Common LG K11 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

There are a very large number of smartphone options present in the market for those who want to buy a new one or simply want to switch the same. The fact is there are manufacturers who have started manufacturing multiple models. On an average basis, most of the manufacturers work to bring out at least 10 models in the market. Also, each smartphone has multiple variants which are provided by keeping in view the needs of people that vary from one region to another. This may sometimes make it difficult for a wise person to select a phone without wasting time. However, there are manufacturers with some amazing options that simply let the users keep up the pace with everything. LG K11 Plus is an example. Check out the below paragraphs for the common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes.

One of the harsh realities of life is it’s full of challenges. The smartphones are truly capable to overcome many of them in no time. This is because of the features they are loaded with. The fact is smartphones like LG K11 Plus are amazing and simply the best. Because like every modern gadget it’s too based on Android, there are some common issues while you can experience later or sooner while using it. There is nothing to worry actually when it comes to dealing with them. The information mentioned in this post about the common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes can easily be considered for getting outcomes better than your expectation.

common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes

What you need to keep in mind

It’s necessary that you should keep all the information about the basic working of a smartphone to get the best out of this gadget. Also, the problems which are mentioned in this post don’t reflect that this device suffers from major hardware issues. The fact is these issues are quite common and every smartphone can have the same. There are many users of different smartphones who often explore the internet for finding the resolutions to these issues. Thus you can simply go ahead without thinking about much if you have a plan to buy this smartphone. Check out now about the common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes.

Common LG K11 PLUS problems and fixes

The instructions and methods mentioned in this post can probably solve your concern but only if you follow them in the manner they are listed. By molding them you can send an indirect invitation to the other problems. Probably it would be difficult for you then to find an effective solution to the same. Therefore, follow the tips directly. cannot be held responsible for any such thing. Here is all you need to know about common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

Communication or the information exchange in the gadgets is required for plenty of reasons and therefore it would be good for you to make sure that the concerned features operate properly. These features are Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth. They both are basic but are required often and are very useful for one and all. Check out below how it is possible for you to deal with the issues that lead to their partial or complete stoppage of these features.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and choose to restart the phone. This can solve your concern
  • Make sure you are not trying to connect your phone with another device whose Bluetooth is disabled
  • Check and make sure you are not using the phone in the power saving mode
  • Check if the list of the devices you connected with your own is too long. Open history of same and erase a few names.
  • Check if there is an app running parallel and is having access to the Bluetooth of the device. Close all other apps and try again
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna is in proper working condition
  • Your Smartphone might have restrictions on connecting the new devices with it. check and if this is the case, remove them all
  • The Bluetooth connection of your device or the one you are trying to connected with might have its visibility hidden from the other gadgets
  • Don’t change the settings of Bluetooth app to custom
  • The phone or the data you are transferring might have a virus in it due to which the problem is there
  • Check if the problem is there due to Bluetooth incompatibility
  • Make sure the overall number of files that you are trying to send doesn’t exceed the standard limit of data to be transferred in one go
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache data
  • Check if the phone memory is filled completely
  • Update the device OS to a new version or an improvement if available
  • Open the device connections. Choose to forget the one you are trying to connect to. Restart your phone and search & try connecting again

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes)

  • First of all, simply check if the problem can be gone upon simply restarting the phone and the modem
  • Make sure there are no multiple devices connected with the modem you have
  • Check if the services are no longer active or suspended on your connection
  • The problem could be due to not entering the authentication details properly
  • Make sure you are not facing the trouble just because the LAN settings are disabled
  • The improper connection of cables can be the other reason to this issue
  • Make sure no other app is running in the background and especially the one which have access to Wi-Fi such as the commonly used Shareit
  • Check if the internet connectivity is stable. This can be done by checking the stability indicator
  • Monitor the network performance for sometime
  • The network provider or the Wi-Fi administrator might have imposed some additional restrictions on the Wi-Fi. Check it out simply
  • Make sure the phone is in a position to access the Wi-Fi range
  • Simply open the Wi-Fi settings and forget the connection. Add it again
  • Make sure the configuration or the installation of the modem is done in a rightful manner if you recently performed these tasks
  • Check if the Wi-Fi drivers have a problem in them
  • Make sure the Bandwidth limit hasn’t been crossed
  • Your Wi-Fi connection should be password protected
  • Take opinion of an expert by bringing your device to one of nearest LG service/rep[air center which is authorized

