Common Oppo A73 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Oppo is a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer which has gained a ton of popularity in the recent years. The overall number of factors that have contributed in enabling them gain fame are many. However, there are certain features in their devices that have also enabled them to keep up the pace in this matter. The very first thing that users can notice in any Oppo device is the camera quality. Most of the Oppo smartphones are tagged as Selfie experts and it’s because of the fact that Oppo comes with excellent cameras on their device. Probably, this has attracted the attention of those who love capturing snaps. In this post, you will be introduced with the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes.

The Oppo A73 is actually not a new device. It was released in June 2016 but since then, many users have appreciated it. There is nothing wrong to say that it’s an amazing device. However, it has been reported by a few users that they are experiencing some common issues with this device. Well, this doesn’t actually mean you shouldn’t buy it. In fact, most of these issues are related to Operating System. Probably you know some minor problems are common with almost every Android-based gadget. Thus, you need not to worry about anything. Check out the useful information about the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes in the paragraphs below.

common Oppo A73 problems and fixes


First I would like to introduce you with the hardware and other specifications of this device. It has been powered by Android Nougat 7.1.1 and comes with a 6-inch screen which is best in every aspect. You might have no idea but the same is capable to offer you a full HD resolution. The manufacturer has equipped with a 2.5GHz octa-core processor and the 4GB RAM for assuring performance. Users can store 32GB of data in the device and can extend this limit upto 128GB through a micorSD card.

For those who love cameras can simply proceed with this device. This is because it comes with a powerful 13MP primary and a 5MP secondary camera. As far as the matter of backup is concerned, it has been provided with a 3200mAh battery which is enough to bear a full day load of a modern device like this. You can now check out the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes in the below paragraphs.


Common Oppo A73 problems and fixes

It would probably be good for you to follow the information regarding the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes mentioned in this post in the way it has been instructed. You will probably be able to avoid the issues you are experiencing with this device. Although this guide has been tested, doesn’t take the responsibility of anything that goes wrong while you following it.

Connectivity issues

In the present scenario, smartphones are not designed to perform all the tasks themselves. They actually depend on a number of things for their smooth function. One example is a Wi-Fi router. Although the world is enjoying the 4G revolution, some tasks can only be performed through a stable internet connection. When it comes to stability, a Wi-Fi connection has no comparison. However, some users reported about the Wi-Fi and other (Bluetooth) connectivity issues in this device. Check out the methods below to avoid them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues, (common Oppo A73 problems and fixes)

  • Clean the infected files from the phone
  • Simply make sure that the Bluetooth connection is discoverable on your device, as well as on the other with which you are connecting your device.
  • You might have turned ON the power saving mode. It actually disables several apps. Thus you need to keep it OFF for the time you want to transfer the data
  • Delete the history in the primary Bluetooth settings
  • Perform a factory reset and the problem will be solved after this

Wi-Fi connectivity issues, (common Oppo A73 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure not too much devices are connected with the Wi-Fi router
  • These days there is a strict upper limit on the daily data consumption. You might have exceed the same and the problem could be due to slow speed. Check it out
  • Enter the password correctly
  • Forget the connection and add it again
  • Re-configure the settings of the Wi-Fi router
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the connecting cables

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

Well, if this is an issue with your device, there is no need to worry about the having hardware fault. In fact, this issue is often mistaken with the same by several users. You should first try the following instructions to eliminate this problem.

  • This problem can be resolved by a simple restart
  • If not, replace your earpiece
  • Raise the volume level to the maximum during the phone call
  • This can solve your issue temporarily

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

It is very necessary for any modern gadget to show smooth behavior when it is connected with another gadget and especially with a PC. However, it has been reported by a very few users of this device that they fail to keep up the pace with data transfer and other important tasks when they connect it with PC. If you too are experiencing this problem, try the methods as suggested below.

  • If you fail in the first attempt, try one more time. This is because the connection might be loose during first time
  • A pirated copy of Windows on the PC might be responsible for this issue
  • Update the USB drivers for both the gadgets
  • Always clean the USB ports before you connect the phone with them. The dust might affect the connectivity
  • Change USB configuration to MTP.

Bad camera quality

Devices are always expected to perform well when any task involves the use of cameras. However, users often have to compromise with the quality of pictures. It is not always necessary that the bad quality snaps are the results of camera problems in the device. There can be certain other factors that can influence the same. You can try the following to keep up the pace.

  • Always use default camera app
  • Update the pending apps
  • Clear camera cache
  • Clean the camera lens properly
  • Select the best shooting mode
  • Set camera settings to high
  • Always keep some space empty
  • Remove transparent glass from the screen

Overheating problems

The extra heat dissipation is the exact cause of this problem. It generally happen when a device is engaged to perform tasks that are bulky and time consuming. Probably you need not to worry as this is not a hardware issue. The fact is it’s a minor problem and can easily be avoided. Check out the below methods and instructions for this.

