Common Huawei Honor 9 Lite Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Huawei is a well-known smartphone manufacturer at the present time. They have gained popularity due to a diverse array of factors. Something which is believed to be the leading reason that has transformed them into a well-recognized brand is nothing but the updates they have always provided on time for their devices. It is true that most of the smartphones of Huawei are based on Google’s latest OS for smart devices and i.e. Android Oreo 8.0. This is actually the reason that why most of their devices are totally free from glitches. However, there are a few common problems that have been reported in a few devices. In this post, we will introduce you to the common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes.

Only a very few users have reported about these issues and not all of them. Also, most of the problems reported are due to OS-related bugs and not due because of hardware problems. It was released in December 2017 and since then it has become the flagship device of Huawei. Although it is largely expected that in the next update most of these issues would be eliminated, by the time you can follow this guide on common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes. Before we talk about the same, it would be good to have a quick view of the specifications of this device.

As already mentioned that this device was recently in December, it has widely attracted the attention of smartphone users in the shortest time span. Huawei has provided a 5.65-inch touchscreen. It has been designed to provide a resolution of 2160 x 1080 with a pixel density of 428. A powerful 1.7GHz octa-core processor has been provided to enable this device to offer performance in all the tasks that users generally perform. The 4GB RAM is one of the prime contributors to the processor when it comes to performance.

For those who have more memory needs, Honor Lite 9 is capable to store 64GB of data. The same can be extended up to 256GB through a micro SD card. It comes with a 3000mAh battery which is good enough to be trusted for a full day backup. Huawei has provided it with a 13MP primary camera and selfie shooter with similar pixels. It runs on Android Oreo 8.0. Let us now understand the common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes.

Common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes

The information mentioned here about the common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes compiles some important methods that have been tested. It is still worth mentioning here that we don’t take guarantee of anything that goes wrong while following this. cannot be held responsible for the same


Bluetooth Connectivity issues

Improper working of Bluetooth probably imposes several limits on the device when it comes to transferring/sharing the data. To avoid this issue, following are the methods that you can consider

  • Reboot the device multiple times, this can solve your concern
  • Make sure you are not away from the Bluetooth range of the device
  • You might have hidden the Bluetooth connection of your device from the nearby device. Make sure of this
  • You need to disable the power saving mode if it is enabled for the smooth transfer of data through Bluetooth
  • Update the Bluetooth app in the device
  • Clear the cache memory of the app
  • There might be multiple profiles in the phone and you might have crossed the limit. Erase some to get the things back on track
  • See if the device is already connected with another device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Without Wi-Fi a smartphone is almost nothing and users have to face a lot of issues. When it comes to dealing with this issue, you need to be clear of the fact that it’s not always necessary that the exact issue is in the device only. Sometime the issue is in Wi-Fi router also. Try the following methods to avoid issue

Huawei WiFi Toggle Menu

  • The network stability is the first thing you should check on the router. If it is not stable, the problem is obviously due to same reason
  • Simply troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection
  • Make sure your authentication details are correct
  • May be there is a wrong cable connection in the router
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router antenna is not damaged
  • Last option that can work for you is reconfiguring the router

Battery draining quickly & slow charging

The fast battery drainage can be due to several possible issues. To eliminate them, you need to try the following

  • If you are downloading multiple files, make sure to download them one after one
  • The installed apps on the device might be out of date. Update them all
  • Disable those apps which are from third-party sources
  • If the screen brightness is set to high, impose a limit on the same
  • Make sure apps are not running in the background
  • The accessories you use should be authorized and genuine
  • For those who use power bank, always make sure to have the one whose power specifications are similar to that of your device
  • Clean the charging port gently
  • Disable the notifications from the apps that are not useful to you
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the battery

Overheating problems (common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes)

If your device is overheating, the problem could be due to many possible factors. You can simply keep up the pace with the following methods


  • This problem could be due to overcharging your phone
  • Don’t invest in accessories that are of low quality
  • Always make sure your device has all the latest version of apps installed in it
  • Check the status of the RAM. There might be an app running in the background consuming more RAM and causing this issue
  • Phone generally emit heat when hotspot is shared among multiple devices
  • Clear the cache memory of the device

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes)

If your device is not giving any response when the instruction is provided to it through the screen, don’t always think it’s a screen issue. The problem can be due to many reasons. To remove the same, following methods can help you a lot

  • Make sure you are not using an unauthorized charger. Screen-related issues often declare their presence when the charger you are using has more power rating than on the device battery
  • Remove gloves or mittens before operating the screen
  • The touch-screen might be responding slow or not responding due to the reason you have completely filled the device storage with the data
  • The device screen might be physically damaged
  • Install the updates which are pending
  • The screen protector which you have installed on the device should be of good quality and not be too old
  • Make sure the problem is not due to liquid damage on the screen

Bad camera quality

Camera related problems in the Huawei Honor Lite 9 could be due to many factors. To avoid the simply, following are the methods that can help you to get the favorable fortune