Performance Issues

Performance is something that is calculated in terms of time taken by a smartphone to complete a task which is assigned by the users. Generally, it should be as low as possible. Else, the phone is considered to have active performance issues. The below performance-related common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes simply let you keep up the pace with everything.

  • First restart your phone simply and check if the problem is gone
  • Make sure you haven’t installed apps from the third-party sources
  • The completely filled phone memory can also be the reason to this problem
  • Check and make sure there are no apps running in the background
  • Make sure not to change the important recommended settings to custom
  • Clean the cache memory of the apps
  • Disable all the features which are turned ON but not required at that time
  • Install an antivirus app in the phone and check virus presence
  • Always make sure to charge your phone from the genuine charger. This can often slow down the performance
  • Don’t violate security policies of the phone
  • You might have installed a custom ROM on the phone
  • The last thing which can help you is to perform a hard reset

Apps not functioning properly (common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes)

The functionality of the apps in the smartphone decides how well you can operate it without getting errors. There are often situations when multiple errors come and the users have to face a lot of issues. Well, if this is what you are already experiencing on your LG K11 plus, you can check the instructions below to solve this concern

  • Restart your phone simply and check the overall access of the RAM the installed apps generally have
  • Remove all the apps which are not used for long/not required anymore
  • Update all others which are pending
  • Make sure not to install them from other sources than Play Store and don’t change their settings to the custom
  • Keep them in the phone memory only than in SD card
  • Don’t violate the user policies while accessing them
  • Always impose a limit on the overall number of apps available in your gadget

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

Actually it’s the battery backup that will decide the experience you have with a smartphone. Because of rapid advancement and rise in the features, the power needs of modern day smartphones have also increased. Although manufacturers have started paying attention on the same, there are several other reasons and factors due to which you can face this issue. Try the following to get the things back on track.

  • Know the real reasons of this issue by performing a battery self test
  • Make sure the problem is not just because of overcharging the phone all the time
  • Make sure not to download data or to use the phone while charging it
  • Perform an inspection on all the accessories you often connect with your phone. This generally includes earphones, charging, USB cable and power bank. Make sure they are compatible with the phone
  • Don’t let the apps run in the background when they are not required
  • Check and make sure the Wi-Fi hot spot is not turned ON. Sharing internet connection with multiple devices can be the reason to this problem
  • Check the power socket you use
  • Make sure the power cable connector is not physically damage
  • If the power saving mode is enabled, simply disable the same

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

Recognition of the devices connected to a smartphone either in a wireless manner or through a wired connection is important is important for the same. However, due to some minor reasons, they often fail to detect the connected devices. If this happens to you while connecting your phone with the PC, the following are some of the useful instructions that can simply let you have outcome in the way you need.

  • First check which mode you have selected on the phone. Switch to MTP mode in case you selected any other
  • Check if the connecting cable’s working condition is proper
  • The USB drivers might be outdated. Install them simply
  • Make sure there are no restrictions on any of the device for accepting the new connections
  • Restart your PC simply
  • Check if the Windows drivers required to detect the phone are missing
  • Make sure the phone memory is not filled completely
  • Check if you have disabled the screen notification for connecting the new devices on the phone
  • Make sure the connections are not loose. You can use a parallel USB port on the device

Bad camera quality (common LG K11 PLUS problems and fixes)

When it comes to capturing the pictures, a very large number of people all over the world perform it through their smartphones. And why not, the manufacturers have loaded them with amazing cameras with amazing lenses. Well, if there is any problem due to which you cannot get quality snaps/videos on your device, don’t blame the manufacturer, try the below instructions and methods.

