Common Infocus Vision 3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In the era of technology, more and more smartphones are coming to the market each day. There is probably nothing wrong to say that with smartphones, humans have added a lot of comfort to their life. It is very much true that almost all the tasks in the present time are performed by users depending on the technology. As more and more smartphone makers are coming to the market, they are assuring the use of latest and in fact best technology in their gadgets. This clearly indicates most of the devices in the market are good enough to be trusted for the long run. One of the popular smartphones which is gaining a lot of attention in the present time is the Infocus Vision 3. It has been provided some of the best available features including s smashing design. It has already attracted the attention of the users all over the world and many of them are desperately waiting to buy it. If you have already invested on this gadget, this post will let you know about the common glitches that you can have with this phone. Continue reading the paragraphs to know more about the common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes.

Infocus Vision 3 is among those smartphone which has gained popularity in the shortest possible time. As a user, you have no reasons to worry when it comes to buying it. Don’t think that this post is written just because this gadget has major problems in its hardware. The fact is most of the issues reported and discussed here are related to the Operating system of the phone. Probably you know that almost all modern days gadgets are based on Android technology. Although we have the latest version of Android i.e. Oreo with us, there are a few common bugs which are present in the same and thus, several smartphones have minor problems in them. It is possible to deal with them in no time without worrying about anything. There are only some basic methods and instructions which users needs to follow to get the right results. Check out below about the common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes.

common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes

Common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes

When it comes to troubleshooting a gadget manually, the users always have to keep this thing in mind that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Thus, the guide for troubleshoot should always be followed in the way/manner it has been prescribed or recommended. If anything else about the common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes is considered or a method is followed which is not recommended, you can face other problems in the phone and cannot held responsible for the same.

Overheating problems

First of all, we will discuss about the Overheating problems in the gadget. Well, may or may not know that almost all the gadgets experience overheating problems later or sooner depending on how a user uses a device. Although Infocus gadgets are free from such issues, you can face this problem due to a lot of reasons and can thus pay close attention to the following methods.

  • All those apps which are left unused should be removed from the phone
  • Don’t use any other charger/power bank which is not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Always check the charger and make sure it is working properly. Keep it in mind that fault could be in the connecting cable too
  • The phone might be facing issues due to improper ventilation
  • Install the new version of app or the OS in case the same is available
  • Don’t download files which are very bulky
  • You might have seen other methods don’t work properly, if so, perform a hard reset

No SD card detected (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

Using a microSD card is always recommended to the users in case they have more data storage needs. However, there are issues related to the use of the same in the phone which a few people have to face. If you are one among them, it’s better to be clear of the fact that things can be wrong due to some uncertain reasons. Check out the below listed guide to get the favorable fortune against this issue

  • The basic tip to avoid this issue is performing a simple reboot after removing the SD card from the phone
  • Now insert the card again and check if thing are back on track
  • Make sure to use a quality SD card. Don’t buy the phone which is cheap
  • Check if the defined upper limit by the manufacturer is not violating just because your memory card has more data storage capacity than the same
  • You need to format the card in case it was not used for a long time
  • The infected files and data in the phone can be the reason to this problem. Scan the data properly through an antivirus app
  • Clean the card properly
  • Insert your memory card in another phone and check if the problem is there or not

SIM related problems (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

The things might not be good with the gadget after inserting the SIM card in the same. This can happen due to a lot of reasons and without your knowledge as well. To solve this problem, check out below what you can do

  • Check the status of the services available on the SIM card
  • Make sure it is inserted properly
  • Check if you haven’t turned OFF the same in the SIM settings
  • Choose the network manually
  • Check if the SIM tray is damaged
  • Maybe there is incompatibility between the SIM and the phone
  • Replace the SIM card if the problem is still there

Unresponsive Touchscreen

This problem is very sensitive and needs to be avoided carefully. Although the instructions and methods to do so are not every complex, there are factors which need you to be very careful. They are listed below

  • Check if the apps are pending to be updated. If so, update them
  • The screen might have a liquid/physical damage cause to it without your knowledge
  • Check if the phone operates properly in the safe mode. If so, the problem is actually in the software/OS part
  • For the smooth functionality of the screen, make sure not to full the device memory completely
  • Clean the screen properly and in an efficient manner
  • If there is a transparent screen installed on the screen, remove it
  • Check if the phone is not facing a screen failure problem

