Common Moto Z2 play Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Motorola is one of the oldest game players in the International market of phones. When most of the brands turned their phones into smartphones a few years ago, they also come up with some amazing devices which are truly the perfect combination of price and quality. You might have no idea but Motorola devices are always smooth to use. They come with several features that you cannot find with other manufacturers. One of the unique facts about their devices is their design. They pay a lot of attention to the same also while loading their devices with the features. In this post, we will discuss the common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes and will introduce you to the best information on this.

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The Moto Z2 Play was released in June 2017. Since then, the overall number of users of this device has increased. One of the leading reasons for this is Moto Z2 is actually the successor of Moto Z which was launched in the year 2016 and become the flagship device for them. Although Z2 is a good device that has the best configuration too, there are users who have recently reported the minor issues they are having with this device. The fact is most of the issues reported so far about this smartphone are due to OS issues. Thus you can easily avoid them with a simple guidelines and methods. Check out the useful information on common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes below.

common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes

Before you understanding anything about the common Moto Z2 play problems and fixes, it would be good to know about the hardware configuration of this device. This is because it helps you to follow this guide easily. This device runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is powered by a 2.2GHz processor for faster speed in all the operations. The 4GB RAM also ensures the performance and fast operations so that users can simply save more time. The 64GB memory by default caters all your needs when it comes to memory.

The good thing is memory can be expanded up to a great extent and i.e. upto 256GB through a microSD card. You need not to worry about anything while doing the same. This is because Moto Z2 has been tested to work reliably when a memory card of same capacity inserted in it. The Moto Z2 has been provided with a 5.5-inch screen and the same is able to offer a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It packs a 12MP front and a 5MP rear camera which makes Moto Z2 play an excellent performer.


Despite having the specifications and configuration which are best, the device is experiencing some common issues due to the OS. Check out the common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes below.

Common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes

There have been various methods suggested in this post to troubleshoot a problem. Thus, you can probably make sure of the favorable fortune when it comes to dealing with the issues. However, before you follow any information about the common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes which is mentioned in this post, make sure you have some basic knowledge of smartphones. Also, cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong when you follow this guide.

Overheating problems

Moto Z2 Play comes with a 2.2GHz processor and a 4GB RAM as already mentioned. The fact couldn’t be denied that both RAM and processor releases heat while performing their task. It is true that manufacturers impose a limit on the same and devices generally don’t dissipate them beyond a limit. However, if your smartphone is dissipating more heat, there is no need for you to contact the Motorola directly. Try the following methods first

  • Check if you have recently installed an app which is responsible for this issue. If so, remove it
  • Before using any accessory with your phone, make sure it is genuine
  • Clean the device cache memory
  • More multitasking can also give rise to this problem as hardware often releases a lot of heat
  • Remove the phone back cover as it might be acting as a barrier for the proper ventilation
  • The brightness level of the screen should be maximum

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Probably there are a very large number of tasks which can only be performed reliably and quickly when the device is connected with a PC. Probably a lot of users felt the need of the same. If you are unable to connect your device with the PC, you don’t have reasons to worry. The following are the methods and instructions that can simply help you.

  • Always make sure USB configuration is set to MTP.
  • Enable the USB debugging. You may need to enable developer mode for this
  • The USB drivers in both the devices should be updated
  • If the connecting cable is too old or not genuine, get another one and see the status of the problem
  • Clean the USB port and make sure connection is not loose

Bad camera quality

In the present scenario, no one wants to compromise the quality of pictures after spending money on a smartphone. In fact, it’s important that a device capture quality pictures under all the circumstances. However, they often fail to keep up the pace and there could be certain reasons for this. In case you too are facing this glitch with your Moto Z2 Play, the methods to help you eliminate the same are as follows.

