Common Gionee A1 plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The smartphones have proved themselves to be one of the finest things that have ever happened to humans. This statement is true upto a good extent and there are a lot of users who have supported this fact. This is because modern smartphones have enabled the users to experience something they never imagined. Presently, the phones are capable to bear a lot of load from the human activities and have enabled them in saving a lot of time. A few manufacturers have even provided such gadgets keeping the price low. One among them is Gionee. They have made their entry to the International smartphone market at the very right time and have enabled the smartphone lovers to get the best they can have. Gionee is one of those manufacturers which felt the need of future users of phones at the same time they declare their presence. This is exactly what that has contributed a lot in enhancing their popularity simply. Well, you might have no idea but Gionee never compromised with the hardware configuration and almost all their gadgets are best in terms of same. In this post, we will discuss about the common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes.

There are actually a lot of reasons why they are generating good sales in this era of competition. Almost everyone who have installed on their phones seems happy with the experience Gionee has provided. However, there are problems which are common and some users have reported them. Most of these problems are OS bugs that have arrived due to incompatibility of apps or other domains of the OS with the phone. Therefore, it is easy for the users to avoid them simply from the phone in case they declare their presence. Also, the problem has no application with the device hardware and this clearly indicates the users need not to worry about anything. If you own this smartphone and are experiencing any unexpected behavior with any feature, this post on common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes is very helpful to you. Probably you can gain a lot of information and can simply go ahead with avoiding all those problems in no time.

common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes

Common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes

Everything you find about the common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes in this post have been tested and you have no reason to raise your heartbeat. However, we recommend you to follow the guide I the way it has been provided. wouldn’t be responsible for the additional errors caused while following it due to your own mistakes.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

This is a very daunting issue and users often give up with the same. Well, you can try the below methods before surrendering to this problem in your phone.

  • The problem could be due to the damaged caused in the universal mm jack on the phone
  • Try formatting the phone once
  • Your preferred music apps should be free from the troubles
  • Update the OS if a new version is available
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work

Connectivity issues

In case the connectivity problems are becoming quite common on your phone with each passing days, there are some appropriate actions that you must take and they are mentioned below to help you get the things back on the track.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

  • Clear Bluetooth cache memory
  • Make sure the Bluetooth app is not having any troubles associated with the same
  • Make sure not to keep the Bluetooth ON all the time
  • It might already connect to a nearby device you allowed to connect automatically. Check it out
  • Eliminate all data restrictions from the phone
  • A few apps installed on the phone might be out of date
  • The violation of security policies of the device can be the other reason to this problem
  • Make sure the data you are transferring is healthy in all the aspects
  • Disabling the power saving mode is necessary
  • Restart the device once after it
  • Check if the problem is in other device you are trying to connect your device with

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

  • Don’t go too away from the Wi-Fi router
  • The internet speed might from the service provider’s end
  • Check the Wi-Fi router you are having is in proper working condition.
  • In case of a recent configuration, make sure everything such as cable connection is right
  • If you changed recently, update the password in your device
  • Simply choose to troubleshoot your connection
  • Temporarily disconnect the other devices connected to the router
  • Update the Wi-Fi driver in the phone
  • Don’t hesitate to call an expert if the problem is still there

SIM related problems (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

To avoid the SIM card problems in your phone, pay attention to the below points simply

  • Insert the SIM card in a careful manner and in the right SIM slot
  • Check for a physical damage on the SIM
  • Maybe the services are not active on the SIM card you are using. Check it out
  • Check the condition of the SIM tray. Make sure to insert it properly in the phone. Mishandling can cause damage to the same.
  • Simply restart the device and check if the problem is gone
  • If not, contact the official SIM support

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Without having a fully functional or operational screen, it is not possible for the users to get the best out from the phone. Thus, if you are facing any screen related issue, the below methods can be very useful to you.

  • The most common reason to this problem is a lot of pending updates in the phone
  • Don’t turn ON anything and let it run in background when it is actually not required
  • Make sure the screen doesn’t have a physical damage on the same
  • Open the phone in safe mode. If things are working fine, you need to look for the problem in the OS or in the apps. If not, the device is actually suffering from a hardware problem
  • Make sure there are no bugs in the version of OS you have installed
  • Maybe you have installed a custom ROM on the phone. If so, remove it
  • Always keep some space empty and don’t use the phone while charging

No SD card detected

For those who use an SD card, the things can go wrong due to many possible reasons. You can check below what actions can easily be taken against this problem.

  • Simply restart the phone after removing the SD card and then insert the same in it again properly
  • Make sure the problem is not because of compatibility problems
  • Inspect the SD card before you insert it in the phone. Even the brand new cards can have manufacturing and other defects that can cause the problem
  • Format the memory card in case the same is left unused for a long time or has already been used on another device
  • Insert the same SD card in another phone and check if things are under your control now.
  • Get the SIM card replace in case the other methods wouldn’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

The need to transfer the files between the PC and the phone can arrive anytime.
There are other reasons also why the need of same is felt. In case there are problems you are facing, check out the below listed methods.

