Common Motto G5S Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Using a phone was never as easy as it is in the present time. The reason is smartphones have become more than just a gadget for placing and receiving the phone calls. Probably you know that there are manufacturers who have contributed a lot in this matter. One example is Motorola. It is an old smartphone brand. In fact, it is one among those manufacturer which one of the prime competitors to two of the major players in smartphone market and they are Nokia and Samsung. Even today they have some of the best available gadgets in the market and a support of a very large number of users all over the world. This is actually what that has enabled them to get a ton of favorable response in exchange of whatever they have launched in the smartphone market. In this post, I will let you know more about the common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes.

Motorola gadgets are trusted worthy and can be invested without worrying about anything. The problems that have been discussed in this post are not actually related with the hardware of this gadget. They are related with the OS and i.e. Android and it’s not a surprising fact that every Android-based smartphone have a few or all of these issues in the same. In case you are facing any of them, the good thing for you is you can simply avoid them and without making a ton of efforts. It is very simple to get the favorable outcome if you follow the information about common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes carefully and in a rightful manner. Check the detailed information on the same below.

common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes

Common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes

It is simply recommended to you to follow everything you find about the common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes in this post exactly in the manner it has been recommended or advised to you. Otherwise, there are chances of facing other problems for which you cannot held responsible.

Connectivity issues

When it comes to connectivity, there are two default features present in the phone that simply let users keep up the pace. These are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If you think latter is required only to connect your device with the internet, you are wrong. Many data transfer apps such as the commonly used “Shareit” works through Wi-Fi. Therefore, the device should totally be free from connectivity issues. Of course, this simply let you make sure of a smooth and reliable experience. Here are some methods to help you if you are facing connectivity issues in your phone.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

  • Open Device settings
  • Scroll down to find the Bluetooth option and clear the cache data
  • Now simply reboot and check if the problem is gone
  • Update the Bluetooth app in case an update is pending
  • Make sure any other data transfer app is not running in the background. If so, close it and try again
  • Check if the Bluetooth is turned ON and the same is visible to all nearby devices on your device and the one you are trying to connect
  • Maybe the Bluetooth version of either of the device. Keep it in mind there is a limit on the same in almost every modern gadget and exceeding the same can be the reason to this problem
  • Make sure the default Bluetooth app is not crashed
  • If the power saving mode is enabled, simply disable the same

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

  • Be within the signal range of the Wi-Fi router
  • Right click on the signal bar and choose troubleshoot
  • Don’t forget to update the password in the device if the same was changed recently
  • The Wi-Fi routers have a limit on holding a number of devices at one time. Check if the same hasn’t been exceed
  • Make sure the entire bandwidth allotted to you hasn’t been consumed
  • Check if the cables connections are right
  • Place a call to network support care if the problem is still there
  • Re-configure the router if you find any problem in the same

No SD card detected (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

Most of the SD card problems are avoidable and the best thing is you need not to worry about anything while following the guide to do so. Check out some of the best available methods and instructions to keep up the pace simply.

  • Remove the card from the phone.
  • Restart the same
  • Insert your card again in the phone and check if the problem is gone
  • In case it is still there, make sure to use a card which doesn’t exceed the limit imposed by the manufacturer
  • In case you find a physical damage on the card, you need to replace it
  • For a memory card which wasn’t used a for a long time, before inserting it in the smartphone, simply format it and try again
  • Check if the data in the card is affected with virus
  • Maybe the violation of the security policies of either of the device is the reason behind this issue
  • Check if your phone works perfectly in the Safe mode
  • Check if the memory card is working fine on any other gadget. If so, you need to get it replaced

SIM related problems (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

There are many problems that can arrive in the smartphone because of no other reason than SIM card in case it doesn’t operate properly. To troubleshoot SIM related problems, you can proceed with the following instructions and methods

  • Insert the SIM card properly in the device and check for a physical damage before doing so
  • Sometimes network appears simply by restarting the device. Try it once
  • Make sure the SIM card hasn’t been turned OFF
  • Always insert the SIM in the slot 1 if the other slot is a hybrid one with the second SIM and the memory card
  • Search for the network manually. This can be done by opening the SIM settings and selecting the network options
  • Make sure that services provided by the network operator on your SIM card are not disabled
  • The compatibility issues in the SIM card and the phone can be the reason to this issue
  • Replace the SIM card and check the status of the problem
  • If it is still there, you need to get the phone checked properly