  • Don’t use any other app for the camera than the default one
  • Set camera settings to high resolution
  • Use proper lightning and always focus on the object you need to capture
  • Make sure the back cover is not covering the lens
  • Clean the lens properly and gently
  • Update the pending apps in the phone

Connectivity issues

Probably you don’t want that your device doesn’t function properly when it comes to using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Of course, most of the issues are related to the same and they can even make a device totally useless. Imagine you are unable to use internet through Wi-Fi on your device. There is no need for you to worry because this issue can simply be avoided with following methods.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Check if the phone is already not connected to a nearby Bluetooth device
  • Delete the history of devices
  • Erase data that is infected
  • Clear the cache by opening the Bluetooth app
  • Make sure you haven’t imposed connectivity restriction. Check this in Bluetooth Settings
  • Disable power saving mode

Wi-Fi connectivity issue

  • Make sure the network is stable
  • See if the Wi-Fi is experiencing this issue due to imporper or wrong cable connection
  • Make sure you are within the Wi-Fi antenna range
  • Don’t forget to enter the correct details
  • Reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings and the router
  • Forget the desired network and add it again

Unresponsive Touchscreen

There are certain reasons due to which the touchscreen related issues declare their presence and it’s very necessary for the users to avoid them. This is because the device can become totally useless. In case you are experiencing them, don’t just think it’s a hardware fault. Try the methods as suggested below first. Probably the issue will be gone and you can have the device back in the working position again.

  • Reboot the device once before doing anything
  • If you are enable to do so, perform this task by simply taking the phone in safe mode through power and volume up button
  • The most common reason to this problem is nothing but the oil on the screen
  • Make sure the device battery is not completely full
  • If you are performing this task while the phone is on charging, remove it first from charger and then check the status of the problem
  • Make sure this problem is not due to an unresponsive app
  • Check for the physical or the liquid damage on the screen
  • Remove the screen guard and check whether the issue is resolved or not

Performance issues

A slow performing device can accelerate several other issues. In fact, it can give users a lot of reasons to change their smartphone. Thus, it’s necessary to deal with them at the right time and in a proper manner. In case your Moto Z2 Play is performing too slowly, the following methods can be trusted to keep up the pace simply.

  • Take the device in the safe mode. If the problem is reolved, remove the thid-party apps
  • Format the memory card and re-insert it again
  • Make sure there is no virus in the default phone memory
  • Your device default memory shouldn’t be completely full
  • Update the pending apps
  • Avoid using duplicate accessories with your phone
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods doesn’t work

No SD card detected

There can be certain reasons why your device is not detecting the microSD card you inserted in it. To avoid this problem, you can simply keep up the pace with the suggestions and methods mentioned below.

  • Don’t use a memory card more than 128GB. This is because devices often faces issues after such a limit
  • Format your SD card and insert it again in the phone
  • Check if the memory card and the slot have a physical damage
  • Perform a factory reset from the settings in case other methods fails to provide favorable outcome

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Unfortunately or fortunately modern devices have non-removable batteries in them. This often doesn’t let the users to examine whether the device is actually facing a hardware issue when the battery fails to provide relevant backup. The Moto Z2 Play has a 3000mAh battery which can fail to provide the desired backup due to certain reasons. Try them out before you take it to a repair shop. They are mentioned below.

  • Discharge your phone completely before you put it on charging again
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • Close the apps from background when you don’t use them
  • Remove the apps from the third-party sources
  • Don’t perform data downloading beyond a limit especially if the files are heavy at the same time when you are performing another task
  • Remove the back cover
  • Make sure you don’t use any cheap quality accessory with your phone
  • Keep the phone brightness under control
  • Keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth OFF after using them

SIM related problems

Your SIM card is the next thing you need to take care of after your smartphone. There can be certain issues that arrive with the device or with the SIM that imposes various restrictions on the tasks. Therefore you should deal with this problem in the best possible manner. Pay close attention to all the methods in the mentioned sequence to avoid the issue

  • If the SIM card has a layer of dust on it, clean gently before inserting it in the phone
  • Make sure the services by the network provider are not restricted on your number
  • Select the network manually from the settings and then set it to automatic mode
  • Perform a hard reset to avoid this issue
  • In case the problem is still there, get your SIM replaced
  • Check if the SIM tray is damaged

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This is one of the widely discussed topics when it comes to the common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes. You can deal with this problem by paying attention to the following methods and instructions

  • Buy another earpiece and see if the things are not
  • This is the only possible solution as of now
  • To solve this issue temporarily, enhance the volume to maximum during a phone call or use the speaker phone
  • Perform a hard reset. This may solve the concern


This is everything that you should know about the common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes. To grab more information to report about any other issue which you are facing, feel free to comment on the below section. Probably you can fix all the glitches with this guide on common Moto Z2 Play problems and fixes. If not, take your device to the authorized repair shop.


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