Common Google Pixel 3 XL Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Sometimes things are actually not under the control of us all in life. This happens most of the time in professional life. Yes, it’s true that many a times a lot of tasks are to be accomplished in the shortest span of time. This makes us feel really very bad. However, in recent years, the smartphones have started contributing a lot in enabling humans to perform their professional tasks quickly and reliably. The fact is true that a very large number of tasks can easily be performed through a smartphone. This gadget is widely helping in cutting down the professional and personal burden from the modern people. If you need one such gadget, the Google Pixel 3 XL is the perfect option. Check out the common Google Pixel 3 XL problems in this post.

Well, after a long wait, it has been announced by Google. Those who have waited a long can easily go ahead to purchase this gadget. One fact is there are a few problems that are quite common with the phones. It cannot be predicted accurately and exactly that when they will declare their presence. However, the good thing is, it is possible to avoid them simply. If you think Google Pixel 3 XL has these problems as a manufacturing defect in it, let me make it clear that it’s not true. These issues are very much basic and are often experienced by the users. It all depends on how a phone is actually being used. You can simply avoid them with this guide on common Google Pixel 3 XL problems.

common Google Pixel 3XL problems


Why Buy Google Pixel 3 XL?

I really don’t think you need to explore the reasons to own this gadget if you can truly afford it. However, the price in actual sense is not an issue if all you need is features. Being Google’s very owned smartphone, Pixel 3XL is finest and has been in top rated smartphones. There are many features which Google dedicates to their Pixel phones and they can be explored directly. You need nothing to worry about anything. However, you need to pay a bit attention to the common issues. Here you can check the common Google Pixel 3XL problems and their solutions.

Common Google Pixel 3 XL Problems and Fixes

This post is not going to offer you the official technical support which you need for the Google Pixel 3 XL. The information mentioned here is simply a do-it-yourself guide to avoid the basic issues in the phone. As these are basic instructions and methods, they guarantee desired outcomes against the basic issues only as mentioned in the headline of this post. If you found your phone having a major hardware fault, better is to go for the official support. However, these instructions can be followed prior to the same to know whether the fault is actually a major or the minor one. If you don’t follow the mentioned instructions in the manner they are provided, we at bears no guarantee of having the favorable fortune. Check out now the common Google Pixel 3 XL problems and their fixes.

Connectivity issues

Connectivity is not necessary to be defined in simple words. It seems a very basic issue when it actually couldn’t. Therefore you need to pay close attention to the get the things back on track if these issues are active. Here are some useful instructions.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • You will be required to erase some data from the phone memory as Bluetooth always have this as one of its prime requirement
  • Do check if the blocked apps or the ones which are running in the background are not causing the problem. They might have access to the Bluetooth and therefore you need to close them all
  • A basic reboot may work in bringing back the functionality of the Bluetooth
  • You will be required to turn OFF the power saving mode if you have enabled it on your phone
  • Do check the problem is not due to improper connection or pairing of the phones with each other. Enter the key in the right manner
  • Make sure to check the compatibility of the versions of Bluetooth you are pairing each other to
  • Sometimes this issue is because of no other reason than a hardware glitch in the fault
  • Make sure to check if the problem can be solved by updating the OS if a patch
  • All the factors related to the data such as their nature, size, compatibility etc should be verified and assured the data eligibility to be transferred through Bluetooth app
  • Do check if the problem can be solved by clearing the cache data from the phone
  • Simply delete the phone from the list of paired devices and again pair it with the phone. This trick sometimes work in restoring the Bluetooth functionality
  • Under any situation, don’t disable the phone security or violate the Bluetooth policies for the users. You may face the problem due to the very same reason
  • Remove all the restrictions from your Pixel 3 XL
  • Make sure not to send multiple files in one attachment

