.



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