Common iVooMi i1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

There are a very large number of smartphones available at the present time. The good thing is manufacturers are paying a lot of attention to the needs of the users. It is because of no other reason than this we have some of the best devices available with a very decent price range. You might have no idea but there are several Chinese smartphone providers who have enabled users to get the best available features at a price range one couldn’t even imagined once. One such manufacturer is iVooMi. They have got a lot of public attention after the launch of iVooMi i1 and i1s series devices. Although both are good enough to be trusted, there are users who have reported the minor issues they are experiencing. In this post, I will put some spotlight on the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes.

This device has just been introduced. First I would like to tell you that most o the problems the users are experiencing as of now are because of no other reason than issues in the OS. Thus, it is actually possible to avoid them with simple troubleshooting methods. All you need to do is to gain more knowledge about the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes. Well, there is nothing much you need to do for this. You can simply keep up the pace by paying attention to the paragraphs listed below. Before discussing the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes, let us have a quick review of this device.

common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes

The iVooMi i1 is a device which has been powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor. It runs on Android Nougat 7.0 and is one of the best available devices that simply let you keep up the pace in every aspect. The 3000mAh battery assures a full day backup irrespective of the tasks you perform. The 2GB RAM and the 16 GB ROM make it a decent option in the price range it has been made available. It is possible for you to extend the storage by upto 128GB through a MicroSD card.

As far as the matter of cameras is concerned, this device packs a 13MP rear and an 8MP front camera. The good thing is it has also been provided with a fingerprint scanner which is rare in basic range devices. The 5.4-inch screen simply enables users to have the best viewing experience irrespective of the content they have to display on the screen. We will now discuss the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes. Check them out below.

Common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes

Before you follow any instruction or method about the common IVooMi i1 problems and fixes which is mentioned in this post, it would be good for you to be clear of the fact that cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong due to your own mistake. Although, the methods are tested, you need to pay a bit more extra attention.


Connectivity issues

The Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth connectivity is very important and in fact one of the widely used features in any gadget in the present time. In case they fail to perform their task, users have to bear a ton of problems. This is because most of the task that a device can perform depends directly or indirectly on the connectivity. Thus, you need to avoid this issue. Check the best ways to do so below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes)

  • Clear the Bluetooth device history from the phone. With most manufacturers, there is a limit on keeping the same
  • Always make sure you enter the correct details if you recently added the connection again after forgetting it
  • Make sure no similar app such as Share it is running parallel
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache
  • Disable the power saving mode as it can affect Bluetooth functionality
  • Perform hard reset if device still doesn’t operate properly

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes)

  • Something that can help you in this matter in taking your device in the developer mode
  • You will find an option in the main settings after this. Open it and enable the USB debugging
  • The unstable network could also be the reason to this problem. You can check this on the Wi-Fi modem
  • Other router-related problems can also be the root cause of this problem

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This is the problem which is very daunting. You might be facing it due to poor quality earphones. There could be other reasons for this. Try the instructions below to keep up the pace.

  • Try using another earpiece and see if the problem is still there or not
  • You can simply enhance the volume from the power up button while making a call
  • This way you can remove the problem

Bad camera quality

Well, camera quality is the first thing that most of the users notice about when it comes to buying a smartphone. This is the reason why most of the manufacturers are conscious when it comes to loading their devices with cameras. However, it has been observed that camera quality related problems such as blur and poor effects still declare their presence. If you are also facing them on your iVooMi device, check out the solution below.

  • Update the camera app you are using
  • The shooting mode should be selected carefully
  • Make sure the phone cover is not covering a part of lens
  • Remove the dust particles from the lens in case you find them
  • Clear the cache of the camera app
  • Remove the transparent glass cover which comes with new devices
  • Set the camera resolution to high mode
  • Update any pending app if you didn’t

No SD card detected (common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes)

Extending the device storage is something that simply let users keep all their favorite data at one destination. This is the reason why manufacturers allow users to extend the memory through a MicroSD card. Sometimes SD card related issues often declare their presence. You can avoid them by paying attention to the following methods.

  • Don’t use a memory card if it is having scratches on it. This is because it can temper or damage the memory slot on the phone as well
  • Check out the limit on the memory you can extend on your device and buy your card accordingly
  • Format the SD card and insert it in the device again after scanning for viruses
  • Check if there is any compatibility issue which is skyrocketing this problem
  • The memory card you are using should not be physically damaged or faulty

Fingerprint scanner not working

The fingerprint scanner can show errors due to many possible reasons. You can try the following to get the things back on track again.