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Check the internet speed first of all. Also, check if the problem is related to turning OFF the data
  • There is always a limit on the bandwidth which you are allowed to use in a day week or a month. Exceeding the same can be the reason you are facing this issue
  • The access of the Wi-Fi could be with another installed app at the same time you are trying to connect your Pixel 3XL with internet. Thus, close all background running apps
  • Make sure to check if you can solve the problem simply by erasing and adding the Wi-Fi network again on the phone
  • The problem could be in the modem or in the modem cables. Check if all the cables are connected properly
  • Make sure not to alter the network settings on the phone
  • There might be a problem with the IP address. The same if clashed can cause the Wi-Fi issue on the phone
  • Make sure the limit of the modem has not been exceeded to connect and host the Wi-Fi enabled gadgets
  • You might have disabled the Wi-Fi, internet or the other required settings on the phone
  • Check and make it sure that the problem is not because of fulfilling all the requirements of the network to connect your phone on the same
  • Check if the password you enter is correct. Proving wrong authentication details often cause this problem
  • Check if everything is ok with the Wi-Fi drivers
  • The app or the website you are trying to open might not be active and might be confusing them with the Wi-Fi issues
  • It is always necessary to check whether the network you are trying to connect is supported by the Pixel 3 XL

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • Do check if the USB drivers are installed on the phone and the PC
  • Make it sure that the power saving or the safe mode is not enabled on the phone
  • Do check the errors and problems that are related with the cable you are using for connecting purpose
  • There might be bugs and viruses present in the phone or in the PC which sometimes automatically disable the connection as per security issues
  • Check if you are not sharing any sensitive data which have copyright issues
  • Make sure the connections are not loose
  • The bugs in the Android or in the Windows can sometimes cause this problem
  • Check and make sure the problem is not related to the restrictions imposed by you on the phone or the PC
  • Restart the phone and wait 20 seconds

Performance issues

  • Analyzing the factors and the situations for a day or two is recommended to you. This will make it easy to enable you take the necessary actions
  • If any app was installed recently, remove the same from the phone and check if the things can be brought back in the proper working condition
  • You might be confusing this issue with a hardware failure
  • Sometimes smartphones need you to restart them after performing a specific task such as installing a software or app. If you haven’t done so despite getting a message on the screen, the slow performance could be due to the same reason
  • Check and make sure all the apps are up to the date on your Pixel 3 XL. The older versions may not work with the newly available gadget
  • Do check if the phone you are using is having any kind of OS bug in the same
  • You will be required to stop downloading the data in bulk as it slowdowns the performance
  • Don’t open so many apps on the phone
  • Do check if the things are wrong just because you are using your phone while charging it
  • Erase the data which is not required now and clear the cache data of the device as well
  • If all these methods don’t work for you, simply perform a hard reset on your Pixel 3 XL

 SIM/Network related problems

  • The SIM card slot might have a lot of dust deposited in the same. Do check it properly
  • Check if the SIM card support the variant of the phone owned by you
  • Sometimes the SIM card improper insertion causes this problem in the phone. Check the same
  • Restart the phone simply and check if this can solve the problem
  • You need to make it sure that all the services on the SIM card owned by you is active and not disabled by the network provider
  • Do check if the SIM card has a physical damage on the same
  • Maybe you are not using a SIM card which is relevant as per the conditions of the Pixel 3 XL. Refer SIM insertion manual of the phone to know more about this
  • Do check if the synchronization issues between the phone and the SIM are causing this problem
  • The SIM tray is to be checked for all the possible issues related to the same
  • There might be no network coverage at your present location especially if it’s a remote location or if you are in a basement
  • Check if the problem is related with the phone signal antenna
  • Airplane mode is to be disabled if it is turned ON
  • Open the network manual search option and choose the home network from the same.
  • Enable the Automatic selection of the network on the phone
  • Call the network/SIM support number if none of the above instruction works for you

Bad camera quality

  • Quality pictures have sufficient visibility as one of its prime requirements. Check and make sure of the same. Prefer using the flashlight and choose the shooting mode as per nearby visibility conditions
  • If you are operating the phone camera through a third-party app, prefer the default app
  • Your phone might not have sufficient storage space and the images might be getting stored in the low pixel density. Check it
  • Make sure the object is to be focused carefully and in a right manner to capture the quality snaps
  • In the phone camera settings, HD mode should always be enabled
  • The phone lens is to be cleaned properly as low quality could be due to the very same reason
  • Capturing multiple images (burst mode) can cause this problem
  • You need to make it sure that the phone remains completely still at its position while capturing the snaps
  • Some basic photography skills are always required despite having the best camera quality available. Do check them from the internet
  • A completely faulty lens might be causing this problem

