Common Lenovo Vibe K5 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

As the demand of smartphones is increasing all over the world, many electronic and IT companies have engaged themselves in manufacturing the same. It is quite true that because of no other reason than this, presently one is having a wide spectrum of options available when it comes to buying the same. In the present time, we have gadgets in almost every price range and the best part is these devices are simply amazing to keep up the pace in every aspect. Lenovo has made a strong market presence and it only started manufacturing the phones just after the rising demands of the gadgets. Well, you might have no idea but the Lenovo Vibe K5 is a good phone which can be trusted for the long run simply. You can perform a lot of tasks with this gadget. In this post, I will let you know something very useful about the common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes.

Basically, this is a device that is being used by a very large number of users. You can simply keep up the pace with it. However because most of the Android-based gadgets have some minor bugs always associated with them, the Lenovo K5 also experiencing the same upto some extent. The good thing is it is very easy to deal with them and in fact without doing much. In case you are facing some of these issues, you need to gain more knowledge about the common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes. The same is present in the paragraphs which you can find in the later sections of this post.

common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes

Let us first have a quick overview of this gadget so that you can easily proceed with the common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes. It comes with a 5-inch fully-HD display with excellent screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The Qualcomm octa-core processor and a 2GB RAM makes sure all the tasks are performed smoothly. Of course, it is a device that is meant for those who need to use their devices reliably. It has a 16GB ROM which makes sure all your data related needs can be fulfilled simply.

It has a 13MP primary and a 5MP secondary camera which simply let users capture quality snaps anytime they want. The 2750mAh battery makes sure the device remains capable to perform all the tasks of the day instructed by users once it is fully charged. It is one of those devices which are very much powerful in terms of performance. Although the configuration and the specifications are good, there are certain factors due to which it is facing some minor glitches. Check out more about the common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes.

Common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes

There is no doubt that Lenovo Vibe K5 is one of the best devices which is good enough to be trusted simply. You need not worry to explore a lot of things while troubleshooting this device. However, it would be good for you to keep this thing in mind that cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong due to your own mistake while following this guide.


Connectivity issues

With any modern smartphone, connectivity is really very important and in fact, it matters a lot. Having the connectivity related issues means more trouble with several features of this phone. Therefore it would be good for you to deal with this issue simply. Check out below how such problems can be avoided.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes)

  • Reboot your device first of all rather than doing anything else. This is because it can solve this issues many times
  • See if you have not restricted the Bluetooth connections’s visibility to the other devices
  • Disable immediately the power saving mode if it is enabled
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache from the app settings
  • Delete the history of devices to solve this problem
  • In case it is not solved, you need to proceed with a hard reset

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes)

  • First of all, I suggest you to see that there is no hardware problem in the Wi-Fi router
  • You need to check the network strength and signal along with the network status on the same
  • Forget the network simply if the problem is still there and wait for 1 minute. After this, simply add it again by entering the password
  • Try a simple reboot after this

No SD card detected

The device is useful because of one simple reason in the present time and i.e. they simply let you store more data through the microSD cards. However, in case you are not able to deal with this issue simply, try the methods below

  • The maximum storage that you can have on this device is restricted to 16 GB default plus 32 GB through MicroSd card. Therefore make sure your card is under this range
  • Format the card and insert it again
  • Make sure there is no physical or liquid damage is there
  • Check if the memory card slot is not having a physical damage
  • Examine the unexpected files present on it. If you find any, delete the same

Bad camera quality

The Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone is simply amazing in terms of cameras. However, in case you are facing this issue, you can try the following instructions and methods to get the things back on track

  • Try capturing the snaps/videos with the default camera app if you are using any other
  • Update the camera app you are using
  • Select the shooting mode depending on the lightning conditions
  • Set the camera settings to high-resolution. This makes sure you get the best quality images and videos.
  • Clean the camera lens if there is any dust present in it
  • See if the back cover you are using is covering the camera lens too
  • Keep some space always free on your device

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

To solve this problem, following are the methods that you can proceed with

  • If you have a custom ROM installed on your phone, this might be the reason that you are facing this issue
  • Update your device if there is anything pending
  • Remove the memory card and see if the problem is gone
  • The charger and power bank used by you should be authorized and genuine
  • Keep the notifications OFF for the apps you rarely use
  • Keep the brightness under control
  • If there is dust in the charging port, this problem could e due to this reason only
  • See if there is loose wiring in the socket
  • Get the battery checked for a hardware damage
  • Disable all the apps that were installed from third-party sources

SIM related problems

To solve the SIM-related problems, here is the guide below

  • There might be no network services active on your SIM. Make sure of the same
  • Get the device inspected for a damage in the SIM card slot and the SIM tray
  • Make sure there are no frequency related issues
  • You need to replace your SIM in case the problem is still there

Overheating problems

Well, the fact is smartphones have many reasons to declare this problem and give users a lot of reason to worry. Just like all other issues, it is also possible to get the things back on track again with the overheating related common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes.

  • Remove any app which you installed recently
  • The problem might be temporary and could be due to engagement of RAM in a major task. Thus, try a simple reboot and see if the problem is gone
  • Always use the genuine charger
  • Don’t enhance brightness beyond the need
  • Clear the device cache simply
  • If a power bank is something you use frequently, always have the one which is genuine and authorized to use
  • See if the problem can be avoided just be removing the back cover of the device
  • Install all pending updates on your phone

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

Many users of this device have reported about this issue. You can avoid it simply by adopting the following practice

  • Try to check the status of the problem with another earpiece of high quality
  • Press the volume up button during a phone call. This will make the sound loud for the listener at the other end

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes)

Because modern smartphones can be operated only through the touchscreen, it is necessary that the same remains in the proper working condition. You can simply troubleshoot the problem by keeping some of the facts in mind. Check them out below

  • Simply restart the device and see if the issue is gone
  • Install all the pending updates
  • Always keep the touchscreen clean from oil and dust
  • Remove the mittens and gloves before using the screen
  • Don’t mistake this issue with any other
  • A physical damage on the internal screen could be responsible for this. thus, perform a thorough inspection
  • If a screen protector is installed on the screen and it is too old, replace it with a new one
  • Perform a hard reset if other options don’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This problem could be due to many simple and unexpected reasons. Try the following simple methods.

  • Always make sure that the USB configuration is set to MTP
  • Install the USB drivers on your phone
  • Properly check and find if there is any physical damage on the connecting cable
  • Take your device to the developer mode and turn on the USB debugging

Performance issues

There are many factors that can largely affect the performance of your phone and it would be good for you to take the appropriate actions immediately. Sometimes even the minor factors are responsible for this issue, you can try the following to avoid it

  • Don’t fill the storage completely
  • Using the phone while charging can also give rise to this problem
  • You might have multiple apps installed on your device the source of which could be other than the Play Store
  • Update all the apps if you haven’t
  • Clean the phone memory against viruses

That’s all about the about the common Lenovo Vibe K5 problems and fixes. In case there is anything else which you need to know, you can simply comment on the below section. It is not always necessary that the concern you are having can be avoided only with the initial points only. Follow all the methods that are posted here. If you need to know anything else about the common Lenovo Vibe K5 Smart problems and fixes, feel free to let us know.


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