  • Clean your fingers properly. The dust particles or the oil on them might not let the scanner scan your fingers properly
  • Add more than one fingerprint for emergency use
  • Make sure your hands are dry
  • Get the device checked properly if problem is still there

Overheating problems (common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes)

The modern smartphones are not supposed to have overheating problems but the reality is many devices face it. This doesn’t always mean that they have hardware problems. In fact, there are several factors that can give rise to them. To avoid such issues, here are the methods that can help you

  • Check out the every single app and especially the one you installed from other sources than the Play Store. They might be responsible for this issue
  • Time-consuming tasks when performed at the same time can give rise to this problem
  • Always use your own charger to charge the device
  • Any accessory if you are using it must be genuine if you don’t want this problem declare its presence in your phone
  • The brightness level on the device shouldn’t be enhanced more than 25%
  • Clear the device cache simply
  • Install all the pending updates

Performance issues

It would be good for any user to make sure that the devices are performing well. However, certain time the performance goes down due to many reasons. It is possible to bring the same back on track without doing much. Check out the methods below to get favorable fortune.

  • The slow performance could be due to overfilled data in the device memory. Thus remove some GB’s from the same
  • Make sure all the apps in your device are up to the date
  • Don’t keep the home screen fully filled with apps
  • While charging your device, always make sure you attend the class while removing it from the charger
  • Scan your device for any virus and malware
  • Always install the OS updates immediately upon receiving

SIM related problems

Mobile SIM cards are sensitive and they need extra care. Problems in the SIM card cannot let you perform many important tasks. The thing is problems related to the SIM could be many and often bring a very bad experience with them. You need to try the following to get the things back on track.

  • The SIM card should be compatible with the phone in terms of frequency
  • Look for any physical damage or scratches
  • Make sure all the network services are enabled on your SIM
  • See if there is any physical damage on the SIM tray and SIM card slot
  • If the problem is still there, get your SIM card replaced

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Well, it is true that the best way to connect a PC with a smartphone is by using a USB cable. This assures faster data transmission and smooth experience. However, users are reporting that they are not in a position to keep up the pace in this matter. This is because the iVooMi i1 is not recognizing the Windows 10. The following methods and instructions can help you if you are also facing this glitch.

  • Enable the USB debugging first. This could be done by simply taking the device into the developer mode
  • Check out the condition of the connecting cable. Replace it in case of any physical damage and other problem
  • Install the apps from the trusted platform only
  • Update the USB drivers if you haven’t
  • Select the USB configuration to MTP

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The iVooMi i1 comes with a 3000mAh battery. Although it can provide a full day backup, there are users who need to charge their device multiple times in a day. This could be due to many reasons and users cannot always find them easily. In case you are also facing both these issues, you can directly proceed with the methods as they are mentioned below.

  • Make sure there is no infected files in the memory card and in the default memory of the device
  • Install all pending updates
  • Always use the genuine accessories with your phone such as earphones, charger, connecting cable etc
  • Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are OFF while you don’t use them
  • Don’t allow unwanted notifications to be displayed in the background
  • Set the brightness level as per recommendations
  • Don’t use device torch when not required as it consumes a lot of juice from the battery
  • Remove the dust from the charging port
  • Close apps from the background when not in use

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Modern devices operate through touchscreen. Almost all the tasks are performed through it. We all have experiencing the unresponsive nature of the touchscreen. It is true that this can happen due to many reasons. Don’t always think it’s a hardware glitch. Try the methods as mentioned below.

  • This problem might be avoided with a simple reboot. Try it
  • Install all the pending updates in the device
  • Make sure the device is free from OS related glitches.
  • Don’t confuse this problem with another one that might have similar symptoms
  • Don’t wear gloves as they don’t let you operate the touchscreen of your phone
  • Clean the oil and dust particles from the screen
  • Perform an inspection to find out any physical damage on the screen
  • Remove the screen guard and check if the problem is gone

This information about the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes has been tested and can thus be trusted. Probably your issue will be gone after this. In case you need to know anything else about the common iVooMi i1 problems and fixes, feel free to let us know the same through the comment section below.


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