Apps not functioning properly

  • The last update for a specific app or the app itself you installed might be causing the entire issue. Do check
  • Always keep it in mind that the default location for updating and installing the apps should be Play Store only
  • Check and make sure the problem in the phone is not just because of the altered settings of the installed apps
  • Check if the concerned apps have all the required permissions with them to operate reliably
  • A hardware problem in the RAM can also be the reason to this issue
  • Always keep the apps in the phone memory only
  • Check if there is enough free space in your phone

Overheating problems

  • Restart the phone post closing all the apps which are running
  • Do check if the battery of the phone is in proper working condition
  • The things might not be good at all with the charger or the charging adapter of your phone
  • Fluctuation in the power supply can cause this issue in your Pixel 3XL
  • You may observe this problem if the phone is forced to run in the power saving mode
  • Make sure to prefer the quality accessories including the power bank if you make use of the same too often
  • Check if the problem in your Pixel 3 XL is just because there is an error in the ventilation system
  • You will be required to limit the phone data
  • Do check if the problem can be solved easily with a simple restart
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a hardware fault at the same time which can often create this issue
  • All the apps should be updated on time and the ones really not required anymore should be removed from the phone
  • Clear the cache data of the phone

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • First check if the problem is not due to a software bug in the phone
  • Connect the earpiece correctly with the phone. Make sure it has the required drivers for the same
  • Check if the phone sounds are disabled
  • Don’t use any earpiece that is not capable to be used with the phone
  • Check and make sure that the music file you are playing is of good quality
  • Check the functionality of the USB connector on the phone
  • The problem might be due to a hardware fault in the phone or due to same in the earpiece
  • Make sure the volume is not at its minimum level

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • Prefer not to run the apps in the background and don’t use your phone while charging it
  • Keeping the mobile data OFF while charging can enhance its speed
  • Do check if the problem can be solved with a simple restart
  • In most of the cases, the users are able to keep up the pace against this issue simply by installing the pending updates on the phone
  • The apps installed should be supported by the phone
  • Make sure and check if the phone is running in the safe mode
  • You will be required to keep the features such as Map, Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth OFF if they are not required
  • The problem could be due to a very large number of apps in your phone
  • Don’t perform any task on your Google Pixel 3 XL which it actually doesn’t support or haven’t designed to perform
  • There are certain chances that this in actual sense is a software issue. Check everything properly and take suitable actions
  • Don’t connect your Pixel 3 XL with other gadgets for a long time period as it often results in faster battery drainage
  • Avoid using the accessories the phone doesn’t support
  • The notifications may not always be useful and therefore you should keep them OFF. This will help you to deal with this issue in no time
  • Don’t enhance the screen brightness beyond a limit

Screen Related Problems

  • The screen might not be functional due to a failure of the required software for running the same
  • Make sure the slow performance of your phone is not responsible for this fault. Anyone can confuse the slow performance of the phone with this issue
  • Do check if the screen mirroring option is disabled
  • Sometimes this problem arrives or observed while using the screen splitting option
  • Make sure to remove all the apps from the phone which haven’t been installed from the Play Store
  • Check and make sure the pre-installed glass cover has been removed from the phone
  • Make sure to check if everything operates properly when the phone is made to run in the safe mode
  • The screen needs to be cleaned against the oil particles
  • Check if your hands are clean and are not causing the problem
  • Make sure your phone is not having a lot of data in its default memory
  • Simply check and make sure if the problem is just because the screen hasn’t been cleaned properly
  • Gloves are to be removed from the hands as the screen is touch sensitive

All this information regarding the common Google Pixel 3 XL problems and their solutions can simply be trusted. It is not always necessary that these instructions work in your case just because they worked well on a parallel Pixel 3 XL. It depends on the overall working condition and the other factors. However, the chances of getting the favorable outcome are always more. Keep visiting us for more similar posts.

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