Common Nokia 1 problems and Fixes- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Whether you believe it or not, Nokia devices are still the best ones in every aspect. It is very much true that Nokia once has to lose the grip on the smartphone market but they made a strong comeback. They have always enabled people to get the best that they can have in exchange of their investment. Those who has used Nokia smartphones are well-familiar with the fact that it’s Nokia which have enabled people all over the world to use a phone. Therefore, one can easily trust their gadgets without worrying about anything. One of the best things about Nokia is they have always paid attention to those who cannot afford expensive gadgets. The fact is Nokia smartphones are available in almost every price range. I am not talking about Nokia 1100 but their latest gadget which has been launched to target those chooses to buy budget range gadgets. If you think I am talking about Nokia 1, probably you are right. In this post, I will let you know something very useful about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes.

This doesn’t mean Nokia 1 is facing problems or is expected to have them in a short span of time after its launch. The fact is these issues can be in any range gadgets and this clearly means you have no reason to worry. Nokia has always provided quality gadgets in the smartphone market and in fact, this is exactly what due to which they have successfully attracted the attention of those who love using them. Well, you might have no idea but many Nokia gadgets have best selling tags with them. It would still be good for you to know about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes. This is actually very important as Android technology has a few minor issues associated with it due to which you can face errors in Nokia 1. Check out below everything about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes.

common Nokia 1 problems and fixes

Common Nokia 1 problems and fixes

The information about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes has been explained in this post in the best possible manner. It probably brings the desired results for those who will follow it in the way recommended. Those following it in a manipulated manner or doing anything else which is not mentioned here for troubleshooting the problem can bring several other issues in their phone. We at cannot be held responsible for the same. Therefore, it is good to follow everything in the mentioned manner.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

This is a problem which is not very common with most of the Nokia gadgets but it can arrive in any smartphone due to reasons which are known or unknown. Here is what you can do to get the results back on track

  • Make sure the universal jack on your phone is in working condition
  • Simply check if the problem is gone upon updating the sound driver
  • Make sure the music app which you are trusting is free from any sort of problems
  • Perform a factory reset on your phone
  • If the problem is still there, replace the earpiece

Connectivity issues

Probably you don’t want your phone to have connectivity issues while using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, many times there are problems which are beyond the user’s experience and most of them often remain hidden. It therefore necessary to pay attention to a lot of factors when the device is having connectivity related problems in it. Well, to avoid them from your phone, you can simply trust the below methods.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

  • Open main settings in the phone and find Bluetooth Settings
  • From the same, clear the cache data
  • Make sure to keep all the apps up to date in the phone all the time
  • There should be no restricted data in the phone which couldn’t be transmitted with Bluetooth due to security policy violation or any other similar reason
  • Make sure the device is not connected already to another Bluetooth enabled device
  • Simply turn OFF the Bluetooth. Restart your phone and then again turn it ON. Check if it is gone
  • Disable power saving mode on the phone
  • Update the Bluetooth app
  • Make sure the problem is not in another device you are trying to connect your device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

  • Stand within the router signal range and see if you are experiencing the problem that says limited connectivity
  • If so, simply restart your phone
  • Make sure to troubleshoot your connection
  • Enter the correct password in the phone in case the same was updated/changed by you recently
  • If other devices are connected with the Wi-Fi, temporarily disconnect them and try again
  • The users with limited Bandwidth allotment on their internet connection must make sure that the same has already not been consumed
  • Connect the cables properly with the router. A wrong connection could be the reason to this problem
  • Last option is to re-configure the router

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The screen is considered as the basic and in fact very essential component of any modern device. The reason is obvious and i.e. modern gadgets are not based on keypads and can only be operated, controlled and managed through the touchscreen. Although this is beneficial but there are a few drawbacks which are also associated with the same and i.e. any issue in it can also give rise to the other glitches. To solve the touchscreen related issues, pay attention to the following

  • If there is a pending OS update, download and install it immediately
  • Keep the features OFF which are not required
  • Make sure you haven’t paired/shared your device screen with another device
  • Don’t engage the phone in handling too much data and always keep some space empty
  • Open Safe mode and check if things are working fine
  • Clean the app data if it is acquiring a lot of space
  • Check your hands. If you find any dust, oil or grease on them, clean them before operating the phone again
  • Look for a physical/liquid or any other damage to the screen

No SD card detected

Using the SD card with the phone is actually not an option but in fact a need that everyone currently have. However, a few users have to face problems which they often think couldn’t be avoided. It is possible to avoid them if the guidance is correct. Check it out to get the results in the way required.