  • This problem could be due to overcharging the phone again and again
  • You might be using bad quality accessories
  • Update the device to the latest version if you haven’t
  • Clean the cache memory of all the apps
  • The screen brightness should always be set to automatic mode
  • Your power bank have a mismatch with the device power ratings

Performance issues (common Oppo A73 problems and fixes)

When it comes to performance, manufacturers have to pay a lot of attention to the same. The fact couldn’t be denied that still many device face this problem. This is due to the large dependency of modern gadgets on Android and apps which are designed on different platforms. Thus, slow performance of the device doesn’t always mean a hardware glitch. Try following methods to avoid this issue permanently

  • For smooth and reliable performance, always keep some space empty in the default phone memory
  • Make sure the apps are not putting extra burden on the RAM
  • While the device is charging, avoid attending or making the phone calls
  • Don’t play games which are complex for the phone
  • The apps that you have installed from third-party sources can bring a lot of trouble with them. In fact, slow performance is the problem that often declares its presence due to the very same reason. Therefore uninstall them from the device

No SD card detected

Users in the present scenario often have more memory needs than what the manufacturers provide in the devices by default. This is where you need to use a microSD card. However, in case you are not able to use it properly on your device, try the following methods.

  • Don’t insert the SD card from any other phone in your device directly. This can infect the data with virus and can cause this problem
  • Insert the CD card in the device and restart it. This can solve your concern
  • Format the SD card if you fail in the previous method
  • If another memory card is working properly on your phone, the one you own might have  a physical damage on it

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Oppo A73 problems and fixes)

The 6-inch screen Oppo A73 (2018) has been equipped with seems quite reliable to use and actually it is. However, as a user you should keep in mind that there are certain issues that can fuel toucscreen problems. Therefore a device needs to be properly examined when you face any issue related to the screen. In case the same is not responding to your given instructions, the following instructions and methods can help you

  • Clean the screen with respect to time
  • Restart the device if the problem is there
  • In case you think an app you have installed previously is causing the problem, remove it from the phone
  • Take your device in the power saving mode. If everything is fine, the issue is there only because of a corrupted app
  • Format the SD card
  • If there is even a minor physical damage on the screen, the problem could be due to the same reason
  • Perform a hard reset if the issue is not resolved

SIM related problems (common Oppo A73 problems and fixes)

It is not always necessary that only device is responsible when SIM card fails to operate properly. If you are facing SIM related issues in your device, the following methods and instructions can help you avoid this problem.

  • Check if the SIM tray is damaged. In case it is, you need to replace it immediately
  • The SIM card shouldn’t be dusty
  • Make sure the network services are active on your number
  • Make sure you inserted the device properly

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Fast battery drainage is one of the major problems modern devices are facing. Even the manufacturers are struggling a lot to come with devices which are capable to provide standby time which is far beyond the expectation of users. However, sometime devices consume more juice from the battery even if they are left untouched. This problem could be due to many possible reasons. Try the following to avoid it.

  • The apps are yet to be updated can be held responsible for this problem in many cases
  • Close the apps from the background once you are done with them
  • Don’t let the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options remain ON when you don’t use it
  • Probably you don’t need notifications from all the apps. So keep them OFF for the ones you hardly use
  • Disable  the third-party apps
  • Clean the phone for the dust and oil in the charging port
  • The slow charging could be due to fact that you are using other charger than the one which comes with the phone
  • The device display consumes a lot of juice from the battery. Always set a time limit for the automatic OFF
  • Make sure the device is not having the active Bluetooth connection with any nearby device which you forget to terminate

That’s all about the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes. You might be facing other issues or might be looking to boost your knowledge about the common Oppo A73 problems and fixes. You can let us know about the same in the comment section below.


  1. Having problem with oppo A73 the screen is not bright enough to use the phone in day light or if I am side the sun can’t see anything.

  2. Just bought an Oppo A73 and have the same issue with the brightness. The screen is very dark even when on full brightness. Compared to my other r9S with has better brightness on 50%. Is this a known fault?

  3. hello, i’m having sim issues with my brand new oppo, rather, it wont pick 3G, though it has reception on 4G, can text and receive text,but cant receive or make calls, tried what i could but nothing is working,
    ‘just a mention, i have just unlocked it from optus.

  4. Everyone be aware that the Optus locked (and then you unlock) phones have had the Telstra Freq of 850mhz disabled permanently!
    Check gsmarena and then the optus shop sites and you will see optus locked phones have missing 850mhz, this is a primary Telstra freq.
    Is this a very shitty practice by Optus (and any other carrier doing this) – YES it is.
    Vodafone sims should still work well on the unlocked optus phones tho, just expect problems with telstra.

  5. I have compared the screen brightness of my Oppo A73 to another Oppo phone and a few other phones. And my phone is quite bad!

    1. Thank you!!!!! I have been complaining about the brightness of my A73 for weeks….. Was even going to buy a new phone! Power saver was on. So good now. Thank you, why didn’t I think of that. ?

  6. Hello I have a a73 and when I go to switch my camera from the back to the front it just stays in the back Cam. Help me please

  7. Hi. I am unable to get the quick settings page when I swipe from top to bottom on the phone. It is new, only had it for 2 days but it is on silent and I can’t get it off silent even when I have the volume of the phone calls and messages set to maximum.

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