Common Elephone A4 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Stress has become a part of everyone’s life. There are many factors which are the prime contributors. Smartphones are becoming one of the merging devices that can take care of all these factors. It is true that a wise person can simply pay close attention to them with a smartphone in no time. This is one of the leading reasons why the sales of these gadgets have increased up to a great extent. Well, probably phones have added a ton of comfort in the life of us all. However, they often have some issues associated with them. The ones I am going to discuss are minor ones and can be there due to any random reason. You should make sure that suitable actions are taken so that the phone can accurately work. In this post, we will discuss the common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes in a very simple manner.

All the information regarding the common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes you will find in this post can be trusted. I would like to make it clear that phones these days are becoming more and more useful and because of their increasing dependency on third-party factors, it is not necessary that you can assure error-free functionality. Some problems are quite common and will declare their presence even when you use your phone very carefully. Thus, there is nothing to worry about them. They can be avoided very easily and without making a lot of efforts. All you need to pay attention to is accurately following this guide on common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes. It must be kept in mind that Elephone A4 pro is a good smartphone and you can buy it simply without thinking a lot.

common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes

What you need to keep in your mind

It is not necessary always that all the users will have to face these issues. It actually depends on certain factors and generally it includes the way one makes use of his/her gadget. If you are the one who uses your phone roughly, you may face them later or sooner. Check out more about common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes below.

Common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes

The technology has risen beyond every limit in the present time. It is not always necessary that everyone has idea about the different aspects of the same. Therefore, you can face additional problems with your phone when you try to mold the methods and guidelines mentioned in this post for problem solving. This usually happens and you are therefore recommended to go ahead with the information about the common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes in the same manner it is provided. cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your phone due to this reason.

Earpiece sounds Robotic

The robotic sounds in the earpiece can be there due to many possible reasons and it is always better if you keep this thing in your mind that they can be avoided with some basic methods and instructions in most of the cases. Thus, before getting the phone checked properly, go ahead with the below instructions

  • First of all, check if the sound drivers are installed properly in the phone
  • Make sure the sounds are not disabled
  • You might be facing this problem just because of improper connection between the earpiece and the device
  • The compatibility problems is the other reason for this
  • Check if the earpiece you are using works perfectly on another phone

Performance issues (common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes)

Performance is basically a parameter that often goes down with regular use of any gadget. In case you are already facing this problem and want to get it back in proper working condition, the below instructions can help you easily with your Elephone A4 pro.

  • Erase some data if the memory of the phone is completely filled
  • Don’t use the apps in the custom mode
  • Don’t install apps beyond a certain limit as this can largely affect the phone performance
  • Another factor that can cut down the speed of your device is installing a custom ROM
  • Check if there is a virus present in the phone memory
  • Don’t keep a lot of data in the SD card
  • You need to restart your device at least once a day
  • Don’t change or modify the user policies of any app or feature in the phone
  • Make sure there are no restrictions imposed for accessing a feature
  • While connecting the phone with another phone or PC, scan them with an antivirus app
  • Don’t install games the phone is actually cannot handle
  • Perform a hard reset to get the things back on the track

Connectivity issues

Connecting the phone with parallel gadgets is very necessary for smoothly accomplishing some of the tasks that are important for smartphone users. Generally, connectivity issues declare their presence when some of the important factors or the issues are ignored by the users. You can simply follow the below instructions and the methods in case the problems are active on your gadget.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes)

  • A basic restart can solve your problem. Try this first
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON for both the gadgets and is actually compatible with each other
  • The memory of one of the devices might be completely filled
  • Check and make sure you enter the correct pass code in case it appears
  • Check and make sure the Bluetooth drivers are installed on the phone
  • The problem could be due to un-cleaned history of previously connected devices
  • Open the Bluetooth app and clear the cache memory
  • Make sure you are not sending the data which is bulky in size or is infected by virus
  • The violation of the security policies can be the reason to this problem
  • You simply need to make sure that there are no custom restrictions imposed on the phone for connecting it with another device through Bluetooth
  • The problem could be in the other device as well
  • Any kind of hardware problem in the phone can give rise to this issue
  • Check and make sure the apps and the OS are having their latest updates installed on the phone
  • Make sure the data you are sending is not copy protected
  • Sometimes the data compatibility issues can be the reason you are facing this issue
  • Check and disable the power saving mode in case it is enabled
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background
  • Impose a limit on sending overall number of files in one go

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes)

  • A basic reboot of the phone and the modem is a must and in fact the first thing before doing anything else
  • Check if the modem is in proper working condition
  • Make sure all the wires on the same are connected properly
  • Check if the Wi-Fi is turned ON and your device doesn’t have any restriction on the same
  • The problem could be due to improper configuration of your modem
  • Check and make sure all the services are active/running on your connection
  • If the router/modem is already having a number of devices connected with it, disconnect a few
  • The problem could be due to improper installation of Wi-Fi drivers
  • Any sort of apps having access to the Wi-Fi directly or indirectly should be closed from the background
  • Check and make the Bandwidth is not consumed already
  • Forget the connection from the Wi-Fi settings and then choose to add it again
  • Check if the problem can be avoided just by reconfiguring your modem
  • Check the connection password and make sure it matches with the one you stored in the device
  • To use the Wi-Fi smoothly, you should be within the defined range of the router
  • The signal should be stable on the modem. Check the network indication
  • Make sure the LAN connection is enabled and firewalled
  • Improper connection can also cause problems related to the Wi-Fi

Bad camera quality

We all know camera is really important and without this feature, you cannot get the best out from any smartphone. You can find some very useful information about the camera-related common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes below.