  • Clean the lens of camera with a soft piece of cloth
  • Make sure you always access the camera through default app
  • Check if the camera performance has been reduced manually
  • Open the camera settings and select the HD mode for both pictures and videos
  • Simply make sure you are not applying additional frames while capturing the snaps which is quite common these days
  • To avoid blur, target the object you want to capture before you actually make a clock on the capturing button
  • Don’t forget to turn ON the flashlight when the lights around your location are low
  • Simply make sure you have the selected the shooting mode that best fits the situation
  • Clean the device screen as well. This can also be the factor responsible for this issue
  • Make sure not to use a back cover that is larger than the size of your phone. IT can hide the lens which doesn’t let you have quality snaps

Earpiece sounds Robotic

To avoid this problem, go ahead with the following methods

  • Check if the universal earpiece connector is having a physical damage on the same. At the same time check the earpiece as well which you own
  • You might have disabled the sounds on the phone. Check it out properly
  • The sounds drivers in the phone might have an error in them
  • Make sure not to use a low quality earpiece with the phone
  • Check if another earpiece works in a fine manner on your phone
  • Bring phone to a nearby service center to get it checked

Screen-Related Problems

There are often situations when the phone screen stops operating. Well, this can make any smartphone totally useless. Before you go to get the screen inspected at an authorized repair center, you are recommended to try all what is spotlighted below.

  • Clean the screen properly and make sure there are no grease or oil particles present on the same
  • If the screen sharing or the screen mirroring option is enabled, disable the same
  • Check and make sure the screen doesn’t have any physical damage on the same
  • Make sure the screen resolution hasn’t been set to low
  • Check if the phone memory if completely filled. This can be the reason you are facing this situation
  • Don’t hit the back of your phone which many users often do to restore the functionality of the screen
  • Clean your hands and always operate it gently
  • Open the device in safe mode and simply disable all the apps. Check if the functionality is restored or not
  • Remove the transparent glass from it which you might have installed

SIM/Network related problems (common LG K11 PLUS problems and fixes)

Sometimes just inserting the SIM card is not just enough to get the services of a network provider. There are things you need to make sure of to get the functionality. There are some important instructions that can help you to eliminate any issue which you have about the SIM card in your phone

  • Restart your phone simply
  • Check if there is any problem just because a damage has already been caused to the SIM card. Check SIM tray too
  • Make sure you have selected or registered on the home network only in the network selection
  • Open SIM settings and check if the SIM card has been turned ON
  • Check if the Airplane mode is enabled on the phone
  • Make sure the variant of phone is truly compatible with the SIM you use
  • Check if the services of the network provider are still running on your SIM card. The suspension/withdrawn of the same can be the reason to this problem
  • If you are in a basement, come out of the same
  • Avoid using old SIM card in a new phone

Overheating problems (common LG K11 PLUS problems and fixes)

Heat dissipation is quite common in the modern gadgets. If you think it’s happening beyond a limit in the LG K11 Plus owned by you, here are some important methods to simply keep up the pace.

  • One of the biggest reason to this problem is incompatible accessories which you might be using
  • Don’t install any such app in the phone which is not compatible by changing its settings
  • Avoid data downloading through mobile data
  • Make sure not to run so many apps at the same time
  • Check if a new version is available for the OS
  • The charging cable might have an issue associated with the same. Check it out properly
  • Make sure to remove the back cover if you have installed it
  • Avoid multitasking for next few days upto the possible extent

With this information, you can simply deal with the common issues you are facing. To know more about the common LG K11 Plus problems and fixes, simply make a comment on the below section. We love to see you again on our website. You can find the latest news on the Android world on our platform and can subscribe to get the updates on the same subject.






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