Connectivity issues

If you think you can use your device all the time and can perform some important tasks without connecting it with other gadgets, probably you are wrong. It’s good for you to be clear of the fact that the later or sooner, the phone can experience this problem and therefore you should know how to deal with the same

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and perform a basic reboot
  • When the phone restarts, Turn ON the Bluetooth and try connecting the device again
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache memory
  • Update the pending apps
  • Try connecting to device with another one and check if the connection get established successfully
  • Clear the Bluetooth history
  • Maybe, as a user, you have imposed restrictions on the data transfer for security purpose, check and remove the same if so.
  • The frequent crash of Bluetooth app upon opening can be the reason to this problem
  • Scan the phone for virus presence in the same
  • Disable the Power Saving mode

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

  • Restart the Wi-Fi router
  • Check if the network indicator is blinking continuously on the router
  • Make sure the connections are proper
  • Check if the number of devices connected to the router are already a lot
  • Make sure you haven’t used the entire bandwidth in the phone
  • Check if you are within the Wi-Fi router’s range
  • If you have changed the password recently, update the same in the device
  • Maybe the network services are disable on your phone
  • Re-configure the Wi-Fi router if the other methods don’t work for you

Bad camera quality (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

Camera always needs to be performed in an excellent manner from a user’s point of view. However, there are problems which often degraded camera quality and don’t let the users perform the tasks in the reliable manner. Well, if you are one among them who are facing the camera related problems on your Infocus Vision 3, there are some methods which can help you. Check them out below.

  • To avoid the blurry images, focus on the object before capturing the snap./ This can be done simply by touching the screen once after opening the camera
  • Select the shooting mode as per the conditions
  • The brand new device has a transparent glass installed on the screen by default, remove the same
  • Update the OS of the phone
  • Make sure the camera app too is up to the date
  • Make sure the Camera settings are set to “High Resolution” output
  • Clean the camera lens
  • Use flashlight under low light conditions

Performance issues (common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes)

Performance is the parameters which are always focused on when it comes to a modern smartphone. If you think you can keep up the pace with a gadget without having the performance, this is not true actually. The methods and instruction about the performance related common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes are spotlighted below.

  • If some apps were recently installed, remove them from the phone
  • If too many apps are pending, simply update them
  • Check if the device memory is totally filled
  • The slow performance could be due to multiple apps running in the background
  • Clean the cache memory of the apps
  • If the apps are installed from the sources which cannot be trusted, remove them
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • The phone memory might be completely filled
  • Always clean the apps data for smoother performance
  • Erase the data and the apps you haven’t used for a long time
  • The third-party platforms for the installation of apps and data transfer cannot be trusted always
  • Keep an antivirus app installed in your phone all the time
  • If none of the method works, a hard reset can probably fix this issue. Take data backup before doing so

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This problem can be solved by paying attention to the following methods simply

  • Check if the Windows copy installed on your PC is genuine
  • The data you are transferring might be corrupt/not compatible or have other issues with it
  • Check if the connecting cables are working properly
  • Update the USB drivers on the phone and PC
  • Last option is to perform a hard reset

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The battery is actually the heart of any smartphone in the current time. There are factors which doesn’t let it provide sufficient backup or slow charging of the same

  • Check if the Wi-Fi hotpost and the Bluetooth are turned ON when they are not required
  • Most of the apps you have installed in the phone are not updated for a long time. Check and update them
  • Check out if the power plug/power bank you are using to charge your gadget is in proper working condition or not
  • Check out the whether the charger or the connecting cable is working in the way it has to be
  • Close all the apps running in the background

This is all that you should know about the common Infocus Vision 3 problems and fixes. If you are facing other problems and want the solution for the same, you can post a comment on the below section.



  1. After i have givem my infocus vision 3 for rebooting i cannot download any app or click pictures because it is showing that memory is full or there is no space in phone. How to download apps & cluck pictures now.?

  2. is not responding and some times apps we have used previously are showing app is not responding(like,watsapp/google /chrome/facebook is not responding)
    2.suddenly phone get heated due unknown reasons the SMS contacts are cannot send
    4.Battery good. but, last 15% is drains Fastly
    5.Camera is also good.but,pics that we have captured in the beauty mode are like cartoon pics

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