Common LG G7 Thin Q Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Time has a very strong relationship with technology. The latter has been improved significantly with the passage of time and when it comes to smartphones, we have a few pieces around us which are the perfect results of electronic engineering. Probably the smartphones in the present time are simply the best and can easily be trusted without worrying about anything. There are so many options available to those who want to own some of the best smartphones of all the time. The good thing is there is not even a need to worry about the prices as markets these days are flooded with options that are not just economical, but are good enough to be trusted in this century. Well, when it comes to smartphones, there are many brands that can simply be trusted by one and all. One among them is LG. They started their journey long ago but got the popularity when the Google choose them for designing their first every smartphone. Till then, LG has launched several gadgets are most of them have an excellent user’s ratings. One of their recent introductions is G7 Thin. Probably it is one of the finest gadgets in every aspect. This post has been compiled to let you know about the common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes.

Buying this phone is a right choice and you need not to worry about anything. If you are worrying about the common problems, the fact is they are due to issues that arrive just because of bugs in Android technology. LG has made it an amazing and a true performer in all the aspects. Thus, you need not to worry about changing your plan to buy another phone and rejecting this. You simply need to keep it in mind that a few problems are common with almost every gadget and later or sooner, most users often experience them. They can easily be avoided by the users without taking any additional help. All the information regarding the common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes that can help them is mentioned in this post.

common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes

There are actually no major hardware problems in this phone. In fact it comes with best hardware configuration. The users can choose this gadget with closed eyes over others in its class. Check out below for something very useful on the common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes.

Common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes

Whatever you find about the common LG G7 Thin problems and fixes in this post can be trusted simply for getting the favorable results. However, if you choose to do anything not mentioned, there are other problems you can face in the phone. Such issues may not be avoidable and therefore it is recommended to you to don’t mold any step or instruction. cannot be held responsible for this.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

It is not necessary always that only the smartphone is responsible for this problem. You need to pay attention to the PC as well. Check out below what exactly can be done to avoid this issue simply.

  • Make sure the connections are not loose among the connecting cable and the USB on the PC
  • Check if the USB drivers are not outdated in the devices. IF so, update them simply
  • The problem might be in the connecting cable as well. Check it out
  • In case the phone doesn’t get detected automatically, make it manually
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone than the camera mode
  • Check if the copy of Windows installed on the PC is genuine or not
  • May be the drivers on the PC or on the phone are missing
  • Make sure the phone is free from virus infection as PC often don’t allow infected devices to be connected when they have an antivirus software installed on them
  • Always make sure that the phone and the PC are not violating the security policies of each other upon connection
  • Simply restart both the devices after creating the connection

Connectivity issues

Some tasks cannot be accomplished properly if you cannot connect your device with others gadgets. For this, there is nothing you need to do than turning ON the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth on both the gadgets. If things are not working properly while doing so, here are some steps that can be taken into consideration for avoiding those issues simply

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

  • First check if the network signal is stable or not
  • Perform a simple reboot on your phone. Restart the router as well and then connect again
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi on phone and choose to forget the connection. Add again by entering correct details and try reconnecting
  • Check if the Wi-Fi antenna on the phone is physically damaged
  • Enter the authentication details correctly
  • Make sure you are not standing away from the area covered by the router
  • A wrong cable connection might be the reason you are facing this problem in case the router has been installed or configured recently
  • Check your allotted bandwidth. You might be facing the problem due to full consumption of the same
  • Make sure the services of the network provider are running on your connection
  • Check if the router is experiencing any problem or needs troubleshooting
  • Make sure that all the drivers for the Wi-Fi router are installed

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

  • The virus infection in the data might be the reason to this problem
  • Check and make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON for both the devices and is set to discoverable mode
  • Make sure not to connect your device with Bluetooth through a third-party app
  • If such apps are installed in the phone and are running in the background at the same time you are using the Bluetooth, remove them
  • There might be some restrictions on the connection of new devices. Check it out
  • Close all the apps running in the background
  • Simply choose to disable the power saving mode if it is turned ON
  • Enter the pass code correctly while adding the device for the first time
  • Check if the Bluetooth is working properly on the other device

Bad camera quality

Although the 16MP primary and the 8MP secondary camera on this device let you capture quality snaps, there are other factors that can act as a barrier for the quality. Here are some methods that can be trusted for avoiding this problem.

  • Make sure not to move your phone to and from while capturing the snap
  • Always make sure to prefer the shooting mode which is best for the situation
  • For low light conditions, prefer the camera flashlight
  • Check if the camera lens needs cleanliness against signs of finger or dust
  • If you are using any other apps than the default camera app, you can face this problem
  • Make sure to capture the pictures in the HD mode only
  • Turn ON the night vision if there is no proper visibility
  • Remove the transparent glass from the screen that comes pre-installed with brand new devices
  • You can avoid blur by focusing on the object before capturing the picture
  • Clean the device screen simply if you find a lot of dirt is there

Unexpected behavior of the apps

For the users facing this problem in the phone, there is nothing to worry about as it can easily be avoided. Here is how.

  • Check if the apps installed are present in the phone memory. If not, switch them to phone and not to memory card
  • Check if the version of all the installed app is latest
  • If there is any apps which is not operating properly, simply choose to uninstall it and restart your phone
  • Impose a limit on the overall number of apps you have in your phone
  • For better response of the apps, always choose to install them from the trusted sources

Quick Battery draining & slow charging (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

Battery related faults can have so many reasons. It is not possible for the users to explore all of them one after one. Better is to follow the methods that can avoid this issue ad they are mentioned below to help you.

