Common Nokia X6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones have an excellent role in shaping the future of us all. Probably they have added a ton of comfort in the life of us all. The actual credit is with those genius minds who always work hard to enable them enjoy the best features modern phones are equipped with. It is not necessary all the time that the users are in a position to get the things on track when they access technology with other gadgets. However, with smartphones, this can easily be assured. Presently, there is hardly any task which a smartphone cannot perform when the same is compared to a PC or a laptop. One of the recent examples which is now with us is Nokia X6. I am sure you know that Nokia has already made a solid presence once again in the smartphone market and has already amazed buyers with some of the dashing and bold features. If you are planning to buy Nokia X6 or has already invested money on it. This is the post that is for you. Here the information regarding the common Nokia X6 problems and fixes can be accessed directly and without worrying about anything.

Well, the first thing which I would like to tell you before introducing you to common Nokia X6 problems and fixes is this smartphone hasn’t been reported having major problems. The ones which you are going to study are basic ones and can be there in any phone due to reasons for which manufacturers cannot be blamed directly. Problems and issues related to Android technology and the way someone uses his/her smartphone has a direct connection with these issues. They are not common with all Nokia X6 units. Only a few users can face them depending on the way they use it. Thus, go ahead with your plans to invest on this gadget. You need not to worry about the common Nokia X6 problems and fixes.

common Nokia X6 problems and fixes

The fact is users have accepted Nokia as one of the premium smartphone manufacturers. They have been given the same honor and respect by many buyers despite they stayed away from smartphone business for a couple of years. Go ahead simply with the guide mentioned in this post.

Common Nokia X6 problems and fixes

The only thing you need to keep in mind is basic troubleshoot procedures seems to be minor but they are effective. You can simply make all the issues in the phone go away provided you follow the guidelines in the way they are mentioned. Else, you can fail additional problems. Thus, avoid molding the instructions mentioned in this post. couldn’t be held responsible for it.

Connectivity issues

Connecting the phone with Wi-Fi and with another device through Bluetooth is an easy job. You can easily get it done without doing much. However, it’s not necessary that you know the exact reasons of an issue when the things are not under control and you are not in a position to get the best out of these two basic features of your gadget. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Try following methods simply.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Nokia X6 problems and fixes)

  • There might be security issues responsible for this. Check if you are not doing anything which is against the policies of using this feature on the phone
  • If this is the first time you are connecting your phone with another, make sure to enter the passcode rightly and properly
  • Check if the phone Bluetooth version is showing compatibility issues
  • Try once again by clearing the cache data of all the apps in the phone
  • Don’t try to connect multiple devices through Bluetooth. It’s not possible
  • Check the Bluetooth history. Erase all or a few names from the same
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is not hidden from other devices. Remove if there is a time limit on the visibility
  • Close all background running apps in the phone
  • Forget the device and then try adding the device again
  • Check if the Bluetooth is working properly on other device you are connecting with
  • Bluetooth may not work properly in case the power saving mode on the phone is turned ON
  • Restart your phone and then again try it
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna is working fine. For this, you can perform a self test or can connect your phone with another device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Nokia X6 problems and fixes)

  • Restart your phone, as well as your router
  • Check if the cables are connected properly and correctly on the router
  • Make sure your handset is compatible with the router you are using
  • If the router is wireless and operates on SIM card, get it checked thoroughly for bandwidth, signal and service availability especially if you haven’t used it for a long time
  • Always keep in mind that connecting more devices with the router can sometime create this issue
  • Turn OFF automatic connection termination in case of weak signal if you have enabled it
  • Make sure all the services are active on your internet connection
  • Check if the network strength is low on the router
  • Make sure the router is free from all the faults
  • Check if there is an app in your phone which is already accessing Wi-Fi at the same time
  • Get your connection, as well as device checked properly

Overheating problems

Nokia has a good track record of maintaining quality. Overheating issues are very rare on their gadgets. However, this can happen due to reason which can be beyond the actual factors responsible for this. The following are some trusted methods to help you avoid this problem.

  • Avoid using your phone when it is already having the charger connected with it
  • Close all apps in the background and restart your phone
  • Check phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. If the same is ON, turn it OFF
  • The heat should be dispensed properly from your phone. Check it out
  • Check if the things are under control when the device is taken in the safe mode
  • Remove the back cover from the phone if you are using it
  • Perform a hard reset if the things are not under your control still

Bad camera quality

Even if other features matters, you have to agree on the fact that one of the major reasons you invested on a smartphone is because of its camera quality. Thus, you probably don’t want that errors which don’t let you have quality in the pictures. One true fact is not camera can be blamed directly for low quality pictures. There can be some other reason as well. Here they are mentioned below.

  • Restart your phone simply
  • Clean the device screen and remove the transparent glass
  • In low light conditions, always use camera flashlights
  • Select the right shooting mode on the phone. Check device camera settings to know more about this
  • Remove the fingerprints from the lens if you find them on it. Clean the lens gently
  • Always access camera through the default app
  • Select the high definition mode from the camera settings
  • Capture the object by focusing it first
  • Update the OS if whenever a new version arrive

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The applications are having a lot of factors associated with them and there are a few among them on which their working is directly based on. You need to keep it in mind that problem in one app doesn’t always necessary problems in all of them. Check below methods to help you.