Bad camera quality

Camera quality is always a concern with most of the smartphone users irrespective of the device they use. Actually, later or sooner, these problems are often experienced but they couldn’t be expected from a brand new device. With your Moto G5S plus, if you are facing them, here is what you can do to simply avoid them

  • To remove blur, always focus on the object prior capturing the snap
  • Use the device flash if the lights are not giving proper visibility
  • From the brand new device, remove the transparent glass from the screen after bringing it out of the phone
  • The right shooting mode is exactly what that let you keep up the pace again the camera quality issues
  • Update the apps which have a new version available
  • Open camera settings and make sure that the out is set to “High Resolution”
  • Clean the camera lens properly and gently

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

When it comes to screen, even a minor problem in the same can impose a strict upper limit on the functionality of the smartphone. The reason is quite simple and i.e. smartphones in the current time can be operated only through the touchscreen. If there are already problems which you are facing, you can follow the below instructions and methods.

  • First of all, rather than doing anything else, update the OS if the same is pending. This is because OS related problems can often cause this issue
  • Remove all the apps from the phone once and see if the problem is gone. For this, you can simply take the device in the safe mode by restarting the device and pressing the power and Volume up/down button together
  • Maybe the device default memory is totally filled. Erase some data if this is the case and see if the problem is gone
  • The screen guard might be responsible for this issue if the same is of low quality. Remove it and check again
  • Make sure your hands and the device screen is free from oil and grease particles
  • Check for a damage on the screen

Quick Battery draining & slow charging (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

Smartphones are largely expected to provide the sufficient battery backup once they are changed. However, the time period for which the battery can let the phone work properly depends largely on a lot of factors. To understand about quick battery draining and slow charging related common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes, pay close attention to the below methods

  • Check if the Wi-Fi hotspot is turned ON and other devices are connected with your device through it. This could be the most common factor responsible for this
  • Try charging the device with another charger for few days
  • Make sure you are not using a power bank most of the time for charging the device
  • The power supply might be improper or fluctuating in the source
  • Don’t use the phone for downloading or for any other task while charging the same
  • Notifications from different set of apps while keep running in the background doesn’t let users make sure of good battery backup
  • Download and install the apps which are pending
  • Don’t allow device to be connected with all the devices. This can transfer virus in the phone and the same could be the reason of this problem

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Smartphones often refused to connect with the laptops and personal computers. There are actually many reasons behind this small issue and to avoid them, you have no reason to worry a lot. Try the methods compiled below

  • Make sure the USB drivers in either of the device are not missing or outdated
  • The copy of Windows in the PC might not be genuine
  • Disable all the restrictions from both of the devices
  • Check the connecting cable you are using is in working condition and is compatible and recommended to be used for data transfer
  • Connect the device with PC once and perform a reboot
  • Trey connecting to a parallel if one doesn’t work properly
  • Make sure to choose the MTP mode on the phone after connecting the same with the PC

Overheating problems (common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes)

Overheating is not at all a major issue in any of the Motorola device till date. However, in case you are facing them with your Moto G5S plus, the methods to eliminate the same are very simple. Check them out below to get the favorable results

  • Don’t install too many apps in the phone and make sure they are not running in the background once you used them
  • Make sure the device charger is in proper working condition
  • Overcharging often leads to overheating problems in the phone
  • Don’t use the back cover for next few days
  • Update the OS if a newer version is waiting for your approval
  • Last option to get the things on back is to perform a hard reset

Performance issues

Smartphones offer tremendous performance during the initial stage of use. However, with respect to time, the same often start degrading. This is the first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with the performance issues. Of course, you cannot have the similar performance all the time. It depends on a lot of factors. In case your device is responding too slowly and you want to deal with this situation, here is what you can do

  • The apps you have installed recently should be erased. Check if the problem is solved after doing so
  • Update all the pending apps and the OS if a new version is available
  • Keep some space empty for the smooth flow of the tasks and operations in the device
  • Delete the apps and the data which you haven’t used for a long time
  • The installation of the apps should be restricted only to the trusted sources such as Play Store
  • Check if the data in the device is not corrupt
  • Make sure not to engage the device in downloading multiple files at the same time

This guide about the common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes simply let you get the results in the way you want or expect. It should be kept in mind that most of the issues can be solved simply upon performing a hard reset if the other methods wouldn’t work. For more information about common Moto G5S Plus problems and fixes, let us know through the below comment section.


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