  • Make sure you know how to operate the phone camera properly. There is actually a difference in operating the smartphone camera and any other general one
  • Check and make it sure that the flashlights are turned ON when the lights are low
  • Make sure to select the appropriate shooting mode based on the nearby conditions
  • Open the camera settings and set the resolution to HD mode
  • Simply check if there is a dust deposited on the camera lens
  • The problem in the device hardware can sometime cause this issue
  • Gently clean the device screen and make sure to remove the glass guard if it is damaged already
  • Always make sure to operate the camera through the default camera app in the phone
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • Check if there is a new version of OS available for the device
  • The moisture level in the phone might have increased beyond the limit and this can sometimes affect several features of the same including the camera quality
  • Make sure to focus on the object before you actually click the capture button

Fast Battery draining & Slow/No charging

Almost all the gadgets later of sooner face this issue and this doesn’t actually mean it happens due to hardware failure. Many other factors can also be the reason to this issue. Here are some best methods to avoid this problem.

  • Always use the genuine charger to charge your phone
  • Simply make sure you are not downloading heavy files through mobile data
  • Check if the battery is having a problem with it. Get it checked for this
  • Don’t charge your phone from the USB PC connection
  • Avoid using a power bank which is not suitable with the phone in any aspect
  • The problem could be due to improper charging
  • Close all the apps running in the background and simply choose to disable the features turned ON without any use
  • Restart the phone if it is getting heated
  • Disable all the apps which you have installed from the third-party sources
  • Avoid installing games in the phone not compatible with the same

Doesn’t recognize the Windows/Not connecting with the PC

There are situations which are very awkward and are felt often when it comes to transferring the data between a PC and a smartphone. In case there are problems you are facing, the below methods can be trusted simply.

  • Check if the USB drivers are installed properly on both the gadgets
  • Make sure there is no virus that is affecting the connection
  • Check the working condition of the connecting cable
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone from the connection settings
  • If the device is already connected with another one through a wireless mode, you should first disable it and then try to connect again
  • The connection of the USB might be loose and improper
  • All unnecessary features are to be turned OFF on your phone
  • Make sure the security policies are not getting violated upon connection

SIM related problems/No Signal on phone

Generally this happens due to the reasons associated with both SIM card and the smartphone. Therefore, you must pay close attention to both of them and this can be done easily through below instructions and methods.

  • Make sure the SIM card frequency is compatible with the variant of the device you are using
  • Check and make sure there is no physical damage on the SIM card and on the SIM card slot on the phone
  • The network provider might have suspended all the services on your SIM. Check it out
  • Make sure the SIM card is inserted properly in the phone
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF.
  • Open the network settings and choose to register on your home network just once
  • Make sure you are not in a basement where the signal strength is low
  • The SIM tray might have some problem in it
  • The problem could be due to not using the SIM card for a long time
  • Simply remove the SIM and then again insert it in phone
  • Make sure the SIM card you are using is not blocked

Overheating problems (common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes)

The true reasons a smartphone overheats couldn’t be explored easily in all the cases. However, in case you find this problem active in your gadget, the below are some of the useful methods to help you find the perfect solutions to this issue.

  • Make sure you are not performing data downloading and playing games at the same time
  • Check and make sure all the apps are having their latest version installed in the phone
  • Avoid using accessories not compatible or recommended to use with the phone
  • Make sure that you are not facing the problem just because the heat is not dissipating properly from the phone
  • The phone memory might be completely filled
  • The problem could be due to some blocked apps in the phone
  • Avoid using the phone when it is charging
  • Data downloading should not be performed majorly from mobile data
  • Don’t completely fill the memory of your phone

Apps not working properly

In case you fails to keep up the pace with the apps you have installed in your phone, there is nothing to panic. There are some basic instructions that let you deal with them and here they are spotlighted below.

  • First of all update all the apps you have installed on your phone
  • Make sure you haven’t changed their settings to custom
  • Clear the cache memory of all the apps one after one
  • Remember the last app you installed and uninstall it
  • Make it sure that the apps are installed in the phone default memory and not in the SD card memory
  • Simply make sure you are not using the apps when the phone in the safe mode
  • Make sure some space is free in the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen

When it comes to dealing with screen-related issues, the things might not be in your control completely. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot solve this issue by doing-it-yourself. Try the following guidelines to get this problem fixed in an easy manner.

  • Check if the screen is having a physical damage on it
  • Make sure all the drivers are installed properly on the phone
  • Check if the problem is there just because of a software glitch
  • Open the device in safe mode and disable all the apps installed in it
  • Remove the gloves and the mittens
  • Clean your hands before operating the phone
  • Clean the screen against the oil and grease particles
  • Check if there is a new update available for the OS
  • Clean cache memory of the apps installed
  • Get the device checked if other methods doesn’t work

This information about the common Elephone A4 Pro problems and fixes simply let you avoid any problem you are facing with your phone. Feel free to comment on the below section if something you are looking for is missing in this pot. Keep visiting our website for similar posts.






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