Common Nokia 3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Although it’s the century of youngsters, one of the common saying by the old school going people couldn’t be denied and i.e. “Old is always Gold”. Well, the fact is Nokia doesn’t need any introduction. In fact, it’s the manufacturer due to which others started paying attention to their gadgets and are now very successful. The good news is Nokia has already made a comeback and is again becoming a challenge to tackle by other manufacturers. It’s not just people were already familiar with this brand which made them popular, but the fact is Nokia has always come up with timely updates on all their devices. This post is to introduce you to the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes. You can grab the useful information regarding the same by continuing your reading.

The Nokia 3 is celebrating its first anniversary this month. Because a lot of people purchased this device just after its release, they will soon have to say good bye to the official warranty period. In fact, a few users have started experiencing the common issues with the device. Although most of them are associated with the OS, it’s necessary to pay attention to them as they can create a lot of other issues in the long run. If you are using this device and are facing the same problem, the following paragraphs reflects the useful information on the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes to enable you to maintain the functionality of your device.

common Nokia 3 problems and fixes

The Nokia 3, as already mentioned, was first made available in February 2017. It comes with the 5-inch display through which you can make sure of 720 x 1280 pixels resolution. For performance, Nokia has equipped it with a 2GB of RAM and 1.3GHz quad-core processor which is best for those who have basic needs to fulfill. The device comes with 16 GB ROM and its possible to extend it by upto 28GB through a microSD card. This is the basic information on the hardware configuration that you should know before knowing about the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes.

One of the best things is it packs an 8MP primary camera and a twin on the other side i.e. secondary one. Of course, you can capture quality snaps and without worrying about anything. You might have no idea but Nokia 3 is good enough when it comes to battery back-up. This is because of 2630mAh battery it has been provided with for a decent use. Also, Nokia 3 runs on Android 7.0 technology which simply boosts performance. You can now proceed further with the information on common Nokia 3 problems and fixes. Check it out below.

Common Nokia 3 problems and fixes

Nokia 3 has been designed to be a reliable performer and actually it is. However, the issues that it has been experiencing are due to OS bugs. Keep it in mind that any issue could have multiple factors responsible for this. Therefore follow all the information about the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes as mentioned in this post. Probably you will come out with the desired outcome. However, cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with the device while following this guide due to your own mistake.


Overheating problems

Nokia 3 is a decent performer and is having the configuration to perform basic tasks. Therefore if you involve it more in the bulky and complex tasks, it will dissipate more heat. It has also been reported by a few users that their device has this issue while charging also. Well, you can try the methods suggested below to avoid this issue simply.

  • A lot of apps that are unnecessarily present in your phone should be removed immediately
  • The low quality power banks or the ones which doesn’t match the specified rating of the phone shouldn’t be used
  • Impose a limit on the multitasking for the time being
  • Don’t enhance screen brightness beyond a specific limit

Bad camera quality (common Nokia 3 problems and fixes)

It’s again worth mentioning here that Nokia 3 is a decent performer and although the cameras are good enough to be trusted, a few users have experienced this problem recently. If you are one among them, the following methods are good enough to keep up the pace.

  • Make sure the camera lens is not physically damaged
  • The phone might have pending update for the camera app
  • Clean the device if it is dusty
  • The camera pp cache should be cleared regularly
  • Devices have different shooting modes based on the conditions. Select the one for the quality outcomes
  • Always set the picture resolution to high from the settings in the camera

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

By default Nokia 3 comes with a 16GB ROM and those who don’t use a microSD card need to connect their device with a PC for data transfer. Also, users can have several other reasons for creating a stable wired connection between the device and the PC. If the device doesn’t recognize the PC or the vice-versa, you can proceed with the following methods.

