Common KOOLNE K1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

With more and more manufacturers are making their entry in the International smartphone market, users now have a very large number of options when it comes to buying a device. Although it seems difficult to trust a new brand, the fact is they have the best to offer to the users in a very low price. Also, some manufacturers are coming with features and design almost similar to other others. KOOLNe K1 is a device which becomes popular due to this reason only. It is known for its design and many people are currently using it to keep up the pace simply. You might have no idea but this device is simply the best that you can have in this price range. In this post, I will put some spotlight on the common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes.

The KOOLNE K1 is a device that can be trusted in the long run. Although it has been designed by paying attention to the quality, the fact is there are some issues that are becoming common slowly in this device. You actually need not to worry about this. The reason is almost all the reported glitches are there due to minor problems which are common in the Android technology. To avoid them, there is nothing much which you need to do to get the results that are totally in your favor. The useful information on common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes has been provided in the below section of this post to help you in this matter.

common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes


The KOOLNE K1 is a 4G enabled device which you can proceed with easily without worrying about anything. It is powered by Android Nougat 7.0 and can be trusted for a decent or an advance use. As far as the matter of cameras is concerned, it has a 16 MP primary camera and an 8MP secondary one to capture quality snaps.

The screen is capable to offer a resolution of 2160 x 1080 and is having a 6-inch size. The powerful 4GB RAM and a 1.5GHz octa-core processor make sure users need not to compromise with speed and performance while performing any task. Users can store 64GB of data in it and can extend this limit through a microSD card by upto 256 GB. It has been equipped with 3190mAh battery to enable users to have the best experience with the same. Let us now check out the common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes.


Common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes

You can find this post have various methods to avoid a specific or a particular problem. It would be good for you to pay attention to them carefully. They have actually been tested but cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong due to the mistakes made by you. Make sure you do what has been instructed to you.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

If you are facing this issue, there is no need to worry. There is one thing you can proceed with to avoid it. Check it out below.

  • Buy another quality earpiece
  • Press volume up button during a call and tings will be settled
  • This will probably solve your concern

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

For reliable data transfer and for several other important tasks, devices often need to be connected with the PC. It’s not a big deal if they don’t respond upon establishing the connection. However, users often worry about this. In case this problem is with your device too, the following information can assist you in understanding how this problem can be avoided.

  • Enable Developers Option and then enable USB debugging
  • Simply restart your device
  • The cable you are using might have some trouble with it such as physical damage
  • Install the latest USB drivers
  • Set the USB configuration to MTP

Overheating problems

The overheating problems are common with most of the smartphones in the present time. They declare their presence anytime and can have several reasons. The good thing is it’s possible to avoid them. For this, the methods below can help you a lot.

  • Remove inauspicious apps from your device
  • Performa  through inspection for the bugs
  • If the device overheats beyond a limit, there might be an issue with the battery
  • Update the devices immediately
  • Don’t perform multiple tasks which are bulky as they engage more RAM and device releases a lot of heat
  • Don’t enhance the level of brightness too much to avoid this issue

Connectivity issues

Smartphones often need to be connected with routers for a stable internet connection. In addition to this, Bluetooth data sharing is also required widely. Failure of both of them leads to connectivity problems in the device. It is possible for the users to avoid this problem without doing much. The below-mentioned instructions are easy and reliable. Try them to fix the connectivity issues on the KOOLNE K1.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes)

  • Erase the history of devices from the settings
  • Clear Bluetooth cache
  • Reboot your device
  • Enable Safe mode and see if the issue is gone
  • Disable the power saving mode
  • Don’t hide the visibility of your Bluetooth connection
  • Don’t set time limit on the visibility

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes)

  • Search of the available connection and erase the one you want your device to connect with
  • Add it again and fill the correct details. Keep your password in mind in case you recently changed it
  • You may need to configure your Wi-Fi Settings again
  • There should be no hardware damage in the Wi-Fi router and the connecting cables
  • Always use the Wi-Fi internet connection within the defined limit of your Wi-Fi router

Unresponsive Touchscreen

A large size screen that KOOLNE K comes with doesn’t always mean it cannot experience a problem. The fact is large is not always best. The previous statement doesn’t support the fact that this device has hardware issues in the screen but the thing is many other factors can lead to an unresponsive touchscreen. Following methods are authorized can be trusted to avoid this problem.

  • The screen might have a minor physical or a liquid damage that is causing this issue. Check it out first of oil
  • The low or poor quality glass guard can also be held responsible for this issue
  • Remove the gloves in case you are wearing them
  • The screen should be kept clean from oil and dust particles
  • Make sure there is no OS related problem in the device causing this issue
  • If the updates are pending, proceed downloading and installing them
  • Perform a factory reset in case the issue is not resolved

Bad camera quality (common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes)

There would hardly be any user presently for whom poor camera quality doesn’t matter. When it comes to KOOLNE K1, the cameras are best in doing their job but some users are not in a position to get the best out from them. Well, this could be due to many possible reasons. You can trust the following guide to avoid this problem.

  • This issue will probably be no more if you select the appropriate shooting mode
  • Focus on the object before you capture the image or the video. In fact this is the more common factor responsible for blurry images and videos
  • Clean the lens properly
  • Tear transparent cover from the screen
  • Update the device in case anything is pending
  • If the lightning conditions are poor, always turn On the camera flash

No SD card detected

Failure to detect a microSD card by a smartphone often gave users reasons to worry. The fact is this problem could be due to many factors that one sometime cannot even imagine. You can try the following methods to get the things back on track.

  • Erase all the data on your card and insert it again to check the status of the problem
  • There might be a compatibility related issue causing this
  • Try using another card to see the one you are using is not corrupt
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on either card and the slot in the phone holding the same

SIM related problems

Mobile SIM cards can become useless due to many reasons and they often don’t let the users perform some important tasks. Well, SIM card problems are avoidable and manageable. There are various methods available for this unless the problem could be due to a hardware damaged. Try the methods suggested below to have things back on track once again.

  • The SIM card should have all services enabled on it
  • If there is a damage on the SIM tray or the SIM itself, get them replaced
  • If the card is too old, get it replaced from nearby service center
  • The SIM should not have dust collected on it
  • Get the SIM card refreshed

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Fast battery drainage and slow charging rate in the KOOLNE K1 hasn’t been reported by a lot of users but the fact is later of sooner most smartphones face this problem. So you should boost your knowledge on this if you are looking for the common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes. The methods which you can simply proceed with are as following

  • Don’t keep the phone on charging after the battery is full
  • The third-party apps should be removed from the phone
  • The back cover might not let the charger getting connected with the charging port properly and can therefore be the reason to this problem
  • You need to make sure all the installed apps are up to date
  • Turn display OFF when device is not in use
  • Keep unwanted notifications OFF
  • Remove the memory card from the phone and see if the issue is gone
  • Keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options OFF when you are not using them

Performance issues (common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes)

There are a ton of reasons why your device is performing slowly. First of all, see if the problem can be avoided with a simple restart. If not, you can proceed with the following methods

  • Simply reboot your device to solve this issue
  • If it is still there, take the device in the safe mode and check if it is gone
  • Update all the apps
  • While the device is on charging, avoid using it for any general task
  • In case you have installed apps from the third-party sources, it would be good to disable them

This information on the common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes can easily be trusted. I am sure you can now fix the problems you are facing easily. However, in case you felt the need of more information on common KOOLNE K1 problems and fixes, you can let us know about it in the below comment section.

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