  • First make sure you are not using the pirated charger, charging cable or the adapter to charge your phone
  • The problem might be present due to not updating the apps installed in the phone
  • Simply make sure no features are turned ON without any use
  • Always charge your phone through the recommended procedure. Don’t charge it beyond 90% for better battery life
  • Make sure not to use the mobile data for downloading complex files
  • Check if the power bank you use are compatible with the phone
  • May there are some complex games you have installed on your phone
  • The phone shouldn’t be charged from PC all the time

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

If the 128GB default memory of the LG G7 thin Q is not sufficient for you, you can simply use a memory card of upto 400GB in this device. However, in case it is not getting detected properly, you can simply follow the below guide to get the things in your favor.

  • Make sure the card you are using is not corrupt. This usually happens when they are left unused directly under the atmosphere for long time
  • Don’t exceed beyond 400GB which is the upper limit on this phone
  • Check if the card is compatible with the phone. Insert it properly and restart your phone
  • Make sure the files present in the card are not corrupt
  • The presence of a virus could be the reason why the smartphone is not detecting it
  • Erase some data in case it is totally full
  • Properly check for a physical damage on the card you are using
  • Remove the memory card and use it on another device. If it works fine, the problem is possibly in the device
  • Make sure you don’t use a cheap quality card on this gadget
  • Simply choose to format the card and make sure to insert it again in the phone in a proper manner

SIM related problems (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

Maintaining the smooth experience with the SIM card is something that needs you to pay close attention to some basic factors. Check them out below simply

  • If the SIM card is left unused for a long time, make sure the network services are enabled on it before inserting in the phone
  • If there is no signal, open network settings and choose the network manually and then choose to register on it
  • Open SIM settings and check if the SIM card is turned OFF
  • Remove SIM card from the phone, restart it and then insert it again. Make sure you re-insert it in a proper manner
  • If you are not using a parallel SIM, insert it in the SIM Slot 1
  • Make sure the services are not temporarily disabled on your number
  • May be the SIM tray is having a physical damage on it. Check SIM card as well for the same
  • May be you are under the basement of a building. Go out and check again
  • Make sure the Airplane mode is not turned ON
  • Check SIM card or the network provider compatibility with the variant of phone you own

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

Well, the screen is the most important element on the phone. If you find it doesn’t work in a way it has to, simply go ahead with the methods and instructions mentioned below.

  • Problems in the Android are often confused as screen problems. Keep this thing in your mind
  • Simply update the OS or get it re-installed again. The problem would probably be gone
  • Make sure to clean the device screen properly
  • Remove mittens or gloves before operating the screen. Also make sure your hands are clean and are not wet
  • If the memory of the phone is completely full, it’s good to erase some data
  • Restart the phone and press the power and Volume up/down button together. This will open the phone in safe mode. In case things work fine, you need to look for the problem in the apps
  • Check and update all of them especially those which are pending since long
  • If the screen is shared with any other gadget such as a smart TV, disable this option

Overheating problems (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

Although LG gadgets don’t have this problem associated with them, you can follow the below methods if you experience the same with the G7 Thin.

  • Downloading the data for long hours through mobile data can sometime cause this issue
  • The accessories used with the phone should be of genuine quality. This contains power bank (if you use), earpiece, charger or any other widget
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi hot spot is not shared with so many devices
  • Check if a new version to the OS is available
  • Don’t allow installation of apps from all the sources
  • May be so many apps are running in the background. Close them and perform a simple restart
  • The phone might be not be expelling the heat generated in it properly
  • Make sure the power socket, connecting cable and the adapter are working properly
  • The phone might have some apps which are putting extra burden on the RAM and is causing more heat. Check it out

Earpiece sounds Robotic

As a user, you don’t have a lot of reasons to worry on this as it’s a basic issue. To troubleshoot the same, the below methods can be very useful for one and all who is facing it.

  • There are chances that sound drivers are not up to the date or missing from the phone
  • Make sure not to prefer any other earpiece which is not compatible with your phone
  • Check if the universal jack on the phone is damaged
  • Try using your earpiece on another gadget
  • If you are connecting a Bluetooth earpiece, make sure to connect it properly through the recommended procedure
  • In case a new version of the OS is available, check and update to it
  • Make sure there is no dust in the connector

Performance issues (common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes)

Performance often goes down with time and it is true when it comes to smartphones. The better level of performance can easily be assured all the time from your device and for this, you just need to follow the below instructions whenever the performance related issues declare their presence on your LG G7 thin.

  • The slow performance can be due to installation of so many apps. Remove the ones which are not required and make sure all others are up to the date
  • Check if the phone is having a virus affection in it
  • Remove the memory card from the phone and check if the problem is gone
  • Make sure to keep some GB empty in the phone’s default memory
  • There might be some blocked apps which are causing this issue. Always install them from Play Store than any other source
  • If the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON and is shared with other gadgets, turn it OFF
  • Don’t install bulk files from the mobile data
  • Check for a new version or a security patch available for the Android. Update if available
  • Clear the cache memory of all the apps you have installed in your LG G7 thin
  • Make sure not to keep so many files in the folder named “Downloaded Files”
  • May be some features are turned ON without requirement. Check and turn them OFF
  • Don’t use your phone while charging

That’s all about the common LG G7 Thin Q problems and fixes. You can find solutions to the common problems for various other smartphones on our website. In addition to this, a lot of information about the Custom ROM, installation guide and latest news on Android can also be explored over there.

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