  • The camera lens might be dusty
  • Focusing on the object before capturing the image always results in clear picture
  • The default camera apps is always the best one and keep this thing in your mind
  • The new devices have a transparent cover on the screen. You need to remove the same for the better picture quality
  • The shooting mode you have selected probably have an impact on the overall quality of the picture you capture
  • Clear the cache for the camera app
  • The device Operating System should be updated

GPS problems (common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes)

There is probably nothing wrong to say that GPS is an important feature in a device. Failure of same can sometime make your device not to perform some important tasks. Check out the same to avoid the issue

  • First thing is to simply make sure your mobile data/Wi-Fi is turned on
  • You location should not be in the basement of any tall building
  • Check if the GPS is turned ON
  • Check if there are tall buildings or objects around you. This can also affect the working of GPS in a few cases
  • Update the device OS if the same is pending
  • Perform a hard rest if other methods don’t work

Force close errors (common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes)

To eliminate this issue from your Huawei Honor Lite 9, following are the methods that can help you simply

  • Update your device OS if the same is pending
  • Reboot your device and the your concern will probably be solved
  • Remove the apps from the phone which you installed before the problem was first observed
  • Clean the cache memory of the device
  • Perform the factory reset if the problem is still there

Performance issues


The slow performing device can cause various other issues probably. Probably you don’t need to have such a device with you. Thus, following are the methods that are helpful to you

  • The low performance could be due to running the device on outdated OS
  • Make sure the phone default memory doesn’t have any virus present in it
  • Avoid using the phone during charging
  • Don’t keep too much files in the device that are unnecessary
  • Always clean the downloading folder to make sure of performance
  • Don’t use poor quality accessories and especially the power bank with your phone
  • Impose a strict upper limit on the overall number of apps

SIM related problems

SIM related problems if you are facing, can be avoid by following suggested methods

  • Refresh the SIM card before using it in the device. This can be done by deleting some old contacts
  • Make sure the network provider services are compatible on the handset you are having
  • There might be a physical damage on the SIM tray or on the SIM. Check it properly and make sure to insert the SIM properly in the slot
  • If the SIM was not used or kept outside the phone for a long time, you need to get it replaced and this will probably solve the concern

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This problem can simply be eliminated through the following guide

  • This problem could be due to a hardware fault in the earpiece and therefore you need to replace it
  • Perform a hard reset to fix this issue simply
  • For solving this problem for the time being, you can use the speaker of the phone while making calls

No SD card detected

Many times devices fail to detect the SD cards. Well, if this is a problem with your Honor Lite 9, you can proceed further to solve the issue with following methods

  • The failure to detect the SD card is due to no other reason than a fault card. So check if another card is working properly on the device or not
  • If your card is old, format it before you insert it in the brand new device
  • Make sure the card slot is not damaged physically
  • Clean the card gently against dust

The information mentioned in this guide about the common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes can be trusted. If there is anything else about the common Huawei Honor 9 Lite problems and fixes which you need to know, you can let us know.


  1. My honor 9lite 13 days after using the display problem was very big issue on my device plz help me how to fix these issue…

    1. Im using honor 9 lite. My phone is too slow and some times the touch is not working.its got strucked and restarting by itself. Only after restarting the device i can use it when touch is not working
      What should i do with this

  2. Some of my calls get connected but can’t hear anything on the speaker or on the phone I tried using handsfree and Bluetooth but still the problem exists what should I do

  3. Hi,

    I just bought a new Honor 9 lite. But after turning it on it’s showing ‘Checking for Updates’ and even after leaving it there for 15 mins, it doesn’t go to the next step. I switched off and on the phone several times, but nothing changed. Can you please suggest?

  4. When I switch on my hot-spot for my other device my hot-spot goes on and off, on and off continuously… Please help

  5. my honor 9 lite after10 days its take time to full charge almost 6 hours .any suggestion please

  6. the same problem with me also, I am not getting closer voice from other ends, I am also facing network issue with my phone

  7. Hi. I purchased Honor 9 Lite phone in India and moved to US. I have a H20 Wireless SIM which is not working on Honor 9 Lite phone but works fine in my Lenovo Vibe K5 plus. I contacted Honor and they said to check with Service Provider. I contacted Service Provider and they said that issue is with the Phone. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Attending Incoming calls took long time to connect and some time no audio listened and eventually requires disconnection .

  9. New issue I was found is, if device trying to find face detection and no face detected the device itself continues to to detect the face until unless user face detected. for this battery consumption is high.

    My suggestion is if no face detected, the screen must be in sleep mode to save battery backup.

  10. My loud speaker on my phone is not working its only 2 month old when somebody rings its to quiet for me it was OK up till nowv

  11. I have honor 9 lite and everytime when I turned on Bluetooth to connect to other devices my phone stops responding and hangs and it restarts everytime. Please suggest it is known issue or how to overcome thus issue

  12. My honor 9 lite accidently get in water… And now the display backlight isnt working….. But… The main thing is that it coudnt read sim… And cannot access wifi

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