Common Blu Vivo X problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The Style is exactly what that is widely focused by a lot of users in the present scenario when it comes to buying a smartphone. Of course, features matters, but the fact couldn’t be denied that the style, appearance, look, as well as elegance also play equal role in the success of a smartphone. Well, if you too pay equal attention to appearance along with features, Blu Vivo X is the smartphone launched for you. It would be good for you to switch to it in case you are planning to buy the same. It has already been announced in February 2018 and has now been made available for the users. Probably it is one of the best available gadgets to consider for those who want to try something they never had with a phone. Although it’s best in every aspect, there are a few issues which are related to it. In this post, I have focused on the common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes to let you deal with them without taking the official support.

The fact that you should be clear of is nothing but the faults that have been discussed in this post are not related to the hardware. This is because the device is totally free from same. Most of the solutions are related to software problems which are pretty common and several users have to experience them due to open source nature of Android Technology on which most of the smartphones in the present time are based on. Also, it would be good for you to follow all the information about the common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes in the way recommended. This is to get the desired results in the way you want and to keep up the pace against all concerned issues you are facing.

common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes

Common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes

Smartphones need to be cared a lot if you want them to remain functional without any error. However, in case the problems are still there, it’s good for you to boost knowledge on the common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes so that results can be assured in the best possible manner. The good thing is all the problems can be avoided if you carefully follow the methods and instructions in the post. Also, keep it in mind that cannot be held responsible if you don’t consider this information in the way it is written.

Connectivity issues

There are often situations and times when the smartphones shows unexpected behavior with the connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In order to get the good results, the users are always recommended to make sure that problems are not present in other devices before taking any troubleshoot guide into consideration. Check out below the best information about connectivity related common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

  • Simply unlock the screen and Open main Settings on the phone
  • Scroll down to find the Bluetooth and make sure no restrictions are imposed on the same
  • Check if the list of devices you connected recently is too long. If so, erase some names from it
  • The data you are transferring might be corrupt
  • Update the Bluetooth and other apps in the phone if they are pending
  • Don’t let other connectivity related apps that you have installed from the Play Store run in the background
  • Check the visibility of the Bluetooth on either of the devices. Maybe it is set to hidden on one device
  • Make sure the Bluetooth version on both the smartphones is compatible to each other
  • Maybe the Bluetooth app is crashed
  • Clear the cache memory in the Bluetooth app and try connecting again
  • Disable the power saving mode and restart the phone and then try again

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

  • Check the signal strength on the Wi-Fi router
  • There might be network interruption or slow speed from the network provider’s side
  • In case the password was recently changed, update the same in the gadget
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router is in working condition
  • Check how many devices are connected to the router. If there are multiple, disconnect a few
  • Make sure if the entire Bandwidth has already been consumed
  • Make sure the cable connection is right in case of a recently configured router
  • Check the device Wi-Fi is turned ON
  • If the third-party apps such as Share it and other meant to transfer data through Wi-Fi are running in the background, close them before proceeding further
  • If the problem is still there, you need to call the expert or need to re-configure the router again

SIM related problems (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

Most of the tasks that a smartphone can perform depend largely on the SIM card directly or indirectly. Therefore, it would be good for you to be clear of the fact that the same should be free from all the issues. In case there are problems which you are facing, you can simply follow the below guide on SIM card related common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes

  • First of all, check the SIM card for a physical damage before inserting it in the phone
  • If it is ok, insert it and restart your phone
  • If no network appear, open the SIM settings and make sure the SIM card is not turned OFF
  • Open Network settings and search for the network manually
  • Once the network name appear, connect to it
  • The SIM card might not be inserted properly. Remove and re-insert the same
  • Maybe there is a damage on the SIM tray
  • The network provider might have disabled the services on your SIM card due to not using the SIM for long. Make sure of this
  • Make sure the SIM card is fully compatible with the phone variant you have
  • Replacement will remain the last option in case other methods wouldn’t work

Bad camera quality

When it comes to camera quality, the users need to keep this thing in mind that it is not always necessary that only the camera is responsible for the bad quality of images. There can be other reasons as well about which users have no idea. Check it out below.

  • You should make sure to focus the object in the right manner before clicking on the camera button
  • The shooting mode should be selected depending on the nearby conditions
  • Always set the camera flash to automatic
  • Remove the transparent glass cover from the screen
  • The default camera app is to be preferred for the quality outcomes
  • Set the camera out to high Resolution in the camera settings
  • The camera lens might have dust or the user’s fingerprints on it. Check and clean gently

SD card not detected (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

Using a microSD card in the smartphones let the users handle more data easily. Almost 70% of those who own a Smartphone use it despite having the default memory in the gadget. This is because data if kept in the micros SD card and not in the phone’s default memory, the users can simply make sure of faster transfer speed and many other pros. However, in case there are problems which you are facing, check out below how they can be avoided.