  • Restart the phone and PC after connecting the device
  • The fault might be in the connecting cable, USB port on the PC or in the connecting port at the phone’s side
  • Update the USB drivers
  • If the connections are loose, connect the device with another or parallel USB port

Performance issues (common Nokia 3 problems and fixes)

Performance is something that can easily be impacted by a lot of factors. The fact is a device has to work with so many apps and other tasks and it’s not always necessary that they have a similar nature. Performance related issues can be avoided through the methods and instructions mentioned below

  • Avoid using the phone when it is charging
  • Scan the main memory for any inauspicious files
  • The apps that are not installed from the Play Store should be removed
  • Clean the device cache memory

Connectivity issues

These issues are often mistaken as hardware problems but as a user you should keep this in your mind that it’s not always necessary. Connectivity issues could be due to several other reasons that most of the users really don’t know about. Therefore you should try the following methods before you visit the authorized repair shop to get your device checked for a hardware fault.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Make sure there is no issue in the phone Bluetooth driver
  • If you have some basic knowledge about the same, reinstall it in the phone
  • Keeping the history of previously connected devices for long doesn’t let you keep up the pace in this matter
  • If the size of file you are transferring/sending is too large, make sure you have the proper space/memory available on the phone
  • Perform a factory reset if this doesn’t solve your concern

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • The Wi-Fi might not be working due to loose or improper cable connections
  • Perform a self inspection of any fault in the Wi-Fi router. Reconfigure it in case the need of same is felt
  • Forget the network and add it again. This will solve your concern
  • Enter correct details about the authentication in the device

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Nokia 3 problems and fixes)

Nokia 3 has been provided with a 5-inch screen. Of course, the device cannot perform any task if it fails to perform its task. Therefore you should take appropriate action against this fault. Check them out and probably you will make it functional again with them.

  • Clean the screen if it is having a lot of oil and dust particles
  • If you completely fill your device memory, there might be a chance of this issue
  • Make sure there is no liquid damage or the crack on the screen
  • Install all the pending updates in the device
  • The screen glass guard should be removed for the smooth and reliable operations of the screen in case it is too old
  • Don’t use phone if your hands are wet or while wearing the gloves

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Nokia has provided a 2630mAh battery with this device. Although it is capable to bear a full day load once charged, a few users are really not in a position to assure this. They have reported to charge the battery again and again due to quick battery drainage and slow charging problems. If you too are facing the same issue, the following methods can considered to avoid the same.

  • There might be a physical damage on the battery
  • Don’t overcharge your phone
  • For long battery life, always empty the battery first before charging your device again
  • Don’t use the charger which is don’t authorized by Nokia
  • Keep the brightness level as per recommendations by the manufacturer for smooth battery backup
  • All the apps from the background should be closed
  • Keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth OFF once you are done with them

No SD card detected

The microSD card industry has been blooming in the present time. This is because growing memory needs of smart gadget users. The fact is with more features in the smartphones, every user now have more memory needs. Therefore the need of using a microSD card is always felt. In case you are not able to use it properly in your device due to any issue, try the following methods to get the things back on track.

  • Simply refresh your card and clean it gently with a soft cloth before reinserting in the phone
  • Make sure the card is not having a physical damage
  • Try re-inserting the card after formatting it with the recommended procedure
  • Clean the cache of the apps

SIM related problems

Your SIM card is exactly what that enables you to perform most of the tasks through your device in actual sense. This clearly indicates that problems in it can impose a limit on the overall number of tasks that users can perform through their device. Troubleshooting of SIM related problems is a task that is not much complex. If your device doesn’t detect the SIM card or shows similar issues, you can try the following to avoid this issue.

  • For smooth experience, it is always good for you to replace the SIM card before you put it in your brand new Nokia 3
  • There might be some compatibility -related issues causing the problem
  • The SIM card or the tray might be physically damaged. Check it out properly

That’s all about the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes. In case you are facing other issues and want to know more about the common Nokia 3 problems and fixes, you can let us know about the same in the comment section below. Also, make sure to get the device repaired at an authorized repair shop in case you cannot avoid the problem through the methods suggested above.


  1. I’m using Nokia 3 But the problem is from the Camera & touch lights .my camera if I need to take picture is showing mi Up Side Down & is showing frant camera only no back camera

    problem for Light no touch

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