Common Oukitel K6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

When it comes to buying a smartphone, one can have a very large number of options simply in the current time. However, this doesn’t actually mean that you can put all the smartphone providers equal. Although there are many manufacturers, each is known for its specialization in the International smartphone market. This is the reason that why almost every manufacturer has gained a lot of popularity in the current time. The good thing is, even the startups have gained a lot of popularity and the user’s attention by paying supreme attention on the demands of users and their fulfillment. You might have no idea but the fact is a lot of people are there who buy on smartphones only because they want to try something new. Well, if you too believe is something like this, Oukitel is one of the best providers of smartphones you can trust. This post let you extend your overall knowledge on the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes.

The Oukitel has loaded several noticeable features in this gadget and this is the leading reason why it has become famous in a very short span of time. Well, you might have no idea but most of the common issues users are experiencing in it are not because of any glitch due to the carelessness of the manufacturer but it’s mainly because of Android technology. Every smartphone faces the basic common issues but the good thing is you cannot blame the manufacturer for the same. It is possible to deal with most of such issues very easily and without doing anything. When it comes to Oukitel K6, you only need to gain knowledge on the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes to simply keep up the pace. I need you to first get a bit knowledge on the specifications of this device.

common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes

The Oukitel K6 comes with a dashing look and it has a 6.0-inch screen installed on it with a screen resolution of 2160 x 1080. The same can simply be trusted for the quality display of content and information. The 2GHz octa-core processor simply let the users keep up the pace in no time and without worrying about anything in terms of performance. Of course, this makes it one of the best and fastest devices. It has a 21MP primary camera and a 13MP selfie shooter. Because it runs on Android 7.1 Nougat, you need not to worry about anything. Another leading feature that simply let you keep up the pace with performance is the massive 6GB RAM it has been provided with.

Moreover, it has a 6300mAh battery which doesn’t you any reason to think about charging it shortly or gain and again. Probably you can use it for two full days once you charge it completely and even engage the device in using 4G data. Let us now understand the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes.

Common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes

Oukitel is a reputed manufacturer and it has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time. They are known to provide most of the smartphones with high battery ratings. All the information about the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes mentioned in this post is for your quick knowledge only to avoid most of the concerns you have. cannot be held responsible for anything going wrong with your phone if you don’t follow them in the way they have been mentioned here.


Connectivity issues

Every smartphone provider known the device connectivity is really important and without the same, it is not possible for anyone to assure the error-free functionality in the gadget. It is therefore relevant for you as a user to know about the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes related to connectivity. When it comes to same, there are two common issues which often declare their presence and don’t let the users keep up the pace. Here are the useful methods and instructions to solve them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes)

  • Before doing anything else, simply clean the Bluetooth cache memory of the phone and perform a basic reboot. Your problem will probably be gone.
  • In the main Bluetooth Settings, check if the visibility of the Bluetooth doesn’t have any restriction on it such as visibility, limited access, a password protection and so on.
  • Make sure the power saving mode is not turned ON
  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and Turn it ON again
  • Open Settings and delete the history of the devices you connected earlier. There is often a limit on the overall number of entries a device can same.
  • Don’t fill the wrong passocode
  • The Bluetooth driver in the device might be outdated
  • If the other methods doesn’t work for you, perform a hard reset

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes)

  • The overall signal strength at your location might not be of desired level
  • There might be instability in the network and you need to fix it
  • The wrong cable connection can also be the reason to this problem
  • You might have used all the allotted bandwidth
  • The network provider might have suspended services on your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure of this
  • Simply remove the Wi-Fi connection from the device and add again
  • Perform reconfiguration if the other methods doesn’t work

SIM related problems

When it comes to a smartphone, it’s nothing but the SIM on which most of the tasks that it can perform depends on. Therefore it is really very necessary that all the issues related to the same would be solved on priority. There might be certain issues that you can have and cannot find the solution easily. However, the following ones are simply the best and you can probably make sure to get the good results by following them

  • Re-insert the SIM card in the phone after removing the same from it
  • You might have turned OFF the SIM card from the main SIM settings. Check it out
  • Perform a manual search for network selection
  • The service provider might have shut down all the services on your SIM
  • Check for a physical damage on the SIM try/ SIM itself
  • The variant you are using might not be compatible with the SIM card or with the service provider
  • If nothing works, try replacing the SIM card

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Although the Oukitel K6 is a device that has a superb battery of 6300mAh, the chances of quick battery drainage and slow charging problem are very less. However, exceptionally if you are facing them and the cause of the same is not known to you, below are some of the best available methods you can simply proceed with.