  • Simply restart the phone and the PC after creating the connection
  • Next is to check whether the connecting cable is in working condition or not
  • The Windows copy on the PC is not genuine
  • Check if any other mode is selected on the phone than MTP
  • Maybe some drivers in the Windows are missing
  • Clean the USB gently and installed the latest version of drivers for the same
  • In case there are restrictions imposed on the data transfer and connections, eliminate the same before accomplishing this task

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Battery drainage problems are quite common in the present day phones. There are actually certain factors that can transform them. The good thing is they can be controlled and avoided. Some of the best available instructions to help you are spotlighted below.

  • Turn OFF the features which are not required on the phone all the time
  • Use another charger and see if the problem is gone
  • May be the power socket, power bank or the charging source is having issues associated with them
  • Make sure not to download a lot of files at the same time and especially when the mobile data is engaged
  • Maybe the Wi-Fi hot spot of your phone is shared with other phones
  • If you have installed back cover on the phone, simply remove it for the next few days
  • Make sure not to keep outdated app in the phone. Either remove them or update them
  • Disable all the notifications from the apps as they consume a lot of battery
  • Don’t let the unused or recently used apps run in the background
  • Scan the device for virus and check which app is consuming more battery

Bad camera quality (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

The camera quality in the device can go low due to many possible reasons. It is not always necessary that the users have idea about them. Check out the below methods to know more about the same.

  • Always use the camera flash whenever it is required
  • The blur can simply be avoided from the pictures if you first focus on the object
  • Under low visibility conditions., select the shooting mode which is best for the moment
  • Clean the camera lens against the finger prints and depot of oil and grease particles on them
  • Clean the device screen as well against the same
  • In case the transparent glass cover is installed on the phone, make sure to remove the same
  • If the camera apps has a new version available, update the same

Overheating problems (common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes)

The overheating problems are closely associated with many other problems in the phone. This clearly means that they could be due to other problems and avoiding the same can simply avoid them as well. Here is what you need to do to get the quality results.

  • Don’t prefer any other charger than the one which comes in the phone box
  • Make sure the back cover installed on the phone is not causing a ventilation problem
  • If case you have to download the multiple files, perform this task one after another especially if the files are bulky in terms of size
  • Don’t let the phone on charging for long hours
  • In case a new version of apps or the OS is available, download and install the same

Performance issues

In case the phone is not up to the mark in terms of performance, there are many actions which you can take and the best thing is without worrying a lot about anything. Here are some best available instructions and methods to get the desired outcomes.

  • Check out the behavior of all the apps. Remove the ones which you find suspected
  • All those apps that are pending to be updated should be paid attention
  • The RAM might be engaged with a faulty or a blocked app
  • Maybe you are using your phone while charging it
  • For better performance, always make sure not to use any cheap accessory with the phone
  • If your phone is working perfect in the safe mode, the problem is due to apps and OS only
  • Don’t proceed with third-party app installation
  • Avoid using the phone when you are already downloading heavy files
  • Maybe the downloading folder contains too many files. Keep it empty always

Most of the information about the common Gionee A1 plus problems and fixes is easy to adopt and follow. If you find your concern is not listed in this post, you can let us know through the comment section below.


  1. My phone minimises on its own when am using it. E.g if am doing a video or chatting it goes back to the home screen on its own. What do I do plz

  2. my gionee A1plus.
    has the problem of sending automatic sms to unknown number.
    I call the Sim customer Care .
    the said its sending (sms)it to international.
    I need your help pls

  3. My phone has been sending SMS to an international number, I called network provider and they said the fault is from my phone,please help me out.

    1. I just got a goober x2 phone. The back camera suddenly stopped working and I can’t use to flash as it doesn’t show.what can I do

  4. Am also having this same issue of automatic SMS sending to unknown numbers with my gionee a1 plus. I need a way out please

  5. my gionee A1plus.
    has the problem of sending automatic sms to unknown number.
    I call the Sim customer Care .
    the said its sending (sms)it to international.

  6. My phone’s Camera suddenly stopped working and Volume can not come with sounds. I have to use an earpiece or headphone in order to make or receive calls. Finger print scanner and password can not be used too. All these problems began after two weeks of purchase, please help me, what can I do? I am using Gionee A1 plus.

  7. My gionee a1 plus just locks itself randomly while in use. I have to use fingerprint or code to open, I does that alot of times.

  8. My Gionee 1 plus is not browsing on data but browse when connected to WIFI and the phone itself can serves as hotspot for other devices but still don’t browse when other devices are browsing perfectly

  9. My Gionee 1 plus is not browsing on data but browse when connected to WIFI and the phone itself can serves as hotspot for other devices but still don’t browse when other devices are browsing perfectlyEe

  10. Comment:my Gionee phone can’t on unless l plug it to the socket and if l do that after sometime l will be observing hotness immediately l plug it to my wall socket. l don’t know what to do.

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