  • Analyze the application’s performance
  • Update them if they are still having an older version installed on your phone
  • Check your phone through for a virus
  • Install the apps from the sources that are trusted
  • Keep all the data related to them in the phone memory than in the SD card
  • Accept all user’s policies while accessing any of the applications
  • Don’t install multiple apps in the phone. Impose a limit on the same

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This can happen anytime with your phone and even when it is brand new. Well, it’s not always mean major problems. Try following methods before taking any other action against the problem.

  • Check if the apps and the OS have been updated and installed properly
  • You need to make sure to keep only those applications in your phone for a few days which are important to you
  • Check the battery consumption of each app. Remove the ones temporarily which are consuming more juice from the battery
  • Disable Wi-Fi hotspot immediately if it is turned ON
  • Don’t charge your phone beyond a limit
  • Learn the basic procedure of adding life to the phone battery
  • Make sure to charge the phone through the original charger. Power bank users must check the standards and compatibility of the same with the phone
  • Check thoroughly, the problem can be in your charging adapter or the cable
  • Don’t download any large file from the mobile data
  • If the screen mirroring option is enabled, turn it OFF
  • Perform a hard reset
  • Check the battery checked if the problem is still there

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Nokia X6 problems and fixes)

Nokia X6 has been equipped with a 5.8-inch display for the smooth experience. The same offer excellent resolution and enable anyone to enjoy HD content without compromising with anything. But wait a second, is your device screen not working at all or responding too slowly? If so, try below methods

  • Open Safe mode. Restart the phone and press Power and Volume up button together for this
  • If you find the things are under control, there is nothing to worry
  • Erase some data so that free space can be enhanced. Sometime this can be the reason to this issue
  • Try to update the OS if a new version is available
  • Make sure your phone is in proper working condition and is actually free from other faults
  • Properly check yourself or take help of an expert to know whether there is an external or an internal screen damage
  • Clean the screen properly if it is having a lot of chemicals deposited on it such as grease, sweat or oil
  • Don’t wear gloves while using your phone
  • Don’t share the screen with other gadgets. Turn OFF this feature
  • Clean your hands and try again
  • Restart your phone and check if the issue is resolved
  • If not, get it checked at an authorized repair shop

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Using a phone without an SD card is becoming a challenge for almost every user. This is because the overall number of users with more data needs have increased since last couple of years. Well, here is what you can do if there are issues you are facing.

  • Check first the functionality of the card
  • Clean it before inserting it in brand new device
  • Make sure to insert it properly. Nokia X6 has hybrid slot for SIM 2 and SD card. Keep it in mind
  • Check whether the card you have is actually compatible with the phone
  • Don’t insert a card with capacity more than 256GB. This is the limit on Nokia X6
  • Erase some data from the card if it is completely full and restart your phone
  • Check it on another device properly

SIM related problems (common Nokia X6 problems and fixes)

Most of the actions you perform on your phone depend on SIM card directly or indirectly. Well, the fact is internet is the base of any modern gadget. If you are facing the issues, here is some useful information on SIM-related common Nokia X6 problems and fixes

  • Always follow the basic guidelines on SIM usage on a phone
  • Check if the variant of phone you own is compatible with the network provider
  • The phone might have Airplane mode turned ON. Check it out
  • Open the device settings and select the network options. From here, register on your home network manually by performing a search for all available networks
  • Come out if you are under the basement of a building
  • Check if the services are active on your SIM card or not
  • Make sure the SIM is not turned OFF

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Smartphone and computers have a solid relation with each other. Many tasks are performed smoothly upon connecting them with each other. In fact, a PC is the true assistant of a phone due to which the latter can easily perform several tasks that matters to the users. However, there are certain reasons that can avoid a phone not to get connected with the PC and this can happen due to following.

  • When the USB drivers are either not installed or not up to the date
  • When the phone is having virus in its prime memory
  • In case the USB connections are loose
  • When the connecting cable is faulty
  • When the phone OS or Windows copy is not genuine on PC
  • When installed apps in the phone are violating the security policies
  • If the data in one device is not compatible with the other

Performance issues (common Nokia X6 problems and fixes)

Among all the parameters, the performance is the one which decides the success or the future of a smartphone. Although manufacturers always put their best in assuring the same to the users, it is true that many of us can still have a daunting experience with any smartphone. The reasons could be many but here more important is how to avoid them. Check the below methods for the same.

  • The slow operating speed could be due to fully filled default memory. Erase data you no longer need
  • Make sure all the apps in phone are updated
  • Check if their a security patch or the OS version is pending to be updated
  • Avoid keeping multiple files in phone with are having size close to 1 GB
  • Mobile data should not be used while downloading multiple files for long time
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps installed
  • Make sure the phone is not connected to other devices for data transfer or for any other reason when you are facing the problem

Earpiece sounds Robotic

This is one of those problems which seems basic but can actually bring a very daunting experience with the users. You can avoid it through following set of procedures.

  • Update sound drivers in the phone
  • Make sure the earpiece you own are in working condition
  • Make sure the universal connector doesn’t have any physical damage on it
  • Perform a simple reboot

With this guide on the common Nokia X6 problems and fixes, anyone who is facing anything unexpected on the phone can avoid it. You can visit our website for similar post and other information about Android.

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