  • Don’t let your phone be a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices
  • Something that consumes a lot of battery is the background running apps
  • Open Apps settings and disable notifications that doesn’t matter to you
  • While multitasking, avoid downloading bulky files
  • Control screen brightness and don’t use the phone while charging
  • May be you are using a faulty charger
  • There might be some apps that use more data

Overheating problems (common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes)

The massive 6300mah battery in the Oukitel K6 has pretty good reasons to provide this problem in the device. However, it’s not always necessary to be happening due to the battery only. Overheating could be due to other factors also. Here is the useful information on them along with the best measures that users can take.

  • Overheating could be due to installation of third-party apps in the device
  • If there are several apps which are pending to be updated, perform it quickly
  • Generally this problem arrives if you charge your phone from unauthorized power banks that doesn’t match device specifications, charging from laptop USB or using third-party charger with your gadget
  • Overcharging is another factor due to which you can experience this issue
  • If the back cover is installed on the phone, you are suggests to remove it for a few days
  • Make sure that device ventilation is proper
  • A hard reset is the last option to get the things back on track

Bad camera quality

With any modern gadget in this category in the market, the quality of camera largely matters. Probably you know why a ton of emphases is given on the same. Even after the best pixel density and proper working of cameras, users fails to get the best quality snaps from them. If you too are facing this issue, the following are some useful methods for you

  • It is necessary that you turn ON the device flashlight if the natural/other lights are low
  • Focus on the object to completely destroy blur in the snaps
  • There might be the prints of your finger on the camera lens. Clean the same
  • With new devices, remove the transparent cover from the screen
  • Make sure to select the shooting mode
  • Keep the camera app updated all the time

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This often seems to be a very daunting problem and the users often make complaints regarding the same. The nature and factors responsible for this problem is different in different gadgets. However, the methods which you can try are as follow

  • Try a simple reboot and see if things are back on track
  • Take device in Safe Mode and see if the problem is gone
  • Check if another earpiece is working fine
  • Perform a factory reset if other methods wouldn’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Devices often have to deal with data and the same often needs to be transferred from one device to another. When it comes so, the users have largely depends on the PC. However, the previous statement doesn’t support the fact that only data transfer is the reason why a smartphone is to be connected with a PC. Of course, there are other tasks too. However, if there are problem you are facing with this, try the following methods to get rid of them.

  • Make sure to connect the device with the PC through a properly working cable
  • The USB connection on the laptop might be loose which if often a reason to this problem
  • Check if the USB drivers are updated or not
  • Violation of the security policies of either of the device can be the reason to this problem
  • Before transferring the data to either of the device, make sure it is not infected with virus
  • Maybe you have selected the camera mode than MTP

Performance issues (common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes)

Compromising the performance means compromising everything. Although this device has a powerful configuration that wouldn’t let you not to face any performance-related problem, it would be good for you to understand what can actually slow down the performance and how to deal with it. Here is useful information on the same.

  • If you think you have recently installed an app post which the problem declares its presence, uninstall the same.
  • Don’t use low quality accessories with the phone
  • Uninstall a the apps which are not used since long time
  • Impose a limit on the overall data in the device and apps
  • Install apps from Play store only

Unresponsive Touchscreen

In case the screen on your Oukitel K6 is not responding in the manner it has to be, you need not to worry about having a hardware problem in it. This is because so many factors are there due to which this issue can be there. Here are some best methods you proceed with.

  • An auspicious file or an blocked app could be the reason to this problem
  • OS related issues are often confused with screen. Thus, keep the OS updated
  • The screen might have a liquid damage caused to it due to excess sweat or moisture
  • May be your hands are not properly clean
  • The memory of the phone might be completely full
  • Avoid using the phone while charging it
  • If the device is working fine in the safe mode, the problem could be in the OS only

No SD card detected

Using a memory card is quite common with a device in the present time. You might have no idea but the fact is, you have no reason to worry in case you are facing a problem. This is because it can easily be avoided in the shortest possible time. For this, you can go ahead with methods listed below

  • In case the card is not taken out form the phone, remove it and re-insert
  • If the problem is not solved, perform a basic reboot
  • Remove SD card safely whenever you want to eject it
  • Make sure you don’t left it unused for a long time
  • There might be a hardware damage in the card slot or on the card itself
  • Try using another memory card

For more information about the common Oukitel K6 problems and fixes, you can let us know in the below comment section. You can visit for the common problems and fixes for all other latest smartphone models


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