Common Oukitel C8 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Oukitel Smartphones are becoming very popular. In fact, they have grabbed a ton of user attention in a very short span of time. Well, the fact is the rising number of internet users has enhanced the demand of smart gadgets in the current century. We are all living in a world where almost every modern person makes use of a smart device. Because Oukitel has played a significant role in enabling user get what exactly they need, their gadgets are popular and useful. Like any modern smartphone provider, Oukitel has also put a ton of sincere efforts to let their users get the best they can have. This post simply introduces you to the common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes.

Oukitel C8 is one of the best available devices in the present time. You might have no idea but it has gained popularity in a short span of time. In case you are facing any problem with this gadget, I would like to tell you that it’s not necessary you are facing it because of a hardware problem. The fact is most of the issues actually arrive due to some minor bugs in the operating system of the device. This clearly means you can eliminate them simply if you have good knowledge about the common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes. Check out below how this task can be accomplished.

common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes


Common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes

The Oukitel gadgets are purely based on quality and thus the chances of any problem in them are less. Still, it would be good for you to grab knowledge on common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes. This is because later or sooner you can have them. To get the phone in working mode again, I urge you to follow all the methods/instructions mentioned against every problem in the same manner as they are instructed to you. cannot be held responsible for the transformation of current problem in your phone or origination of a new one if you follow this guide in a different way than suggested.

Connectivity issues

To solve the connectivity related problems, here is what you need to do with your device


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes)

  • Check if your concern is solved with a simple reboot
  • Put the Bluetooth OFF and then again turn it ON. Connect your device now
  • Make sure you paired the device correctly
  • The visibility of the connection might be hidden on either of the phone
  • Disable power saving mode on the phone
  • Delete the history of previously paired gadgets
  • The Bluetooth connections might have restrictions on the same
  • May be your device is already connected to another nearby device whose Bluetooth is left open

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes)

  • You might have a daily bandwidth limit which you have already consumed
  • Reboot your router and see if the problem is gone
  • Update the OS and the apps which are pending
  • Check and make sure that signal is stable on the router
  • Enter correct password. Don’t forget to update the same in case it is not
  • If other data sharing apps are running in the background, close them
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi hotspot is not shared among different users
  • Forget the connection and then again add it
  • The last option to proceed with is re-configuration

Bad camera quality

The Smartphone often start giving poor camera outcomes and this happens due to a very large number of reasons. Well, the fact is there are several things which users generally perform on a Smartphone every day. Most of us don’t actually know that they have a direct influence on the device in a negative manner. If you are facing the camera related problems, check out below the reasons of their origination and the best available methods and instructions to deal with them

  • To get quality results, always use the default camera app
  • If there is any app which is yet to be updated, do it as soon as you can
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen which might be causing this problem
  • The device lens might have dirt deposited over there from your fingers
  • Focus on the object before capturing that moment. This simply let you deal the blur problem in a good manner
  • The camera always give best output if you prefer the default app
  • Use the device flash if the lightning conditions are low
  • Clean the cache memory of camera app simply

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

There are many users who often report this problem even with their brand new devices. Well, it would be good for you to keep this thing in your mind that this problem can have several reasons to be there in your device. This is basically an issue which you can solve if you carefully pay attention to the below listed methods

  • The connecting cable you are using might be in a non-working condition
  • Update the USB drivers simply
  • Use a parallel USB port if the one you connected doesn’t work
  • Performa  simple restart once the connection is created
  • Make sure the data you are transferring is not corrupt
  • See if the device is not already enrolled in another task such as downloading data. This can also be the reason to this problem

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

None wants to put the device on charging shortly after charging it fully. Of course, we all know how daunting it is when you have to put your gadget away from you just because it needs charging. In case the Smartphone battery is draining too quickly and you have no idea why this is happening, here is what you can do.

  • If so many apps are running in the background, simply disable them
  • Don’t share Wi-Fi hot spot with other devices
  • There might be an infected app in the device which is causing this issue
  • Maybe there are so many apps installed in the phone
  • Disable notifications from the apps which are not useful to you
  • Control screen brightness
  • Don’t use any accessory which is not authorized
  • The power socket you are using might be faulty

Overheating problems

The dissipation of more heat from the phone is not at all a bad thing. Actually, some tasks are complex and need the involvement of hardware upto high extent. However, this actually doesn’t create this problem. The same arrives in the phone when it fails to properly ventilate the same. Also, many other indirect factors can also be responsible for this. In case you are facing them, here is what you can do simply to get the things again on track.

  • Always use a power bank which is of good quality
  • Don’t perform multi-tasking beyond a limit
  • Don’t forget to update the Operating system of the device
  • Avoid downloading bulky files simultaneously
  • Make sure you haven’t received an infected data in the phone
  • Check if phone have a physical damage to the battery

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes)

This device has a best touchscreen installed on it to let users perform all the tasks smoothly. In case the same is not functioning properly and you are facing other problems also due to the very same reasons, the following instructions can help you in avoiding this problem easily.

  • First of all keep this thing in mind that such an issue is often confused as a hardware problem
  • Update the device OS first of all
  • In case you are wearing gloves, remove them simply
  • Clean your hands if they are wet
  • Remove the screen protector if the same is installed on the device
  • Make sure there is no liquid damage to the screen

Performance issues

You don’t need me to know why performance matter and I am sure you don’t want to compromise with the same under any situation. Probably a slow operating smartphone bring a very bad experience with it and often annoys the users. If you are facing this problem, you can do the following.

  • Update or remove the apps which are showing unexpected behavior
  • May be there is a virus infected file in the device default memory
  • Always keep some space empty in the device for smooth performance
  • The device might be slower because you often charge it from laptop USB port
  • Make sure not to use the phone while charging
  • Installation of an app from a third-party source can also be the reason to this problem

SIM related problems

For those who are facing this problem, the best available instructions and methods are spotlighted below in a very simple manner

  • Remove the SIM card and re-insert it again. Perform a simple reboot after this
  • Replace the SIM card tray if you find it damaged
  • Make sure all the services are active on the SIM
  • The device operating frequency might not be same with the SIM
  • Make sure there are no network related problems on your SIM card
  • Open SIM setting and search for the network manually if it doesn’t appear
  • Get the SIM card replacement if other methods wouldn’t work

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This problem if declare its presence in your gadget, you can try the following to avoid it

  • If you are using an earpiece which is of low quality, replace it with the original one
  • Take device in power saving mode and see if the problem is gone
  • Make sure the universal earphone jack is clean
  • Of the problem is still there, try performing a hard reset

GPS problems

It is very much true that these issues are often based on the network. However, you can try the following set of instructions and methods to get the things back on track

  • May be the Wi-Fi/Mobile data is turned OFF
  • Make sure the signal strength is proper if you are under a basement
  • The GPS might not be updated in the device
  • If you are in an indoor location, go out of the building

No SD card detected

In case the memory card you inserted in the phone is not operating properly or doesn’t operate at all, the following are the methods you can simply go ahead with to get things in your favor.

  • The SD card might be completely filled, delete some files if that is the case
  • The card you are using should be based on quality and is free from compatibility problems with the device
  • In case the card is not used for a long time, format it before you insert it in device
  • Check for the physical damage on both card and the slot
  • Make sure your SD card doesn’t have data infected with virus

With this information regarding the common Oukitel C8 problems and fixes, it is possible for you readers to get the best possible answers to most of your concerns. For any other problem which is not listed here, let me know through the below comment section.


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