  • You need to take your SD card out from the phone and have to restart it. This can solve your concern. So try it
  • There might be a manufacturing defect in the card if it is brand new. Check it out. It is suggested to you to always invest in quality and genuine products.
  • Make sure you use a memory card which is compatible with the phone in every aspect.
  • For those cards which haven’t been used for long, a format would be good before they are inserted in the device memory.
  • Check if the card showing problem in your phone works perfectly in another phone. If so, the problem is in OS or due to an app in your phone which is creating the glitch
  • Replacement can help you if other methods wouldn’t work

SIM related problems (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

The SIM card related issues are not always seems easy to be managed. However, if you have some basic knowledge about the SIM card related- common Nokia 1 problems and fixes, you can easily proceed with the same. Check out the instructions below to keep the pace up all the time

  • Always insert the SIM properly
  • Make sure there is no physical damaged caused to it while using
  • Check the services haven’t been interrupted due to any other reason which is not related to SIM and the phone
  • Select the network manually if it doesn’t appear
  • Make sure the SIM card hasn’t been turned OFF
  • See if the SIM tray is not damaged
  • See if the services are not stopped on the SIM card by network provider

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This is a problem which is often related to either battery or the device or to the applications installed. Yes, it is true that many apps can also be held responsible for this problem. You need to pay close attention to the same to get the things back on the track. Check out below how you can do so

  • When the hotspot or Bluetooth are not required, make sure they are turned OFF
  • Check if you are able to charge your phone on another power point
  • In case you often use a power bank, avoid using it for a few days
  • Remove the back cover from the phone for the time being
  • Try charging through another charger and carefully examine the problem is not in the cable also
  • Get the charger replaced if you find any issue
  • Outdated apps can be held responsible for this issue
  • All the data present in the phone should be scanned for virus and you should make sure to perform this task while allowing any data to enter your phone or while connecting your Nokia 1 with other gadgets
  • The notifications from the apps should be disabled
  • Check which app I consuming extra battery and uninstall it temporarily
  • Control the screen brightness

Bad camera quality (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

Dealing with a bad camera quality often seems to be an issue which cannot be avoided easily. However, this is not actually the case. The users can simply neglect them keeping in view some basic things about which many of them doesn’t have a proper awareness. Check them out below

  • Focus on the object before capturing image to avoid blur
  • If the visibility is low, use camera flash
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen
  • To get the best quality shots, always select the right shooting mode on the phone
  • Install the pending updates in the device immediately
  • Use default camera app and make sure that camera resolution is set to high in the settings
  • The device screen should be clean properly

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Despite having all the features in it, any smartphone needs to be connected with a PC. If you are facing any problem while doing so, there are several important things which you need to keep in your mind. Check them out below

  • Make sure the connecting cable is working fine
  • Check if some of the important drivers in the Windows are missing
  • Maybe the copy of Windows installed on the PC is not genuine
  • Disable all the restrictions from both the devices
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode while connecting the phone with PC
  • Update the USB drivers
  • Clean the USB ports gently if you find any dust in them
  • Simply restart the phone after connecting it with the PC
  • If the connections are loose, don’t hesitate to use another port

Performance issues

Well, there is no need for me to explain why this parameter is important in any gadget that is being used by a smartphone lover. Undesirable performance doesn’t let you have the experience you often expect from a gadget. Therefore, it would be good if you keep paying attention to your gadget for ensuring the top-class performance. Check out some of the important methods to get the favorable results

  • Verify all the recently installed apps in the gadget. Erase those which you can are responsible for the problem you are facing
  • Slow operations are often due to full engagement of RAM in a specific task
  • Check if the device operates reliably when taken in the safe mode. If so, you need to update the phone or look for any faulty in software section
  • The data which hasn’t been used for a long time including the apps should be removed from the phone
  • Trusting all the third-party platforms could also be the reason to this problem
  • All the infected files should be removed from the phone

Overheating problems (common Nokia 1 problems and fixes)

The excess energy is often ventilated from the electronic gadgets in the form of heat. Therefore, some level of same is acceptable in the gadget. However, you have reasons to worry when the same very high. That is what we generally call overheating. If this is an issue with your gadget, check out below the best possible solutions

  • Remove/Uninstall the apps not used for a long time
  • Don’t use the charger which is not authorized or belong to your device
  • Check thoroughly the cable connection
  • Avoid overcharging your phone. This can result in overheating
  • Remove the back cover and don’t use it for a few days
  • Don’t download multiple files in the phone at the same time
  • Update if a new version of OS is available
  • Perform hard reset if no other options seems to work

The information about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes you just introduced yourself with can be trusted. However, as already mentioned, to get the good results, you must follow it in the very similar manner. For anything else about the common Nokia 1 problems and fixes, you can simply make a comment on the below section.


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