  • If the card doesn’t get detected, remove it from the phone and restart it
  • Insert it again and check if it is now working fine
  • If not, make sure you are not using a memory card which is having limit more than imposed by the manufacturer
  • The card might be left unused for a long time. If so, format it before inserting in the phone
  • Make sure there is no manufacturing defect in the card
  • Quality is the first thing you should pay attention to when it comes to buying a card
  • If the card is working fine in the safe mode, remove the apps that you haven’t used since long and install an antivirus app for scanning the data on the card. In this case the problem could be due to a few infected files or apps in the phone
  • Clean the memory card gently and make sure it has been inserted properly in the phone
  • If nothing works, try using your card in another phone or use another card in your phone to see if the problem is gone
  • If not, you obviously need to replace your card

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

It’s the touchscreen that makes a device totally functional in the present time. In other words, any fault in the screen can simply make all the features of the smartphone totally useless. Probably you should not this and in case there are problems which you are facing, the information below can help you to get the results you want

  • Screen related problmes are often confused with hardware problems. This is not necessary always. Simply update the OS if available and check if the problem is gone
  • There might be a faulty or a block app that is causing this problem
  • Make sure to check the battery condition too as sometime even it can be the reason to this issue
  • Make sure not to use your phone while charging it
  • Clean the screen against the dust, grease, as well as oil particles
  • Remove the transparent screen protector if you have installed it
  • Open the phone in Safe mode and check if it is working fine. If so, you need to remove all the apps once
  • Make sure your hands are clean
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there. There might be an internal physical or a liquid damage caused to the phone

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

You need not to worry if this is the problem you are facing. The fact is it can simply be eliminated if you carefully follow the information about the common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes related to this in the rightful manner

  • The connection might be loose. Check the connecting cable Restart the device once the connection is established
  • If there is no detection of phone by PC, check if the connecting cable is ok
  • Install the latest USB drivers for your phone
  • Maybe there are restrictions which have been imposed by you on the data transfer. If so, remove the,
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone
  • In case one port doesn’t work, try connecting on the other one
  • Make sure there is no violation of security policies on either of the device

Overheating problems (common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes)

Smartphones have many reasons to face this issue. One simple reason is the nature and behavior of all the apps is not same and because smartphone shave to deal with a number of apps, sometime they start getting over heat just because of having extra burden on RAM or other simimar reasons. Check them out and the solution below

  • Update all pending apps and remove the ones you haven’t used much
  • Always use the charger which comes in the phone box and not any other
  • The phone might be heating due to overcharging
  • Remove the back cover from the phone if you are using it and don’t use for next few days
  • Check if the device ventilation is working properly
  • Switch to a newer version of OS if available
  • You need to perform a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work

Performance issues

Dealing with the performance issues is something that sometime needs patience as you need to perform multiple tasks and have to go through various basic procedures. Therefore, keeping patience would be good. Check out some useful information about the performance related common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes below.

  • Check if the problem is gone with a simple restart first
  • Remove the recently installed app and check again
  • Update the apps which are pending and simply reboot your phone
  • Don’t fill the device memory completely
  • Maybe the data in the phone is having virus or it is corrupt. Install an antivirus app and check
  • Perform a hard reset if none of the above methods work for you

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Smartphones in the present time are simply judged on one basic parameter and i.e. how long they can stand once the battery is fully charged. This is because no one really likes charging the phone again and again. In case you are feed up with the same and are sure that the battery is going empty too soon after charging, check out below what you can do

  • Make sure not to exceed 85% charging for next few days
  • Check if the Wi-Fi hotspot is shared among other smartphones
  • Maybe you are using too many apps at the same time. Uninstall the ones which are not used since long
  • The power bank (if you are using) should be of good quality
  • Check if the phone’s battery is damaged
  • Some apps might be using a lot of battery
  • Don’t download files that are complex at the same time
  • Always install the apps from the trusted platforms

Through this guide on the common Blu Vivo X problems and fixes, you can easily deal with most of the concerns. Maybe you find your problem is not mentioned above. If so, let us know through the below comment section. Keep visiting for a wide spectrum of troubleshoot guides and other Android related stuff.


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